Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Up Many Roads

Some saw a savior to redeem from religion
Some saw a new skin on redemption.
Some saw olive leaves in the beak of a pigeon
Some saw a demon (it's just fair to mention.)

But let each one laugh that used to grouse,
Through all the hype, what I see:
There's a White Sox fan in the White House
And that's glory enough for me.

INAUGURAL, n. A particular day noted for bringing change as well.


Anonymous said...

inaugural: The ceremony that ends just before a politician augers in.

Indeterminacy said...

What!?!?! He's not a Cubs fan?

Anonymous said...

INAUGURATION, n. (from AUGUR, a prediction) A bad forecast - like, when the Dow plummets 400 points on your first day on the job.

Barack "Palehose" Obama is also on record in favor of a playoff for Division 1A college football. Which would strip away the last vestiges of amateurism from this sport. Which would lead certain people to insist that the NFL run their own minor leagues and return the universities to their core business. Which (since education is unprofitable) would close five out of six American universities).

Are you sure you wish to have this on Obama's plate? Isn't Ozzie Guillen enough?

Ariel the Thief said...

Change is needed very much but it seems there's too much put on the shoulders of one single man. :)

I like the poem!

Anonymous said...

IN prep. indicates inclusion

AUGUR n. a rotating tool for moving material or liquid

A article signifies one

TION suffix signifies unity or association with a group or idea.

INAUGURATION n. The installation of a new drill into the old tool shed.

Anonymous said...

I always disliked the word until yesterday.

Loved the poem and am going to use it.

This is my last ry your blogger needs a good talking to it is stuck or something.

TLP said...

Good poem!

Inaugural: Beginning of better times.

Jamie Dawn said...

Inaugural: a new beginning.

I will judge our new president on actions and more specifically... results.

Anonymous said...

an executive inaugural,must say-it was reported that there were No guessing that is a record for D.C.,,,Bush folks hope this is an omen of their a people may we look forward,let the historians "judge" the past....PEACE,may it engulf the planet!!!!!!

tsduff said...

Inaugural - The most fun day I've had in front of the tv in a long time... Hurray for the new beginning in America's journey.

Our new president offers a little something for everyone - even team spirit. Great poem Doug.

Doug The Una said...

Poobah, you bet. And I hear the pig roast was grand.

Hell no, Indie.

Yeah, Amoeba, I'm not sure Obama deserved what the Dow did yesterday. My theory is that only Republican traders were working. I'd take a bullet for Ozzie Guillen.

Ariel, way too much. There's work to be done by us all. Like sarcasm and blog comments.

Nicely done, Quilly, if not all spelt quite right.

Cooper, I am honored to have been quoted on Wonderland Or Not.

Let's hope, TLP.

JD, that is the right, reasonable and patriotic way to judge a President. After voting McCain, I'm sticking with the Sox.

Bear, may it take the world and start in my shoe.

Thanks, Terry. I haven't voted for the winner in a presidential election yet, I don't think, so I try to jump on board around now.

Anonymous said...

well, I am glad that at least you have something that you approve of in the new Prez, my son!
papi brujo

Hobbes said...

I think the ice may have been thick enough on the reflecting pool for him to walk on water, but maybe he's too modest.

Anonymous said...

hope the shoes are o.k.,i find that waxed cardboard is a great fix for holes in the soles,just watch out if you warm your feet around the campfire...may Peace start in the Heart...wishing you Blessing from head to toe....Bear

Doug The Una said...

Actonbell, there should always be plenty of laughter for are we not funny?

Pro Cierto, Papi. ¿Quien no tiene virtudes?

Hobbes, the time for that was October. Did you go?

Bear, how am I supposed to afford cardboard?

Anonymous said...

I know I commented on this as I loved it. I'm having a bad comment week

Minka said...

There was a live transmission all the way to Iceland and dad and I watched it and were touched. Being the devoted Bill Clinton girl that I am (what's a girl named Monika to do?!) I give this new president a curious glance, the benefit of the doubt and a willingness to follow politics.