Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Drei
Come to the Brauhaus to hear TLP tell the story. As with Monika, pay attention to the pronunciation  (in case we do a civil war epic next.)

To read the story, come inside where it's slightly brighter.


TLP said...

Well, well, well. I'm first. I bet the word got out that I was reading.

Are you sayin' I talk funny?

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm sure TLP's rendition was marvelous. I had to read it because my laptop speakers are kaput.

My two favorite phrases from this were the one about observing the wanderings of the Lord's flock and the one referring to her porcine warmth. Quite humorous.
I'm a bit more porcine than I'd like to be. That comes from having overactive taste buds.


Jason agrees that a second swipe at Chandra's is a good idea before I head back to AR. I may not return until Feb. 10th, so we have lots of time to arrange a get together with you. This time we will foot the bill, and you can indulge in curried steak and lobster if you so desire. My stay keeps extending and extending, which is okay by me and my brother, or so he says. I'm due to visit Courtney over the week of St. Patrick's Day, so maybe I'm going to end up flying from CA to GA. Who knows?

Have a nice weekend.

Minka said...

Tlp...nothing wrong with your reading at all, my ears where perfectly fine afterwards, despite the warning messages in my inbox this morning ;)

"something between a son and a bull"

I must say, I wouldn't have minded being a milk maid on one of those farms!

Tom & Icy said...

Very nice reading and good story. I was just confused this morning because the guy in the picture in front carrying the pies has three feet.

Lila said...

MOMMY! I mean, TLP! You sound all southern and stuff. It's scaring me! All my life you sounded like a Yankee, and here in your early old age your Dixie is whistlin' out.

You did a very nice reading, though, and you still sound like a sex kitten. That's the Mommy I know. ???

tsduff said...

A little exotic for an American reading, but definitely worth the listen :D I too like Jamie Dawn enjoyed the reference to porcine only it reminded me of cherry pork at Frank Fats.

TLP said...

I just listened to myself and I don't hear any hint of the south. I don't get it.

Of course, I was once a sex kitten, so now I might sound like a sex cat. A cougar is a cat, right? Reading about a tall, handsome bull-boy makes me want to help him reach his potential too. I'm very generous.

Doug The Una said...

TLP, it's a little like a really good beer as opposed to a six-pack of coors. You leave a TLP reading for a perfect moment.

JD, there's nothing porcine about you, other than the warmth of your smile. Another visit sounds good to me.

Bear, may your Sunday be sunny and fulfilling.

Minka, the outfit would have flattered.

I agree, Icy. You were confused. Brueggel puts feet in odd places, like you do heads.

Didn't she, sis? A TLP reading always makes me smile, but appropriately.

Terry, that sounds good, too. I think a trip to Frank Fat's is getting inevitable and I look forward to luring you guys to Sac'to.

Thanks, A-bell. You reading this time?

Cougars are some of my favorite cats, TLP. (And there is a little south there.)

Anonymous said...

Am I late? I think not.
That was great I wanted to say "indeed" at the end.

I do love the word porcine. I must try to sue it one day in general conversation.

Nice reading too. I do it both ways.

Doug The Una said...

I think not, too, Coop. I would be careful which general conversation you use it in, but it is a word that deserves more turns at the trough.