Friday, April 10, 2009


CRIBBAGE, n. A substitute for conversation among those to whom nature has denied ideas.  See EUCHRE, PEDRO, SEVEN-UP, etc.

2009 Update: A card game for those rich in virtue, poor in friends and in possession of pen or peg.


Ariel the Thief said...

Cribbage, the critter and cabbage salad you have when you forget to wash the vegetable from your garden.

TLP said...

Cribbage: Stealing bags at the airport.

Tom & Icy said...

We need some cribbages for the babies.

Anonymous said...

cribbage ,what a fine tool to encourage math skills in
a young mind--whereas on sesame street you only count to 10,in cribbage you may be lucky/skilled enough to count to 29

Anonymous said...

may You enjoy
the sunrise sunset
was time well spent
would be my guess
yet now is time
for my breakfast
....wishing you a good friday,
happy saturday,sunny sunday...

Jamie Dawn said...

Cribbage: a card game that works the mind and also improves one's dexterity.

tsduff said...

Cribbage - What's left after the horses do what they do when they crib on the wood corrals and barn doorways... the cause of splinters in the gums.

Happy Good Friday Doug; it has been a year since we last shared an un-Easter feast together.

Anonymous said...

Cribbage a fickle game I always lose because my cards....always....suck. I have the most losses in my family. It's almost embarrassing. At least I know what numbers make up 15 and 31. So it does improve mathy skills...for 15 and 31.

the amoeba said...

Bear? It's also excellent for teaching how you can't count to 19.

CRIBBAGE, n. The length of your sentence for bank robbery.

Thanks, Doug and everybody, for birthday wishes yesterday. It makes the amoeba's heart gla ... um, puts a smile on his fa ... um, elevates his pseudopods. And not one of you broke into I don't know but I've been told ... Sweet mercy.

Nessa said...

cribbage - a place to live, in the current vernacular.

cooper said...

Cribbage, the garbage in my house.

I have a cribbage board somewhere around here, I'm not sure why I have it, it came from some antique shop and was kid of pretty.

My verifier says "they see boys" roughly translated...I guess it's because I'm going to the ocean Easter Sunday? Some kind of Omen....

Joe said...

Great post, and some clever definitions! I've linked to you at Cribbaholics Unanimous:



Doug The Una said...

Ariel, there's a little of that at almost every meal these days.

Blogmama, can they do that?

The babbages, Icy?

Hey, bear, four fives and the right jack is 33. Just saying.

JD, it probably depends how much your dexterity needs improving. In my case, definitely.

True, Terry. We ought to be in Chicago don't you think?

Well, Jenn, that's good enough at a Baskin-Robbins so it should be good enough anywhere.

By golly, Amoeba, you don't even have a flagellum. How does anyone get to be your age without a flagellum. Hope it was good anyway.

f'shizzle, Nessa.

Sounds like a hopeful sign, Cooper. Good trip.

Hi, Joe. I'll have to see that site. My name is Doug and I'm a cribbaholic, clean since New Year's Day.

weirsdo said...

I always thought cribbage was chiefly used by authors to wile away time between high points in the plot.

Doug The Una said...

Amateur lexicographers, too.

weirsdo said...

(Sorry. That should have been "while.")

Doug The Una said...

Can I bank the indulgence?

weirsdo said...

"Bank the indulgence"? And you call yourself a Lutheran.