Monday, January 19, 2009


EQUAL, adj. As bad as something else.

2009 Update: Biased. Unfair.


TLP said...

Our Eagles weren't equal to the task at hand. Iggles are not equals.

Anonymous said...

Reduced to the lowest common denominator.

Thanks for the kind words about Mall Diva.

Anonymous said...

Yes I know I have been reveling, but we met four years this month or next as some people felt I wasn't their equal. And they were right :) I'm better

Jamie Dawn said...

Equal: fake sugar that when ingested by the gallon can cause cancer or or maybe that was Sweet N Low?
Hmmm... I'm a Splenda gal myself.

Happy MLK Day!!!

Anonymous said...

EQUAL, adj. When a man is judged, not by the color of his skin, but by the color of his credit rating icon.

Ariel the Thief said...

LOL Doug, funny definition. King Solomon and the almost equally split baby comes to my mind, that'd have been an unfair thing to do indeed. Equal in real means somehting always havs to be more. :-P

Anonymous said...

Equal-remembering my days at ca.hhs,all cubicles had to be "equal",hence "the director" was called to resolve an issue of one employee being "shorted" a silly millimeter. it was great to see the 80,000 per year man,with a tape measure making sure we were all "equal" i remember why i retired..............PEACE

tsduff said...

Did your Mom ever do that thing where she lets you cut the piece of cake into two "equal" pieces; one for you and one for your brother... but then lets HIM chose which piece he wants? Equal.

Anonymous said...

EQUAL Internet Nyquil

Minka said...

equal, adj. adjustable

Tom & Icy said...

equal? Then why does the cat get to eat more often than I do? -Icy

rhbee said...

Adding up the things I'm equal to,

Like a stretch of exercise tape

Ready to unwind, I,

And that would'st equal me, fear

Only the snap back of the door in

My face and the ultimate disgrace

Of not being equal to the task.

Anonymous said...


It's all I can come up.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You spelled it wrong.


It's all about ME! Aw, Doug, you shouldn't have!

Jim said...

Equal: A very appropriate word for MLK Day. Houston had two parades today for MLK Day. We like parades.

Doug The Una said...

Yeah, that was a disappointment, TLP. But your Steelers are still peers.

Of course, Weirsdo.

Pia, you're right the revel, the ascent is the best part of the rollercoaster.

JD, I hope you had a splenda holiday.

A perfect society, Amoeba. Dream on, crazy utopian!

Justice has its losers, doesn't it, Ariel? I understand. Oh, I do.

Bear, justice cannot be found in the barrel of a gun nor equality in a measuring stick.

No, Terry, My mother is not cruel.

Close, Quilly.

Very nice definition, penguin.

Because she's young, Icy, and because she doesn't eat everything at once.

rhbee, you're channeling ee? Welcome here.

Jenn, it's as good as anything else.

Now you got it, Quilly!

Were the two parades separate but equal, Jim?