Saturday, July 28, 2007

Philosophizing for The Shah

Episode 30 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to The Family Recovery Council for this week's reading.

So says Zoroaster.

The Prattler is still stuck.

Read the story by the walls of Babylon


TLP said...

First! And not among equals either.

TLP said...

Of course you know that I meant "first" but not best. *Looking for teh Penquin.

Ariel the Thief said...

more than funny to see when a philosopher is trying to win a converstaion with a king. being wise and being smart are two different things. :-) three cheers for Dusty!

Anonymous said...


What do you get when you cross a monarchy with a democracry?

The Pez Dynasty?

That's my guess.

Amazing all around.

Oh and TLP, I believe the Penguin is in the powder room.

Minka said...

*runs up her zipper*

Yes, I was powdering my beak!

royal: anyone who can pull off a velvet red robe and juggle a heavy piece of jewelry on their head.

as to this weeks readers...nicely read and it came as no surprise who read Xerxes... ;)

Anonymous said...

The Pez dynasty?

But when you cross a monarchy with a democracy don't you really get Queen 'Elizabeth forever?

mireille said...

*powdering my beak* hahaaaha and Zoroaster: special convection oven for the cooking of masked man specializing in ripping the Zs. Also, I love that Xerxes.


Anonymous said...

a Peztastic Reading by an even more peztastic group of women!!

oh, and the story isn't bad, either. ; )

Anonymous said...

A truly grand effort by all ... now, which of them was named Ernest?

regal the women of Pez

Lila said...

Hey, I think I know these ladies! That was fun! Also, a sneaky way to get shy actonbell to participate....

Doug The Una said...

TLP, I think you're safe, your highness.

Ariel, that was good mediation, wasn't it?

Good guess, g. Or good guesses, maybe.

Minka, that was a good bet, wasn't it?

Pia, for a long, long time, anyway.

Mireille, a fine Xerxes, no?

Thanks, Neva.

Quilly, is it important?

Aral, you might have heard these voices before.

TLP said...

I'll tell ya one thing: These girls do not lack enthusiasm.

Regal: An old movie theater.

Minka said...

"Xerxes was tall, muscular and his eyes crossed naturally."


Doug The Una said...

Actonbell, Scrabble is why I write.

Don't have to tell me, TLP.

Minka, I'm glad you found a giggle there.

dddragon said...

giggle, indeed! we did have a little giggle-fest over the reading. It was fun!

Doug The Una said...

The would have been something to watch, Ddd.

Jamie Dawn said...

That part about taking practice swings made me nervous. I recall a certain woman of history in England who required a second strike of the axe to complete the removal of her head. I'm glad no one got the axe this time.

Doug The Una said...

So far, Jamie Dawn, it's been like a Star Trek season. Only the extras die.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

I think that George Bush and Tony Blair had a similar idea about joining two empires. But let's not drag politics into this! I'll let Xerxes do that.
I'm afraid the name Dusty and the axe men are conjuring up entirely inappropriate and foolish images in my mind. Tom and Weirdso would understand.