Monday, May 07, 2007


BIOGRAPHY, n. The literary tribute that a little man pays to a big one.

2007 Update: Reincarnation to a juster, more deferential world.


Unknown said...

auto: its all about me (being first) HAH!

Omnipotent Poobah said...

biography - A book, paid for by the agrandized, leaving out all the bad parts and exagerating up the good.

TLP said...

Biography: Life writ large. In fact usually written larger than the life was.

Anonymous said...

<biography -- a book in which an author describes someone else's life. It is written after much research and even greater envy, and usually manages to destroy a once stellar reputation; or polish a corroded one.

Minka said...

biography,n. a fictitious, shallow and partial observation usually composed after death with the ability to make the subject turn in its grave!

and you thought being food for worms was the last of your problems!

Anonymous said...

Biography: A life, reimagined

G said...

As Minka pointed out - usually compsed after one's demise and most likely the only undsiputable fact contained therein. "This book is about John. He is dead."

Doug The Una said...

Automatically, Karma.

Poobah, so a blog is a poor man's biography, I guess.

Good one, TLP. And less verbose.

Quilly, once again, that's just right.

Well, Minka, that's why I want to buried deep so I can spin in privacy from the memories of the living.

Puppy, retroself-help? The Four Agreements once you're ready to keep your end?

Right, g, and incontravertibly proven by the lack of a lawsuit.

Sar said...

Biography: This is your life and mine for the printing and propheting.

Anonymous said...


Sar said...

WARNING: Shameless Self-Promotion Ahead

Are you sitting down, all? I posted!

/shameless self-promotion

Indeterminacy said...

Biography: An autobiography written by a ghost writer.

Anonymous said...

Biography: Selective recounting of the events of someone's life. Sometimes, but not usually, as completely full of bullshit as an autobiography.

I Dive At Night said...

bio - life
graphy - an anglicization of the French "graphie" inherited from the Latin "graphia", which is a transliterated direct borrowing from Greek meaning "to write" (Wiki)
biography: writings of a person's life that have been passed through the ages and translated through many languages and cultures (at least by the time we read it.)

Jamie Dawn said...

Biography: The thrills and spills.

Auto-Bio: The thrills; kind of like a resume.

I looped AP3's music and recorded it, so now I can belly dance to it in ten minute intervals. I'm also demanding my family call me Xerxes.

Anonymous said...

Biography: usually unathorized and celeb based these days

The best bio I ever read, much more than a bio was Robert Caro's The Power Broker. Spent three nights and two days doing nothing else

memoir: something best done in fiction

Ariel the Thief said...

biography, tickling the dead.

Anonymous said...

Give the Dog a Bone

The Unauthorized Biography of Doug Pascover by Me!

Don't worry...I'll only fudge the truth a little. But oh what I'll do with those embellishments!!

Doug The Una said...

And the censorship, Sar.

You're in publishing, aren't you, g?

Sar, just so we're clear: It's no less shameful when you call it shameless.

Subtle, Indie. Is that why two out of three biographies claim to be "haunting" in their jackets.

Al, no one writes biographies of the honest, do they?

So, Morgan, a translation in lieu of resurrection?

That's funny, Jamie Dawn. I think they should carry you on a litter while you belly dance with ROP. Because it would be funny, that's why.

Pia, great thinking about the memoir. Who is The Power Broker about? Sounds like Tip O'Neill or Willie Brown to me.

Ariel, that's a wonderful definition. Makes me giggle. Uh-oh.

Hey, there, Nessa! Thanks for bringing the other side of the coin up.

Actually, Jenna, I don't mind if you do as long as I get to play myself in the movie.

Kyahgirl said...

wouldn't it be interesting if our dogs could write our biographies?
on second thoughts...maybe not.


G said...

Doug, aren't we all?

Anonymous said...

BIOGRAPHY, n. On sale at bookstores everywhere. The more "graphy" the better. Kick 'em when they're up, kick 'em when they're down ...


Tom & Icy said...

Compressing seventy years into a few hours.

The Mushroom said...

Biography: Telling it like it wasn't. How schoolchildren learn about great men who were rather human until they died.

Doug The Una said...

ActonbellThat TLP! She didn't stop you from reading, I noticed.

Kyah, there's a reason we bred out the opposable thumbs and language.

Great point, g.

Amoeba, it's a fine line between parody and biography typically missed by both the author and the subject.

Icy, it's only possible if you skip the virtues.

Mushroom, Bierce says the difference between a politician and a statesman is the latter suffers the disadvantage of being alive.

Ariel the Thief said...

did the little redhead bring you here in her basket again, Mushy? :)

AsianSmiles said...

epitaph with royalties.

bid for immortality.