Thursday, October 23, 2008


CAB, n.  A tormenting vehicle in which a pirate jolts you through devious ways to the wrong place, where he robs you.

2008 Update:  The part of a combine that stores the chaff.


Ariel the Thief said...

Cab is where you find Tom Waits in New York. Pia could tell about it.

Anonymous said...

CAB, n. The premier modern fount of truth and wisdom. Just ask NPR.

... at 77, Bloom [a cab driver] learned how to live a long and happy life from his mother.

"She used to say, 'Hymie, be a dummy - you'll never get an ulcer. Dummies don't worry about anything!'"

My dad said that. His life wasn't particularly long and wasn't conspicuously happy. And I never figured out who was pulling his strings.

miasig - disappearing shrinks

Jim said...

Cab: I'd rather ride in the cab than in the bed (of my pickup).

G said...

"Cosmo, call me a cab."
"Ok, you're a cab."

As I now found out was from Singing in the Rain.

Anonymous said...

Once I shared a cab with Tom Waits--well actually we sat in different rows

That was when I lived the ordinary life of a Manhattanite

Now I live in a place where you have to call for one of the 60 cab companies--don't ask how I find the most esoteric useless information

TLP said...

I'm sorry to say that in my experience, Ambrose got it just right.

Anonymous said...

taxi !!

Cooper said...

I like cab rides in this country.
I've only had one really bad experience, not in a US cab when I was 13, in a cab where the cab driver was obviously nipping on something - most probably the bottle of whiskey we saw under his seat, while driving fast in a wreck of an old car.

Probably why I was attached to the band "Death Cab For Cutie" when I was in 9th grade.

tsduff said...

... and a big yellow taxi took away my old man.

Unknown said...

But how do you seperate the cab from the combine?

flaci: almost too soft

Doug The Una said...

True, Ariel. good memory.

Amoeba, that's wise advice.

Even in reverse, Jim?

G, I was gonna guess Topper.

Pia, that's useful information for drunks.

Sauerkraut, screeeeeeech!

Cooper, that band was probably named after that ride.

Terry, better than a black one.

Discombine, Karma.

Ariel the Thief said...

Wow Doug, socialism in the USA works better than I thought, those big black cars used to be famous here in the 50's, they had curtains on their windows, and they always came in the middle of the night, sometimes the person they took away was seen again by his friends and family after years, sometimes they never came back.