Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fatal Attention

Episode 21 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to the Arctic Multinational Women's And Moriae's Association (AMWAMA) for this week's reading. And welcome, L.

Listen to the fates tell their story.

This week, in The Prattler, "BYOF."

Read the story on the loom


Minka said...

"I know it is only human history we are talking about, but take a little care!"

that made me smile!

very interesting accent!

woven...way too much trouble...catch the sheep, watch out for the spindle-girls have been put to sleep that way, and regardless of how concentrated you work it always frays at the edges.

The Old Mule said...

"The whole tapestry is getting knotty."

This was done so well!

G said...

Loved it - of course, you know I am partial to The Fates, but still, this was wonderful. I do love the lines for Gamma, I must say and now who is reading them? Hmmm.

Minka, is that not you in there? Oy and who is L that we are welcoming?

I'll sit back and think about this a bit as I have my theories as to how it was woven.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend - woohoo!

Anonymous said...

man-oh-man -- i loveloveloved this chapter. sassy... and more than a little hilarious!

can't decide if i prefer the definition read by one of those charming voices, or the one you wrote in the final draft.

interesting accents, indeed, Minka... i was pretty sure i knew one of these readers, but that other lilting voice escapes me. who the 'ell is "L"? Hmmmmm. ; )

Doug The Una said...

A fine definition, Minka. Are we supposed to wonder whose voice that is again? 'Tis a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Mule, have you ever heard "hmmmm" in harmony before?

G, I'm sure there was a conspiracy involved.

Neva, always go with the Berlitz version. I don't even remember changing the definition. Lexicelves, maybe? Hobbitses?

Anonymous said...

hæhó! well I have to say I feel famous after this debut to the mythic world. My favourite line was the definition of 'woven' - I added an extra air of arrogance to my voice for that one!! ;-) Thanks for the the compliment on the glasses... I have to say I am liking the intellectual look... but you must never forget where you came from so I'm going to keep the dimples!! Oh and I love the photo of the dog... but I'm presuming it's not you!!


mireille said...

Arctic Multinational Women's And Moriae's Association (AMWAMA) lolololololol! xoxo

Doug The Una said...

Howdy, L, you work hard to be humble, don't you? The dog is Willie and he looks just like me. Thank you for the great read and the very elegant final sentence. If you teach English as a second language, I'd like to sign up.

Mireille, you're almost far enough North.

Actonbell, Minka and her friend L had it founded on them.

mireille said...

what's so cool is that the association -- minus the encomium -- plays off Prattler. subtle, D. very, very subtle. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Loved it. I want to have written it.

Moirae Mathy is my "second life" name, so it would have been special anyhoo.

Minka said...

Hi everybody *waves at Lisa*.

It is in fact Mink and her friend Lisa reading these utterly funny lines.

"where ducking and aiming are concerned" *giggles again

This part was written for at least three voices, so it might be a bit confusing....but we certainly had fun writing it.

woven, hairy business

Anonymous said...

Minka -- you and Lisa did a fantastic job! and i think the 2 of you managed the three voices beautifully!

*claps enthusiastically* BRAVO!

Woven: reimagining the web.

ps: i thought the "ducking and aiming" line was hilarious, too! clever to get possession of the eye before blaming teh "sisters" for their part in the "errant thread affair" (as it's sure to become known) ; )

Doug The Una said...

Mireille, call it a note of jasmine.

Alice, what's your third life name? James Taylor?

Thanks again, Minka and Lisa. It was great fun listening.

Neva, outwitted again? You handle it graciously. I like your definition.

Jamie Dawn said...

And the two shall become three... voices.

What a unique and very superb addition to this ever expanding tale.

It surely would be great to be one of the weavers instead of one of the woven. We are all unfortunately "strung." Drats!
Let's hope the godesses aren't in a cutting mood.

Enjoy the holiday weekend to the fullest. You never know when the scissors will snip.

Anonymous said...

Minka -- you, Lisa, and the tale were charming. Well done.

Doug, nice of you to share them with us.

Minka said...

and of course I meant reading, not writing. I couldntæ come up with such compound sentences if my life depended on it!

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Jamie Dawn. I hope you have a fine holiday and red, white and blue chocolate truffles to eat piously.

Quilly, I rent them out for singing telegrams if you're interested.

Now, Minka, unlike you I have no training as a linguist but isn't " I couldn't come up with such compound sentences if my life depended on it!" a compound sentence?

Anonymous said...

No, Dawg, it's a complex
. Compound sentences went out with Hemingway. Come to think of it, so did complex sentences. Hell, this day and age, when the top rated blog on WordPress is entitled "I Can Has Cheezburger?", we should be grateful for sentences. Six months and $3,000, and count yourself fortunate.

Nice work, Doug, Minka, and Lisa. Lisa? You mean Minka didn't warn you 'bout us?

Anonymous said...

Six months and $3,000, and count yourself fortunate.

Damn. That's a compound sentence. And a compound sentence. This stuff could simply give you a complex.


Ariel the Thief said...

good thing Whitmonday and Memorial Day fall on the same day this year, this way we can avoid working at the same time.

Doug The Una said...

Amoeba, I'm just glad you're keeping score. Thanks, buddy.

Shoot, Ariel. We should all meet at a bar on the Azores to praise American soldiers and European whits.

G said...

Conspiracy indeed! Minka, you and Lisa were excellent and did a fine job on three voices. In fact, I like my part read with your voice(s).

Bravo, bravo, bravo all around!

Happy Whitty Memorial Day all!

Mother Theresa said...

Lovely voices. This was a delight to listen to, and the story was very well woven.

Anonymous said...

No the Amoeba, Minka did not warn me about you... I had heard there was this "other" world of cyberspace she lived in but I wasn't quite sure how it worked and what you were all like! Shocking!!! ;-) hehehe... and Doug it was my pleasure to read for you but it was tough... Minka and I laughed and laughed!

Ariel the Thief said...

great reading of a great story! it was a lot of fun.

Doug The Una said...

G, you're just sucking up because Minka and Lisa carried your and Neva's water.

Thank you, Theresa.

Lisa, it's all about as creepy as you suspected. Don't let Monika tell you anything different.

Thanks, Ariel.

TLP said...

Catching up here. Boy! I'm glad I did. Congrats all around.

(I'm too tired for complex or compound anything.)

Lila said...

I'm just catching up now too. What a great reading! Well done, Minka and Lisa!

Minka said...

Thank you guys so much for listening, it was a tough part to read, I felt...but a very well written installment. Anybody is free to read it our loud to him/her self and get a feel for compound sentences again. I recommend the long paragraph in the beginning. And with that...I rest my case.

Doug, Lisa is half icelandic and half French, born in is weirdness that attracts her!

Doug The Una said...

TLP, these are perfect voices to hear with your feet up.

It was good, right, Sis? Hope you've had a great visit.

Minka, I was pretty sure she was comfortable with weirdness.