Monday, July 23, 2007


IDLER, n. A model farm where the devil experiments with seeds of new sins and promote the growth of staple vices.

2007 Update: A delegatee.

Happy birthday to Mo'a!


Anonymous said...

I can't be first. I'm sure somebody else--Minka? is doing it at the same time

Going with Bierce and expanding on yours--and its cheap

Any member of the current American administration

Condi Rice can't even get an op-ed piece published. She's biding time, being an idler

Sar said...

Idler: Life's a beach.

Anonymous said...

idler - One whose go-go got up and got gone.

Sorry, my "G" key keeps sticking.

Unknown said...

iven the amount of typos in thi ne, i gues the correc word for toda is 'fiddler'.

ergo, fiddler: rooftop player who has no future groth

... and all thi ime i thot ou didn't tipple

Unknown said...

poobah, i read that as "G" string :))

Mo'a said...

Idler...that is exactly what I will be today as it is my Birthday.

Well I was not totaly idle, I do have some Birthday thoughts on my blog...but now I shall go into Idle mode for the rest of the day...right after I come back from Curves...Then after I water the plants....I am sure to go into idle mode...unless I find something else to for instance reading all the Birthday greedings I am sure to get from all my blog friends.

Anonymous said...

now see? and i was thinking we were having twouble with a diffewent key because we were so vewy tiowed today. ; )

Idler: one who whistles in lieu of work.

TLP said...

Happy Birthday to m'oa!

I have to google "ith," "ne," and "groth," before I try on this one.

TLP said...

Idler: a thingie in the motor of a car. It runs faster than I do even at that.

Result of the google search for all three words: Get a secretary! also see, hunt and peck if'n ya hafta.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to mo'a who always brings magic with her wherever she goes.

Poobah, you could do a lot worse than be stuck with G. Or have a stuck G key/sting/spot. Why you could be an idler.

Was any of that too racy for a PG blog? I hope not.

Anonymous said...

that was "string" and that's what comes from never proofing. Once they're typed, they go.

Minka said...

Happy birthday Moa...idle away!

idler,n. someone who's sorted out their priorities and doesn't mind showing everybody that he/she has looked real hard at life and seen the joke

Jamie Dawn said...

Groth?? I have to idle on that word for a moment.

Your brilliant definition bested Bierce's big time.

Idler: a person with only two speeds, slow & slower.

I will be idling at 30,000 feet for the next few hours and reading the new Potter book.

Anonymous said...

The Idler was supposed to be the new Batman villain but couldn't be bothered to get out of bed for his life of crime.

Anonymous said...

Delegatee, Doug? I would have thought "Delegator". I mean, what ever happened to "work descends to the lowest point on the hierarchy"? Or has the world changed that much, thanks to video games?

IDLER, n. Mr. Hyde, awaiting an excuse.

TLP said...

Good one Jenna!

You, Dawg, are not an idler. An idler would not have corrected the typos.

Idler: those of us who are still in our jammies. And loving it.

Unknown said...

the dawg has got stung.

delegatee: the object/doer of a delegate

see standee, absentee, payee

hap-hap-happy, mo'a!

brygiczy: bra-yanking girl is crazee!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mo'a!! may this day be as lovely, wonderful, and -- as G so aptly pointed out -- magical as you are! (i'm not an "idler", by the way, but i am sharing my computer with someone who managed to perch her happy self at my desk before i could come back to wish you a Happy Happy Joy Joy-filled day, earlier!)

TLP: heh.... i'm thinking the definition of Idler for the likes of you, missy, is this: those of you still in your jammies following a chaotic/chocolate filled weekend... and loving it! (or so i hear, and don't think i'm not jealous!) ; )

Anonymous said...

PS: thanks, Doug, for making my comment seem not just "odd" but completely stwange.

i owe ya one. and don't think there won't be a bit o' payback somewhere down the yellow-blog-road you've been tripping along, of late, you idler you. ; )

Tom & Icy said...

I'm an idler. Tom is my delegatee. He opens the cans while I lie in waiting.

Tom & Icy said...

I said that wrong. I am the delegatee and I delegate Tom to open the cans while I lie and wait. Oh, I'm just a dog. I didn't say what I said.

G said...

Finally, a reality show that I can make a go for - American Idler!

Doug The Una said...

Pia, did the Secretary of State shop an op-ed she couldn't find a publisher for? That would be kind of funny.

With stiletto prints in the sand, Sar?

Poobah, I guess I had that with the w. You're making fun of me, aren't you?

Krm, I didn't relize the w key wsnt working. Thanks for your gentle correction.

Mo'a, happy birthday! I'll be right over to add mine.

Neva, I was tiowed and didn't notice there was a cracker crumb under the "w." It's twoo!

TLP, next time google why Delta gives out old crackers to people typing on their laptops in coach.

G, looks ok to me. Good point, at least he got a good letter.

Minka, there's a close correlation between surrender, sloth and wit.

Safe trip, Jamie Dawn!

Jenna, then I bet he ends up wrasslin' werewolves in your next book.

Amoeba, I woke up feeling trotskyite.

TLP, should I add retiree to delegatee?

Karma, I've noticed that about bra-yanking girls generally. You and your verifiers, by gum!

Neva, obsessive compulsives make typos too, I guess. I thought about leaving them up but I...just...couldn't.

Icy, that makes you the delegator or the dog.

G, people would watch that.

Mo'a said...

*takes a bow* Thank you, you thank to all my lovely blog friends.

Doug that is a lovely Birthday greeting...thank you for making me feel special.

Anonymous said...

Adj.: more idle.

Doug The Una said...

Mo'a, you were special when I posted, I just didn't know that it was acute today.

Weirsdo, that's taking the lazy way.

Actonbell. what's the difference between a panda and a sloth? One is elected and the other appointed.

Anonymous said...

Mo'a, here's hoping your birthday was the best.

Idler -- me not getting here until the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

by the way... "delegatee" sounds like a rare-yet-tasty political dish. just sayin'...

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, just finished the book, eh?

Right, Neva, delegatee au fricasee.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Happy belated birthday to Mo'a.
I am allowing the devil's work to find my idling hands. Or maybe that's the piece work I do to make a few extra pennies at the Mechanical Turksite.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Actually, the devil usually makes my idle hands play word games.