Wednesday, January 30, 2008


With troubles in mind
And aching intestine,
And fear of the kind
Of friend worry lets in,
Saint Maggie McLoud
Took up holy vocation
And, pious and proud,
Gained fame in her location,
For curing some woes
With her hands' gentle touch
And sticking her nose
Into other troubles too much.

So before seeking solace
From fear and disease
Ask yourself, and be honest,
Is it not simpler to sneeze?

HEALER, n.  An infectious affliction not easily passed.


Anonymous said...

Healer: more insidious than than your everyday average "heel"?

firster! ; )

Anonymous said...

healer - One who reglues that which has been rent asunder.

mireille said...

You got a cold? Feel better. Also, healer: type of dog from Australia, often referred to as blue. xoxo

I Dive At Night said...

Healer: A fictitious character sought out by people with injured bodies or minds.

Doctor: A suppositious character sought out by people with broken bodies or minds.

Priest: A superstitious character sought out by people with failing bodies or minds.

tsduff said...

There isn't a healer
Like the great outdoor Dealer
Whose fresh air
And greenery rules.

You'll feel so much better
So pull on your sweater
And stroll out with me
In the cool.

Healer: A well schooled penguin.

TLP said...

Healer: A well behaved dog.

Anonymous said...

HEALER n. in pre-K, a hug from teacher -- along with a band-aid and a kiss.

Tom & Icy said...

Dog slobber will heal you or kill you, depending if its from a lick or bite.

Anonymous said...

HEALER, n. Arms dealer. From whom you come poorer but well heeled, with the sure cure for what ails you. Especially pesky neighbors (see GAZA, e.g.).

Kyahgirl said...

'you taught that dog to heel yet?' was always one of the first questions out of my Dad's mouth when he came to visit. Alas, I only care that my arm is not wrenched from the socket when the dog is on leash so can honestly say I've never had a heeler. Much overrated IMO. Must say though....a dog is generally a pretty good healer!

Minka said...

healer, n. The band aid over a wound that, in time, will turn into a scar lined with memories.

Anonymous said...

Did you get my cold? Sorry. Better see someone about that.

Anonymous said...

Wellness: Holistic holiness.

Nessa said...

You can get a hernia or pop a blood vessel in your brain from sneezing.

Cooper said...

The guy who brings the beer to the party, or the gin - whichever the case my be, though a case of gin would technically have more healing powers. In My Opinion.

Cooper said...

A side note, when I placed the comment I saw the little notice saying my comment had been saved and read it as "you can not be saved".

I'm not sure why but that makes so much sense tonight.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm here very late.
My brother's name (Jason) means Healer.
He's more like an Afflictor if you ask me.

Minka said...

Good morning,

we told you not to eat those herbs!

Doug The Una said...

Faster, too, Neva!

Let no men join together, Poobah.

Yes, Mireille, and which, when crossed with a beagle produces an issue known as the blue heagle but more widely, Willie.

Morgan, sounds like bloggers are the universal patient.

Terry, that was majestic. Pines' soul?

Woof, TLP

Right, Quilly, as in "That's ok, I feel better now."

Icy, also whether the dog had alpo or linguini with clams.

Amoeba, makes more well than a man with a rocket launcher and rockets to spare? I ask you.

Kyah, the worse as a heeler, the better as a healer, I think.

Minka, does it take a cicatrix to reminisce?

Jenn, I prefer to pay it forward. But, no, I don't have a cold right now.

Ariel, the right direction being face down, I guess.

Weirsdo, you're thinking of organically grown and grouchy.

True, Nessa, or start wars by healing. Do the math.

Cooper, how many cases in are you? Bombay Sapphire, right?

JD, I had no idea Jason meant healer. Healer and the Argonauts? Healer and Hera? Anyway, tell him hi.

Mornin', Actonbell. Healer hero?

Morning, Minka, and I listened which is why I smoked them instead.