Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

Now the toys are all broken and the gift cards forgotten.
The little ones' spirits have soared then grown rotten.
The men have all congratulated each other
For choosing the perfect tree to bring the wrong mother.
The women now glow with the light spirits bring
To those who raise glasses instead of their offspring.
Though the the family be tattered and righteousness faded
Each dawn smiles a new Christmas on the grouchy and jaded.

REJUVENATE, v.  To corrupt next door.


Anonymous said...

yowie! and firstit is. ; )

Anonymous said...

er, um, that was first, NOT "firstit"... cuz that would just be... creepy.

on the other hand, sometimes i can be quite the boob.

rejuvenate: repackage for the purposes of regifting next year. ; )

Anonymous said...

; )

lordy, this is gonna be one long-a$$ed day (gift returns, notwithstanding)

Anonymous said...

RE again
JUVEN youth
ATE consumed a meal

REJUVENATE v. to eat your childhood again

Ariel the Thief said...

Celebrating can be a hard work when the family is big. But the bigger the family is, the easier it is to find someone to raise their glass with you.

Very funny poem, I love it.

Anonymous said...

REJUVENATE, v. To refresh the coat of wax satirical.

You think I'm kidding?!?

"Juvenal is the source of many well-known maxims, including:

* that the common people—rather than caring about their freedom—are only interested in “bread and circuses”

* the troubling question of who can be trusted with power — 'who will watch the watchers?' "

Hmmm ....

G said...

rejuvenate: what I just felt when I looked down and saw that I had not in fact eaten that second chocolate that Narnia gave to me.

Love the poem.

Puppy, may I point out that you were indeed "firstit". I'm bucking the rating system here, I know.

mireille said...

I was just smirking over the line ABell cited ... *image of exhausted mother sitting in corner with open bottle of citron vodka and silly grin on her face* xoxo

TLP said...

Well, here's to those who raise hell along with their glasses. *sigh* If only I could do it all again.

Jamie Dawn said...

Rejuvenate: to bring back vigor to the vigorless

I may bring some vigor to myself on New Year's Eve since I know my parents will be well stocked with adult beverages.

I Dive At Night said...

Boxing Day step one, clean up. Step two, do nothing.

Rejuvenate: When an adult is tried as a juvenile?

tsduff said...

Each dawn smiles a new Christmas on the grouchy and jaded.

This is a perfect line, and in fact, a perfect poem! Well done Doug.

Rejuvenate: What happened to my tired self, after witnessing my grandson open his stocking.

Anonymous said...

G: in that case, i guess i was firstits, right? heh. ; )

did i mention how much i loveloveloved this poem, Mr. Curmudgeon? i thought not. sigh. see what happens when i get out in front of myself? folly, nothin' but pure folly.

Anonymous said...

Puppy -- I see I, too, was remiss. Every time I read this poem it gets better. Well done, Dawg.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is a pretty curmudgeony holiday in the Netherworld. Everyone goes around saying bah, humbug all the time. But where I come from, "humbug" is a compliment, so I felt happy. You can look here if you'd like to see me, my friend Buzzin, Rodney Roach and one of his cousins, Zorak the Mantis and some other dude having a little post-holiday afternoon tea at Reverend Jimmy Reptile's place. Just call me a crazy byakhee, but I really like Christmas!
Bah humbug, everyone!

Cooper said...

My non bio uncle is here this year and he took us out for a Boxing Day lunch.

Brilliant poem by the way.

I'm going to rejuvenate on a mountain tomorrow.


Tom & Icy said...

A vigorous tail wagging is rejuvenating for everyone.

Ariel the Thief said...

Bah humbug, Buzzoff!

Doug The Una said...

Madame Firstit, this site is about nothing as much as regifting. It's such a pretty word for plagiarism.

Quilly, most of us rejuvendrank, I think.

Thanks, Ariel and that's true. There's only so many enemies a person can fit into a before one winds up an ally.

Amoeba, Juvenal sounds so cynical!

g, it's tough when you want something you were given by someone obnoxious, isn't it? It's a moral quandary usually resolved on a bad day when you're hungry.

Thanks, Actonbell. How was the cruise? Oh, I remember how to find out.

Mireille, by the tine I'd seen the manicurist, picked up just the right outfit and told my friend about the rude guy in the parking lot over the cell phone, I'd be exhausted too.

TLP, it's not too late to do it more.

To your health, JD!

Hahahaha, Morgan! I bet that happens in certain parts of Europe including the Netherlands.

Terry, you deserve that moment. Good to hear they were part of the throng.

Neva, folly is why we're here anyhow. Thank you.

Thanks, Quill. Surliness in the season of our Lord is kind of a wide-open subject for art, true and false.

Bah, Humbug, Buzzoff!

Tear it up, Coop.

All but the lynx, Icy, who finds it frustrating.

Right on, Ariel.

Minka said...

rejuvenate, v. give frailty another go