Tuesday, January 13, 2009


LADY, n.  A vulgarian's name for a woman. A Lieutenant-Governor of California and Warden of the State Prison once reported the number under his care as "931 males and 27 ladies."

2009 Update:  An elegant and deferential virago.


broadcastellan said...

A woman expected to keep her cool as she is being directed to the inadequate public facilities assigned to her sex for the less-than-dainty business of nose-powdering.

TLP said...

I love this quote:

Miss Manners cannot think of a more succinct definition of a lady than 'someone who wants to punch another person in the nose, but doesn't.' - Judith Martin

That Judy. Such a woman.

Anonymous said...

I've never been called a lady.

I'm rather okay with that because after reading TLP's quote I've realized I have punched someone in the nose and she's one of my best friends...still. Then her brother punched me in the nose, ending my love of him at 8. I guess he's not a lady either.

Anonymous said...

You called :)

Always go with the saying that I can't remember exactly "a lady in the __; and a whore in the bedroom

Anonymous said...

A special veneer warn by a women to make her appear much more gracious and well-mannered than she really is.

Ariel the Thief said...

Lady, a woman who will make you believe that she has no anus.

Unknown said...

LADY, n. One done by a gentleman, Mr. Zimmerman.

Doug The Una said...

Gosh, Harry. Nose-powdering sounds dainty enough.

Absolutely, TLP. I had a friend back in Iowa whose definition was "wouldn't say 'sh*t' if she had a mouthful."

He might be a lady now, Jenn. You could be one too.

Pia, I'm sure I don't know that phrase but thank you for answering the call.

Come on Quilly, not everyone can be Quilldancer gracious.

Ha, Ariel. See my response to TLP.

Great song, Amoeba, but I like the version with The Band best.

That depends on what part of Nevada you're driving through and how thirsty you are, Actonbell.

Tom & Icy said...

I knew a lady, her name was Lula.

Anonymous said...

the Woman of the past had become simply a Lady Lodger, meth had long ago grabbed her soul.....Peace

Anonymous said...

deferential is kind of sticking in my throat.

tsduff said...

According to the National Geographic, The American Kennel Club has just released its list of most “pup-ular” names for dogs.

Top 5 names for female dogs:
2. Belle/Bell/Bella
3. Princess
4. Mae/May
5. Rose

Leading the list for male dogs:
1. Bear
2. Blue
3. Max/Maximums/Maxwell
4. Duke
5. Buddy

Doug The Una said...

That waren't no lady, Icy! That's my cousin!

Bear, I so it is with every lady.

I don't doubt it, Cooper. This is a descriptive, not a prescriptive lexicon.

Terry, Walela didn't make the list again this year?

Hobbes said...

Not a termagant--outwardly.

Anonymous said...

Styx. Not to be confused with la-la-lola.

yeah, so I'm a few days late. My loss.