Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ignis Fatuus


2008 Update: The illusion of a fiery spirit caused by the ignition of methane gas over bogs in Ireland or the desert of the U.S. borderland. SEE: WILL-O-THE-WISP, GHOST LIGHT, FOXFIRE, POPULISM, ELVIS.


And happy Canada Day to my friends in the suburban U.S.


Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit rabbit!

Nessa said...

Rabbit, rabbit.

I thought this was Latin for getting lit of Fat Tuesday.

javajazz said...

i have occasionally witnessed
a phosphorescent glow
over my bathtub after bathing,
but i dont take it personally...
it can be very misleading.

Rabbit Rabbit, yo,
happy Canada Day
from the north polish,
and happy best month of the year day...

Logophile said...

Ooooooh Canada,
Our home and native land
True patriot's pride
something something something
Rabbit rabbit!

TLP said...

Ambrose was so deluded about love.

Ignis fatuus is the stuff they use to make soap. I saw it on PBS. Honest.

Rabbit rabbit.

Anonymous said...

an urban myth started by an icthyologist to prevent desert trespassers ,when in fact it is just the night lights from the largest stripped bass farm in america--or is it the combo of dust , moon light , smoke , as the headless horseman rode thru rural america---now on a serious note---wanted, large parcel of land to house Santa and the work shop,should north pole flooding become and issue,september is peak production time....would be a sad day if christmas had to be canceled ....rabid rabid.........Peace

Anonymous said...

What soap was that, TLP? Napalmolive?

We can make each other happy ...

Speaking of which: Rarebit, rarebit. ;)

Anonymous said...

ignis fatuus - Latin for "ignorant fatass".

Jamie Dawn said...

Rabbit, Rabbit!!!!

If only Ignis Fatuus had been known to me, I would have named one of my children that.

Doug The Una said...

Terry, no one female, I can assure you. I've learned a couple things in 40 years.

Rabbit rabbit, Magyar magyar.

Nessa, its similarly superstitious.

Haha, JJ. Yes, a person should be circumspect about aurae when bathing.

Logo, we should go to more hockey games, eh?

JD, I believe you entirely. The genius who names a turtle Republic of Pulao would definitely name a child Ignis Fatuus.

TLP, LOVE, n. The substance of delusion. A sentiment understood only by those it baffles, addles or disgusts.

Anonymous, Santa Clarita is already named after him.

Amoeba, Napalmolive! If there were a nobel prize for puns, they'd tie it to your ankle and toss you overboard.

Fool's fire, Poobah. Pretty darn close.

Tom & Icy said...

Better to light the farts than to curse the odor.

Anonymous said...

Hey, watch who you're calling names, buddy.

Anonymous said...

think not ! now that is love of ones' community,folks have found it home for some 25000 years,so understand your attachment--however the density per square mile could be a problem for the elf staff...though a parcel with a gold claim and or oil,could offset the cost of relocation,and of course one should not discount the value of a magic mountain....Peace Always :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Doug, if only I'd been the first to think of it.

Jim said...

Ignis fatuus: Our Marfa, Texas, is a leader in those ignis fatuus show-offs.

Ignis fatuus: Reminds me of spontaneous combustion (of the person) which was feared by so many in the olden days.

Jim said...

BTW Doug, I can't find much of anything except the forlorn 'WILL-O-THE-WISP' mention to warrant the use of the label "W."
What gives?

Doug The Una said...

Icy, you sure are wise.

Quilly, don't be fatuous.

Bear, we have oil, actually. Besides, Elves have stature here.

Rabbit rabbit, Actonbell.

Anonamoeba, that's funny.

Jim, that is a failed autofill for "wordbook." Thank you for pointing that out.

Cooper said...


Elvis works for me.

Doug The Una said...

Cooper, is he at your house?

Minka said...

A firefly's poo, I am pretty sure of it!