Friday, April 17, 2009


LINGUIST, n. A person more learned in the language of others than wise in his own.

2009 Update: Any listener still interested after the third sentence. One who may study the telic clause, only to miss the object.


Jim said...

Linguist -- a member of a select and secret group that eats a lot of doctored up linguine.
Thanks for letting me be first today, I needed that. This will very likely be my last visit for three or so weeks. I have to return to 'prison.'

the amoeba said...

LINGUIST, n. One skilled in the art of tongue-lashing.

[sounds conch from the hilltop]

the amoeba said...

Sorry, Jim. Don't sneak up behind me like that!

lingrocy - oh great, now the stones are speaking in tongues.

Nessa said...

Lin Guist: Shrew.

Ariel the Thief said...

Linguist, a scholar of the art of tongue.

quilly said...

LING n. elongated food fish

-IST suffix denoting one who practices or follows principals or beliefs.

LINGUSIT n. 1.) a fishy religion 2.) verbal fertilizer

Tom & Icy said...

Someone has to say it, you're a cunning linguist. Are you a master debater?

pia said...

linguist: somebody who studies word verifications for hidden and overt meanings and then attaches them to life

Tom & Icy said...

Pia, I think that's called a lexicoblogist

and my word verification happens to be factee!

Jamie Dawn said...

You've been able to keep me interested EVEN after twenty sentences, so I must really be a lingust.

Linguist: Someone who uses phrases like lacteal fluid; they are also known to be sci-fi fans and collect doctorates for fun.

I received some dark chocolate truffles from blog buddy Jerry Wiley today. Including you, this is the fourth blog buddy that has given me truffles. I am in hog heaven! I have to limit myself to two per day, or I shall ruin my diet. I'm replacing a snack with the truffles, and it is God's will that I eat them.
Why else would they have been delivered on my front porch?

Jamie Dawn said...

Actually, if I'm still interested after twenty sentences, I think that makes you the linguist.


sauerkraut said...

a darn... all the good ones are already taken. yes, Tom, cunning.

tho I don't get the conch thing.

Unknown said...

white man speak with forked tongue

disto: short way to go

TLP said...

LINGUIST: a person who can find the loo in five different countries, without having to ask "where?"

tsduff said...

ha ha TLP ;)

Linquist - what one becomes when desperately needing to communicate with the fairer sex who is of another country...

cooper said...

Linguist: Usually someone who has to take on odd jobs. Tolkien - author, Chomsky - anarchist, Nietzsche philosopher.

Doug The Una said...

Jim, don't gamble with cigarettes you don't have.

Amoeba, I hope the concert was grand.

Nessa, it's strange I don't remember her.

Ariel, a scientist of the art of the accident?

Quilly, verbs are their own fertilizer.

Only when I talk to myself, Icy.

JD, this is why we blog.

Saurkraut, the wise men say never to argue with a man whose got his tongue in a shell.

The better to colonize you, Karma.

Haha, TLP. The key phrases to know wherever you travel are "Where is the bathroom?" "I'm sorry," and "Can I keep the credit cards, they're no use to you."

Terry, the fairer sex is always from another country.

True and funny, Cooper. What is it, do you suppose, about Linguists? I notice of the three, only one aimed to please.

¿Donde esta el banjo? That's very funny, A-bell. I think if you can find the bathroom, why listen at all?

Indeterminacy said...

Linguist: Someone who listen to grammar.