Friday, October 17, 2008


ARMOR, n.  The kind of clothing worn by a man whose tailor is a blacksmith.

2008 Update: That which gives the rhinoceros wisdom and the soldier philosophy.


TLP said...

A shield worn by one who has nothing to say, so she says, "First!

Tom & Icy said...

Joan of Arc's boyfriend was a smithy. He kept her oiled up.

Anonymous said...

But what does it give the hot dog??

(You couldn't get away with that jingle today. You just couldn't.)

Anonymous said...

If you watch this shocking video you will see a "fartknocker in armor" who thinks he is Dracula performing with the Netherworld's favorite band, Death Cheese.

Anonymous said...

I imagine this is the last word you expected to instigate an earworm, nevertheless, it has:

Hot dogs; Armo(u)r hot dogs;
What kind of kids eat Armour hot dogs?
Fat kids; skinny kids; kids who climb on rocks.
Tough kids; sissy kids; even kids with chicken pox
Love hot dogs; Armour hot dogs.
The dogs

Where's sauerkraut? Pass the mustard, please.

Ariel the Thief said...

You mean my smile?

Minka said...

armor,n. little fat dude with wings and bad eyesight!

Anonymous said...

When you have shock and awe, you can't afford philosophy too.

Jim said...

Armor: Quilly is clever, I'll have two armor please. I just had two for lunch, these coming will be for supper, or for breakfast tomorrow.

Armor: I think if eaten it makes the rhinos armorous throwing wisdom to the winds.

Armor: If the soldiers eat if they will have to think about being armorous.

Armor: Myself, I wouldn't go near it, it sounds dangerous.

Jamie Dawn said...

Yep, hot dogs were my first thought.

Armor: thick-skinned.

tsduff said...

Armor: What Achilles needed upon his heel

Anonymous said...

Armour...available in variety of types for various situations...some versions can be self produced,as "Tough Skinned",or a skill with verbal judo ...wounds survival always...Nothing prompts a person more,then the Lack of Ceramic Body Armour..To walk down the street as if you Own It--Chin Up / Tits(chest)Out,walk thru the rough part of town.DOD--soldier just a 1/0 on a computer screen....Yes Armour in it many forms surrounds us Or Lack Of.....Financial Armour may be found with accrual possession of gold and silver...fluctuation yes,Long term,you weather the storm......Peace and Prosperity

Anonymous said...

correction.."" Wounds Always Survivable""

Anonymous said...

Good Saturday Morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TLP said...

I guess it's still early there? NO IT'S NOT! You're out hiking, aren't you?????

Minka said...

are we supposed to type your comments as well? Perhaps the next post?!

here's something rich: I put two different socks on this morning and now everybody is laughing at me at work!

Anonymous said...

Yo! Doug? Not here. Good!

Minka -- When I wear socks, I always wear two different socks! Putting the same sock on both feet would truly give people something to laugh at!

Anonymous said...

So tell me, Minka and Quilly ... are you two obsessing over your legor?

(I always wondered how you were supposed to put something designed for your arm over your shoulders or your head ... or maybe the name hearkens back to some ancient Sicilian "offer you can't refuse", arm or ...)

Maybe that's where Doug is. Girding himself against the likes of us.

TLP said...

Twice (TWICE!) I left the house in two different shoes. Not on purpose. Sad. Really sad. And this was before I was old. I called home and asked 3D to bring me a blue high-heeled shoe. Didn't matter which one, it would match one of the ones I was already wearing at the office. (Did I mention that one of the blue shoes I was wearing had an open toe and the other was closed-toed?)

BTW, I just want to mention that I'm all in favor of the party we're going to have at Doug's, but I'm not staying late to clean up. NOT.

Anonymous said...

I like your definition Doug.
it'd give the rhino philosophy too if their was a blacksmith willing to take on the task. Can you imagine a wise philosophical rhino?

Anonymous said...

Cooper? I thought you of all people would have heard of Ionesco.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, watch the claws.

Icy, that sounds saintly.

Amoeba, you sure started something.

Thanks, Zyta.

And you continued it, Quilly.

Less tinny, Ariel.

Minka, I'm gonna go out on a limb. Pratchett?

Rumsfeld, I thought the military had the capacity to fight every aspect of the war on terror.

Jim, your turn to do the Oscar Meyer song.

Legor, A-bell.

JD, you mean the bun?

Just a dip in the Styx can sure help, can't it, Terry?

Happy weekend, Brother Bear.

Haha, Minka. Yes, please.

Funny, Quill.

Amoeba, ain't enough girders.

TLP, I have solved that problem pretty well.

Sure can, Cooper. Isn't that what writes Waking Ambrose?

Mais oui, frere Amoba, quelle surprise!

Minka said...

nope that was just me!
I am just that good!
Have a little faith, dude!

If it were Pratchett I would have put quotation marks! Almost definitely!