Friday, April 24, 2009


FRIAR, n.  One who fries in the heat of his lust. There are four principal orders of friars- Gray Friars, or Franciscans, White Friars, Dominicans, and Augustines. Mendicant Friars are those who beg to be taken out of the pan.  The most eminent of the whole species was Friar John, whose adventures and services to the Church are related by Rabelais.

2009 Update: A brother of the ecclesiastical sort (from the French FRERE), who, like that of the familiar sort, lives on charity and forced consideration compelled by the expectation of elevation.

A friar at his morning meal,
Sustains himself for public weal,
But ere his eating's done at night
'Tis ordained for just the just and right.

Happy birthday, to photographer, historian, humorist and Hawai'ian, Quilldancer.(Now, with quintessentiality!)


Nessa said...

Hooray, first on Quilly's Birthday! Have a great one, oh, Quill Mistress!

Hoorah! It's Friarday!

TLP said...

Happy birthday to Quilly!

I used to friar chicken, but now i bake it.

Tom & Icy said...

Making jokes at others expense, a rough club that has roasts.

Ariel the Thief said...

Happy birthday, Quilly!

Take a look at the photo on the top of the page the link goes to. Gives a new meaning to mother's milk. :)

Friar, searcher. Hats off for our dear and wise brother, Francois Rabelais!

quilly said...

TLP distracted me with a birthday greeting, then stole my answer! Wahhh!

Jamie Dawn said...

Bierce's first line totally cracks me up!!

Friar: Masters of the bowl haircut.


I'm going to visit Quilly and wish her a Happy b-day!

Cath said...

Fabulous post in honour of a quintessentiall Quilly!

Jientje said...

Happy birthday to Quilly!!!

cooper said...

Happy birthday Quilly.
Friar, I thought was a members of a club, either comedic or celebrated in some other way, who gathered to roast other members every so often. Roasting or frying it's all the same to me.

the amoeba said...

I'd better say "Happy Birthday" to Quilly or I'm going to wind up friared.


weirsdo said...

Happy birthday to Quilly again.

Much the same could be said of professors, RBUD.

Ariel the Thief said...

LOL Quilly!

quilly said...

To one and all -- thanks for the birthday wishes!

Doug The Una said...

Ooops, ok, I'm late to this.

No no, it's Wednesday, Nessa.

TLP, I still eat it brotherly.

More like a gang, Icy. A wise-alecky gang.

Alas, Ariel, I'm confused. What link?

Quilly, women are easy to trick on the birthdays and only other women know how, I bet.

That's good, JD. Wish Sister Quilly a good birthday.

Welcome, Cath and Jentje. A friend of Quilly's is a friend of mine.

Cooper. not to me, until they learn to bake with eleven herbs and spices.

Amoeba, it seems you managed the dais pretty well.

It's a fine line, Weirsdo.

Ariel, right.

Quilly, you're welcome. Hope it was grand.

Ariel the Thief said...

You living consience of all bloggers you...

I meant the link you posted to Rabelais' book. *rolls eyes*