Tuesday, April 07, 2009


CHIVALRY, n. That wing of the Democratic party that has all the plumes. The other wing raises the wind for the bird to fly.

2009 Update: The compulsion of a man to be attentive and useful toward women and children, so named because the instinct concentrates on horseback.

Happy 4/8 eve to Sar.


Jim said...

Reminds me that "chivalry is dead."
Chivalry may be dead but Southern Hospitality lives! i.e. Regis and Kelley are in New Orleans this morning.

sauerkraut said...

I'm gonna let Jim go first... even if he's not of the fairer sex.

quilly said...

CHIVAlRY n. (also Spelled: SHIVALRY) slang

the competition over which friend will be the first to stick a knife in the other friend's back see also Sir Lancelot

the amoeba said...

Knight soil.

Tom & Icy said...

This weather has been really cold and chilly and makes me feel all chivalry and my teeth rattle.

tsduff said...

Ah yes, the proverbial cowboy. :)
I have to say it applied to my Sweetheart as well - such the gentleman our first ride.

Ha ha TOM & ICY! Great one.

Verification: BEARalit

TLP said...

Cold valor.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm loving Bierce's definition.

Isn't chivalry when a guy doesn't drink from the milk carton and doesn't leave the toilet seat up and doesn't always control the TV remote?

I'm all for chivalry!

Jim said...

And Sauerkraut, where did you hear that I wasn't fair? I sunburn as easily as a lot of girls. Even my freckles sunburn.
(This comment was provoked!)

cooper said...

Whatever it is, it always seems to involve dying with honor, loyalty to a king, and throwing overcoats over puddles.

Doug The Una said...

Jim, I'd argue that midwestern hospitality leaves southern hospitality in the barn, but if y'all are welcoming Regis and Kelly, I guess I have to go along.

Gallant, Sauerkraut.

Quilly, as long as it's over a maiden, betrayal remains a virtue.

Soiled Green?

Ha, Icy! Good girl.

And ever since, I think, Terry.

Actonbell, that's a good pun. I had no idea there were good chivalry puns until you and Tom pointed them out. There's a paradox.

But shiny, TLP, right?

Close, JD. In my house at least, it's when the man doesn't drink from the toilet and leaves the milk carton up.

Jim, I declare you within your rights. 12 paces?

Absolutely, Cooper. A real gentleman is always kind to puddles.