Thursday, May 24, 2007


GUILT, n. The condition of one who is known to have committed an indiscretion, as distinguished from the state of him who has covered his tracks.

2007 Update: The hammer, anvil and forge used to temper and shape the soul already on the hoof and in the lea.


Anonymous said...

No I can't be first

Not at Guilt--the definition should just be my name

I can feel guilt over anything including being first, though probably somebody else is racing to put their comment in.

The Old Mule said...

guilt: the disposition of the dispossessed.

Anonymous said...

Guilt: a mother's secret weapon.

How did I get to be third? Huh.

Tom & Icy said...

I feel no guilt, just regrets.

mireille said...

Usually closely followed by rationalization. Icy DID wink! I saw her! And I am humbling myself here, so be kind: what the hell arcane reference is "on the hoof and in the lea?" xoxo

Anonymous said...

GUILT, n. A misery, sometimes splendid.

They lifted him up, a great man and free,
In the grand corner suite with a view of the sea.

Windows he had which would, in all weather,
Present all the world 'fore his throne wrapped in leather.

Wood panels and brass all to make his heart glad;
But instead he stared down at his brogans, so sad

That his gray-suited veep came to stand by his chair
And venture to ask "What's all this? Who would dare

"On this day of your triumph to make you so mope?"
"My brother" were the only two words the man spoke.

And they were enough. The story came back
Of the smiley-type man in his tarpaper shack,

Who had basically nothing and wanted no more,
Who greeted the families from slum and from shore,

He gave what he had, though what he had most was lack -
'Til he died, he saw naught but his brother's wide back.

His pager chimed once; the VP turned the page
On the lonely old geezer in his guilted cage.

     - Maharishi Jaiseifelided

Miz BoheMia said...

I know not the word or else I would not deny smashing the side of a Mercedes, banging up the sides of the BMW or scratching up the Infiniti by driving it into a parking structure column... I DIDN'T DO IT!!!

And what is it with Scorpios being so suspicious by nature and not taking a Pisceans word I ask? I mean WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND plays detective and tries to figure out how the dings appeared on the cars? WHO?

If your wife tells you a car hit it and others caused the damage, then THAT'S THAT!!!! End of STORY!

I... AM... NOT... GUILTY!!!!

I do not particularly like this word hermanito ESCORPIO... yes, I have arrived at that conclusion in case you hadn't noticed.

Can we go back to groan?

Sar said...

(Guilt:) this is the end of the innocence
-Don Henley

(Mireille - you cracked me up by suggesting you're "humbling" yourself then immediately demanding to know "what the hell" - teehee!!)

Anonymous said...

Guilt: associative disorder.

Guilted: encased. [see also: Overbearing Mother, Sugar Daddy, and/or Clinging Vine]

Anonymous said...

d'oh! guess i should have read through the entire poes O'C left before offering up my own silly definition.

"Guilt: The gift that keeps on giving" ~ Erma Bombeck

Anonymous said...

poses? *gulp* naturally i meant poem. who publishes comments without bothering to proof-read, first? *shyly raises hand* guilty!

it's gonna be one of those days, isn't it? groan

TLP said...

Guilt: a word used to describe pleasure.

Guilt is our guide and our downfall.

I'm with Mirelle: "what the hell arcane reference is 'on the hoof and in the lea?' " Sounds nice but does it mean something? (Some folks think that guilt is the only surplus commodity. But I have lots of left-over sarcasm.)

Doug The Una said...

Pia, I have to admit when I picked the word this morning you were the first person I thought of. It's right and good you were the first commenter.

Mule, couldn't you just have emailed me that when I was trying to write something this morning?

Jenna, I'm so sorry you were third. What can I do to make things right?

Then you've lived right, Ice.

Mireille, to be honest I was working until long after my bedtime. Can I get a pass? If it helps I started with the image of a smith beating on a horse shoe while the horse is running. I don't know either. Sounds smart, though doesn't it? I didn't format either.

Wow, Amoeba. Well done. You're in charge today.

Hermana, I got there ahead of you. Thankfully on foot.

Sar, that was smooth, wasn't it. "Um, it's probably just me but does the emperor seem naked to you?"

Very clever pun on gilded, Neva. It will be no other kind of day.

TLP, we'll take all the sarcasm you don't need. If I rephrase as "A tempered shoe applied to the foot of a running horse" would that make more sense? I NEED EDITING!

Mutha said...

Guilt: The leash of Irish Roman Catholicism

Mutha said...

hmmmm....sorry...hope I didn't offend anyone....

G said...

Ah the guilted age - a time of propspertiy and growth. Oops, must be tomorrow's word.

Mutha, I've lived both sides of the coin - the instituion that is Roman Catholicism has nothing on a Jewish mother (particularly the one I inherited).

The Old Mule said...

Yep, mutha, I was going to reference same but I restrained. Not like me.

Miz BoheMia said...

Guilt... feeling arising out of the all too stark reality of the fact that I AM STUMPED...


And to think that this was a word I was once so well acquainted with... dios mio!

As for the cars, seriously, my record in the US is CLEAN, C.L.E.A.N... CLEAN!!! Everything here is just done on too small a scale they are asking for trouble I tell you, ASKING FOR IT!

Anonymous said...

Guilt: For Italian families, this is the essential peppercorn in the Prosciutto of Happiness.

Mother Theresa said...

Guilt: Feeling that many bloggers have when not being able to keep up with daily posting. Also the feeling that instead of blogging they should be doing something else.

Doug The Una said...

Mutha, thank you for offending someone. I'm having a bad day.

G, I can see why Neva's your NBFF.

Mule, what got into you?

Miz B, you've never met this word and you know it. I've watched your videos.

Al, the pimento in the loaf?

Theresa, people who post more than once per week should never make you feel guilty. There are only so many times you can scream for attention before a wolf answers the call.

tsduff said...

I have no guilt whatsoever at traipsing off to Europe today :-D

(I'll pay the piper when I get home)

Anonymous said...

guilt the unpleasant aftertaste following a most pleasant repast.

AsianSmiles said...

a masochist's best friend.

TLP said...

I think your update reads beautifully. Just wish I was sharp enough to understand it better. Thanks for the update of the update.

Minka said...

guilt: it always takes two

IT is tough having 28 comments ahead of you. Here is why:

a) one is not first ( devastating to some!)
b) thoughts are running through your brain and you are oddly prouyd of them until you get to comment 11 or soemthing and realize somebody else has hinted in that direction
c) you realize....your head is spinning by comment 20

"and I just feel terrible about it"

I blame you *points finger*!

Jamie Dawn said...

Just a quick hello.
I was out of town for a couple of days.
Airplane travel wears me out.
Time for some guilt-free rest.

Anonymous said...

alas, poor Minka ...

No one knows what's it's like to feel these feelings
Like I do

Mother Theresa said...

No, the guilt I'm reffering to is when I slow down on my posting.

Doug The Una said...

Crow, we floutists look forward to your safe return.

Quilly, I know you're a Sunday school teacher and all but "burp" isn't a bad word.

Asiansmiles, and a sadist's greatest admirer.

Actonbell, you young kids and your music. What's next, The Knack?

TLP, me too.

Minka, I'm so sorry. Desolate, even.

Absolutely, Jamie Dawn. And a box of low-guilt truffles.

Amoeba, I bet that was your favorite song. Sicko.

Theresa, that should be easy to get over. Just talk to whoever is paying you to do it.

Anonymous said...

The application of shared virtues to the actions of animal desire. Either a useful check or a bothersome inconvenience (depending upon your sociopathic tendencies).