Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Extraordinary Times

A juggler danced with flashing steel
And cut up his assistant
An accident, sincere and real,
"I told her to keep distant"
The audience helped hide his crime
Because ours is such a risky time.

A builder of some lofty homes
Built some towers out of straw
And capped each one with glassy domes
In contradiction of the law.
In times like these, no one pretends
There's wisdom in the common sense.

When jobs are lacking, money's tight
Comfort lacks and a cold wind braces
Or evil men lurk in the night,
Folly fills the empty spaces.
For even lean days have their uses,
And produce extra excuses.

STIMULUS, n. The independent inspiration of an old habit.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm so stimulated. I am first. oooooh.

Clever writing, Mr. Pascover.

TLP said...

Great poem. As usual.

Stimulus: the needle on a "record player"* that stimulates the music to start.

*Record player: A thing we old people used to use before CD players were invented.

Anonymous said...

The prospect of being late to work has provided me with the necessary stimulus to skip commenting on your post today. Okay?

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk, TLP. That thing's a stylus. 'Course, that's a comment in and of itself, vis-à-vis modern music. Man, that tune's whack. It ain't got no stylus.

Doug, if I didn't know better, I'd say you subscribed to the "Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss" theory of governance.

STIMULUS, n. The whip applied to a horse. Preferably a live one.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Jenn. Good to hear, even if you're easy.

TLP, I still have a record player. Now git off my lawn!

Okie-doke, Quilly.

Great definition, Amoeba. And no, I actually think the new boss is a big improvement on the old boss. But I remain the same old skeptic.

Jamie Dawn said...

I like its plural, stimuli. I don't know why.
This southern CA weather has been stimulating lately.
It has not been soup weather, it's been BBQ weather.

Good poem.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Doug, this is the best description of the current crisis that I have heard...all other descriptions has been white noise.

Stimulus: I hear they come in packages, wrapped up with promises.

Anonymous said...'re not supposed to tell anyone Doug. Yeesh. What will this do to my reputation?


Hi Doug, enjoyed your poem, great to read.


tsduff said...

I think you took that last paragraph straight from my appointment book.

Today's walk home from the Temp Agency provided a brisk stimulus for my sagging countenance. Your update today is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Stimulus--well the word fulfilled its use,it has provoked a response...As for the vogue use of the word today,with currency(cash/bonds/stock/etc) worldwide leveraged beyond 30%,unregulated credit default insurance hopes for the future look bright,there is more TRUST in the world(as a whole),then Fear...Yes,i am speaking of the citizens not governments..........................but must say , think any stimulus package from the government should start at citizen level--as for funding corporations,one has to consider the fascism aspect...Rant and Rave...........Think Peace

Anonymous said...

Stimulus, though I've never felt one the dentist's drill is one I hear.

Brilliant piece of work here today Doug.

Tom & Icy said...

A winter doghouse of ice quenches thirst in the summer. I just woke from a too-long nap, so I don't know what stimulated that thought.

Doug The Una said...

It has, hasn't it, JD? You brought too much sunshine with you.

Thanks, Mo'a. That is how they come and what's that ticking?

Remind people of it, Jenn.

Thank you, Yvonne. Welcome to my world of jaundice.

Thanks, Terry. As always, good luck with the job hunt.

Actonbell, I'm easy to outdo.

Rant and rave, Bear, like any good fascist would.

Cooper, the dentist's drill is a hell of a one.

Icy, probably a visitation.

Anonymous said...

Oh Doug I think this is the most beautiful thing you have written

To take the word "stimulus" and the current very scary economy and be able to make beauty out of it. Yet not lessen my fears, wow. You are a total master of language. I will read this often

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Pia. By all means, hold on to those fears.