Wednesday, May 23, 2007


A young snow white horse, running loose on a hillside,
Nearly tripped on a lost little lamb.
White clouds crossed the heavens, and held up a rainbow
And the colt said "ain't the simple life grand?"

The lamb shook his woollen head and responded
"I wish I could find all my friends.
I've no-one to follow and I feel unbonded.
Is this anovie? When will it end?"

The colt raised his head and whinnied, majestic
"Why not learn to cherish the grace?
There are hillsides to gambol and streams to explore
And a big sky above filled with lace."

"To few it is offered," the happy horse added,
"To make solitary one's herd.
Where 'seldom' is heard, men have put up fences
For 'common' is what they've preferred."

The little lost lamb then looked up in wonder
For this wisdom had left him more addled,
"If freedom's the cure for a life put asunder
Then why are you wearing that saddle?"

Common, adj. Proud.


Minka said...

What is it with you and religion of late?
Pastorale...should I get on my knees reading this post?
I could light a candle, if you´d like...

Anonymous said...

Very nice Doug! Don't mind The Penguin...she clearly did not have enough coffee today.

2nd and proud of it.

Minka said...

You know what´s not common??? A white horse!

The lamb should have said: "Hey, stole my color! There´s only black left in the paint box and now I am doomed to be special."

Voices of NLD said...

If common is proud, what are we?

Anonymous said...

Great ponder-worthy poem today, Doug. Thanks.

Now if only I had time to actually think... (Damn saddle.)

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh... funkified indeed hermanito... you have left me with much to mull over... you had me at "addled" ;-P...

Common... you'd think I'd have something for such a, well, common word but alas, no... NO I TELL YOU!!!

Ack! Off I go to get the brain working but first, buenos dias!

Anonymous said...

Whoa Nellie. i'm liking this poem a lot. at least i think i do. surely i'll be more definite after a few more folks weigh in with their opinions, Shirley. (kidding, i kid -- it was wonderful!)

Common: extra ordinary.

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Paster Ail: i gess that what our paster at church likes to drink. i like drinking ginger ail but somtimes i drink creme soda and root beer to.

Anonymous said...

common [one box of 120 count tissue Kleenex & 24 runny noses]
see also: allergies

word verifier: dzarm
... to dazzle and disarm; charm

Logophile said...

heh heh
Why are you wearing that saddle,
very nice.
Smartass little lambs are just the best, aren't they?

javajazz said...

did you write that?
did you make that up
from your guts and stuff?

"a big sky above
filled with lace..."

"white clouds crossed the heavens, and held up a rainbow..."

"why not learn to cherish the grace?"

i love that word.


Anonymous said...

Common: When in Boston a reference to the oldest city park in America. Located across from the first Starbucks ever visited by yours truly.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, it's funny you ask that. When I was writing it this morning I asked myself "what is it with you and freedom, lately?"

Joel, I think it was after noon in Iceland when I published this. Surely there's no excuse if she hadn't had her coffee yet. Thank you, though.

Minka, one time on a ridge above Deep Springs where I was riding for no good reason, I came upon a herd of wild horses led by a big white mare. That was spectacular. There are more than you think.

Common, Pia?

I hear you, Al. My cinch strap is chafing, too.

Hermana, you aren't my go-to gal for things common.

Thanks, Puppy. extra ordinary is a good 'un.

Boy from SACADA, as a buckeye I assume you like red pop, too, don't you?

Quilly, try them on grass.

Logo, if a lamb can't crack wise who can?

Thanks, JJ. Grace is a favorite word and concept for me, too. Like Terry before you, you might learn to focus on the silver linings over here.

Doug The Una said...

Ooops, sorry Joel. I have been to the Boston Commons and the New Haven Commons after a hurricane. That was pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

speaking of little lost lambs... ¿Dónde está Maria?

javajazz said...

maybe i already do.

Nessa said...

Common: Consensus in being.

Anonymous said...

COMMON, n. Unremarkable. COMMONS: Where the unremarkable is served to the undiscriminating, daily. TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS: "I told you that shipment of hamburger had gone bad!"

TLP said...

We're all saddled by something. I'm common and proud of it.

Mother Theresa said...

Common: hip hop artist who sings of love and spirituality.

common cold: A virus that doesn't have royal ancestors.

common sense: Insight that most people have very little of.

Anonymous said...

I'm signed in but not over here apparently - something screwey.

You know, I too just love the word grace - maybe it's the G.

Loved the poem. We are all wearing some sort of saddle, aren't we?

Common: misconception. What? This isn't word association. Well it is today.

The Old Mule said...

This is just wonderful.

Anytime someone can get away with gambol and lace, and still be unbonded, well, my saddle is off.

common: freedom of peculiar's vice.

Doug The Una said...

¿Quien, Neva? ¿La chica contrariara?

JJ, good to hear. Now pick your sofa.

Nessa, I knew you'd put a good spin on it.

Amoeba, only a microbiologist can't handle bad meat.

Me too, blogmama.

Theresa, you mean MC Hammer, right?

Mule, thanks. I guess you take the lace where you find it. For some that's in the aisle and for others the alley.

G, I made it pretty long without. Then I borrowed money to go to college. Put paid to that in a hurry. This site is whatever you want it to be, lampshade of letters.

Ariel the Thief said...

it was beautiful! all the tools of an unbearable poem just to lead to that very last line, you do it so good! it is the world's big loss that you didn't write songs for Elvis.

Anonymous said...

Common wife: Proud Mary?

just sayin'... YOU'RE the one who repeatedly brings that name up around here. i have a gay friend i always refer to as Mary. that Neal... anything you want to tell us about being a, er... little lost lamb, big boy?? (not that there's anything wrong with it if you do.) ; )

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm... speaking of lost lambs: ¿Dónde está Doug?

Doug The Una said...

It's not too late, Ariel. I just have to find the right planet.

Neva, I have nothing to report. But maybe Polyphemus and Telemetheus will.

See, Actonbell? That's a great example of Unitarian inclusiveness. Everyone's white but free to be different.

Aci, Neva! (You're taking Spanish aren't you)

Anonymous said...


Doug The Una said...

Merci, Marie

Mother Theresa said...

The guy I'm referring to was previously known as "Common Sense", now just Common.
I had never heard of him before, but I'm not big on rap and hip hop. I just happened to run accross this page in Google.

Anonymous said...

What they really keep in those holy water decanters (why do you think they're so peaceful?).