Tuesday, January 27, 2009


PERIPATETIC, adj. Walking about. Relating to the philosophy of Aristotle, who, while expounding it, moved from place to place in order to avoid his pupil's objections. A needless precaution — they knew no more of the matter than he.

2009 Update: Itinerant, as a laborer, preacher or fraud; rather than static, as an employer, believer or victim.


Anonymous said...

I think you're making this word up. Like you did with ptice.

I can't even say it out loud...so clearly it's not a real word.

Minka said...

neithe ryours nor Bierce's definition gave me a clue as to what that word actually means. Do it again!

Minka said...

peripatetic, adj. a Nomad's philosophy and an AD person's vice

TLP said...

Good job Minka!

Peripatetic: describing a person not often seen in southern California. A peripatetic individual in LA has just been car-jacked. I say just because of course he's walking to a car lot to become unperipatetic.

Anonymous said...

peripatetic: one of my all time favorite words. I have no idea why and after Minka and TLP nothing constructive to add. They are clever--me the person, in SoCal, about to be car-jacked without even owning a car

Anonymous said...

PERIPATHETIC, adj. Pertaining to a global sense of sadness, as (for example) over the state of English vocabulary in the 21st cent ...

What? You'll have to walk faster. I can't hear you ...

re: carjacking ...

BICYCLE, n. Stimulus package.

Ariel the Thief said...

I love those words where you can hear more words in one. Peripatetic is a funny word, just fine for my mind. :) Anyways, it is on sale. Anybody?

TLP said...

Well, how much is it Ariel? I bid 5 cents.

My word verifier is glycloy. Now, that's a ten cent word for sure. Def: Too full of amino to eat another bite.

Tom & Icy said...

Icy is a peripatetic pooper.

Jim said...

Peripatetic: Rymes with pathetic, this paratetic word of yours.

Google has about 1,140,000 for PERIPATETIC [definition] which it found in 0.23 seconds.
I did not read a one of these but surely you did find a good word with all those definitions.

Quite frankly I'd rather have done 'pudding,' my favorite is chocolate with ice cream, a chocolate brownie, and whip cream and a cherry or two.

Anonymous said...

We used to make fun of a professor (nicknamed Perry Pathetic), who would walk around the lecture hall while expoundeding any given subject, so I see your definition as absolutely marvelous.

Jamie Dawn said...

Jason and I are sitting here perusing your blog.
Today's word is hard to pronounce.

Peripatetic(s): Two very pathetic persons.

That's Jason and me.


Anonymous said...


Douglas -- yes, Douglas! I am very upset at you! I didn't have time to comment this morning but I made sure to pop in and read your post so I could, perhaps, ponder on your word today if I remembered and had time.

If I remembered ...! I couldn't forget. I read the word I read your definition and... and... and ...

You know, I'm not going to tell you. I'm just going to get even. Take it away, Wayne! (And I do mean take it away. Out of my brain, into yours.)

The love between the two of us was dying
And it got so bad I knew I had to leave
But halfway down that highway when I turned around I saw
My little daughter running after me

Daddy, don't you walk so fast
Daddy, don't you walk so fast
Daddy, slow down some 'cause you're makin' me run
Daddy, don't you walk so fast

Now, it broke my heart to tell my little daughter
That her daddy had to run to catch a train
She had no way of knowin' I was leavin' home for good
I turned around and there she was again
As she said to me

Daddy, don't you walk so fast
Daddy, don't you walk so fast
Daddy, slow down some 'cause you're makin' me run
Daddy, don't you walk so fast

If only for the sake of my sweet daughter
I just had to turn back home right there and then
And try to start a new life with the mother of my child
I couldn't bear
to hear those words again
She cried and said

Daddy, don't you walk so fast
(My daughter cried)
Daddy, don't you walk so fast
Daddy, slow down some 'cause you're makin' me run
Daddy, don't you walk so fast

Daddy, slow down some 'cause you're makin' me run
Oh, daddy, don't you walk so fast

Doug The Una said...

Jenn, if you try it a few times while pacing back and forth, you'll get it.

OK, Minka. PERIPATETIC, adj.Needlessly covering the same ground repeatedly.

But yours is better.

TLP, you should spend some time in Venice next time you're here.

See, Pia? And our visitors are peripatetic as all get out.

Amoeba, I almost bought a bike yesterday but I didn't have $5B.

Ariel, I got mine. Can I pay a franchise fee instead?

TLP, I wouldn't give a nickel for Glycoy but you defined it well.

Noted, Tom. If I get to your neighborhood, I'll be sure and look down.

Jim, it crawled the whole net.

Cooper, you were some smart smart-alecky students. My professors usually got called poopyhead and shrewlady and stuff.

Actonbell, the Scrabble(TM) king?

Two swell folks and champeen orderers, JD. Don't sell yourself short or take your brother down with you.

Quilly, you are walking too fast.

Anonymous said...

The new Byronic.