Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jeweled Want

A time of woe we surely grieve-
A time of jeweled sorrow-
Though the shrunken rich whom we perceive
Will be with us still tomorrow.

The heroes our hearts do elect-
No dragons do they slay,
But strive so mighty to protect
The gremlins of yesterday.

And saints, so fine, compassionate
While tending to their neighbor,
Take heaven's grace and ration it
To sundered bank and structured labor.

If today found us in sorry state
Waving the sea we're sailing,
Rejoice! Our troubles arrive ornate
And gilded with glamorous wailing.
-James Bartholemew Wiggleston

GLAMOR, n. Misery's cowl.


Jim said...

Hi Doug, I like the poem. In it I find glamor (if that's what you want us to do). What I found was that the squeaking wheel gets oiled and the glamorous rule!
In America supposedly everyone has opportunity to become glamorous.
I am happy just being plain.
And fair and full of chivalry if I'm first here.

pia said...

I found laughter, tears, and true beauty in language

Nessa said...

Very good definition Doug.


1. Merlin used it to get a King to sleep with another man's wife.

2. PR; Spin.

the amoeba said...

GLAMOR, n. Noise, in sequins.

Your poem reminds me of a story that Roosevelt used, I think, on one of his Fireside Chats. It related how four millionaires were sitting in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Club, listening to a radio address in which FDR asked, "I wonder what is being said by my rich friends in their overstuffed armchairs in their well-stocked clubs." "All four men recoiled", Roosevelt said, "and one of them, finding his voice, exclaimed, 'My God, do you suppose that blankety blank could have overheard us?'"

pothic = Kickapoo Joy Juice

TLP said...

Glamor: The bull that misery's cow loves.

Tom & Icy said...

Even the fat cat gets flat when you run over them.

Jamie Dawn said...

Glamor: the adding of blush and lipstick

quilly said...

Glamor n. strategic camouflage

Doug The Una said...

Jim, I'm glad to be plain myself, which is one reason I'm happy for you to find whatever you find.

Which also goes for you, Ms. Pia.

I always wondered about that, Nessa. Why does anyone feel the need to use anything to get a king to commit adultery? Even princes will do so with no coaxing whatsoever.

AMoeba, that's a good story, and fine use of a verifier.

Beautiful, blogmama.

Perfect summary, Icy.

JD, is that all it takes? Maybe I'll give it a spin.

True, Quill. And a soft armor it is.

Hobbes said...

Yes. Thorstein Veblen had it right.

cooper said...

Jeweled want, great title great poem.

Glamour [is] the power to rearrange people's emotions, which, in effect, is the power to control one's environment.
Arthur Miller (1915 - 2005)

Doug The Una said...

Hobbes, you mean the conflict between standards and innovation? That always sounded right to me.

Good definition, Cooper. It would also work for charisma.

Hobbes said...

I mean the admiration and emulation of the wealthy trumping envy and resentment.