Thursday, April 02, 2009


RECONSIDER, v. To seek a justification for a decision already made.

2009 Update: To further pursue wisdom in a fool.


pia said...

Reconsider: to ponder decisions made and irreversible

Tom & Icy said...

Going to the well once too often.

Anonymous said...

a moment of

TLP said...

Reconnaissance done on fermented apple juice. After you've located it, you steal it. Not me of course.

quilly said...

RE prefix meaning again

CON persuade by deception, cajolery or trickery

SIDE n. the position taken in a controversy

ER a suffix regularly used in comparing degrees [ex: sillier]

RECONSIDER v. to once again allow oneself to be swayed by charisma rather than logic

the amoeba said...

TLP, you don't have to steal it. Several brands of hard cider are now available at your friendly neighborhood superdupermart. All you have to do is make a choice and buy ... um, er, let me reconsider this ...

TLP said...

Not in PA Amoeba. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has "State Stores" which sell liquor. No hard cider in the grocery store or any other good liquids. Any hoo, liberating said cider is bound to be more fun, dontchathink?

Ariel the Thief said...

Reconsider, changing your mind.

Anonymous said...

oh no i must
my reply...
after the emotion
of the moment
i slowly remove
my hands from the
offending persons'
logic once again
taking hold...

Jamie Dawn said...

Reconsider: the feeling one gets when they decide to jump from a high dive... so sorry... to late...

It is storming here. The thunder has been awesome! It's a gully warsher fer sure!

Jim said...

Reconsider locking the car after you've locked your keys inside (I've done that, with the engine running).

Minka said...

reconsider,v. to be distracted by an alterior motive

Doug The Una said...

Right, Pia. To waste time lamenting what might have been.

Yup, Icy, or the bucket.

Self doubt? Really?

Of course not, TLP. Save it for the girls.

Quilly, you are so right. You must be. I'm certain.

Amoeba, you mean if it were her she'd been describing.

Freeda cider now, blogmama!

You sure this time, Ariel?

Bear, I say if you're choking someone he probably deserved it.

JD, I do miss southern storms.

Actonbell, Warren Zevon earworms are plan A for many.

Ooof, Jim. That's a nightmare I've seen in the daytime too.

Another one, Minka?

Nessa said...

I never reconsider. I always stick with my first foolish decision.

cooper said...

Ok, I will marry you.

Ariel the Thief said...

Cooper, I love it when people talk straight!

Doug The Una said...

That's one form of wisdom, Nessa.

I thought you liked me, Coop.

Ariel, you know perfectly well that's not true.

weirsdo said...

Puts me in mind of this Saki exchange, even though it's apparently about considering, not reconsidering.
"My mother is thinking of getting married."
"It's the first time."
"Of course, you ought to know. I was under the impression that she'd been married once or twice at least."
"Three times, to be mathematically exact. I meant that it was the first time she'd thought about getting married; the other times she did it without thinking."