Monday, August 24, 2009


ABJECTLY, adv. In the manner of a poor but honest person.

2009 Update: In the manner of a discovered dignitary.


pia said...

Uh I'm first which is good as I can't get past the dictionary definition for "abject"
"But cloth of misconstruction dressed thought in stylish deception. rrrrRUFF!"-Icy
Would fit well as all poor but honest people, discovered dignataries eventually...

Ariel the Thief said...

Abjectly, in the manner of the half-digested prey.

strahold - stars hold my bra

Unknown said...

I guess someone screwed up my translation.
Darn Germans...

TLP said...

Abjectly: I'm sure I don't know. *shrugging shoulders*

Karen said...

Did you mean poor as in miserable wretch or poor as in just below par?

Jim said...

Abjectly comes right after Abject in my dictionary:
Adv. 1. abjectly - in a hopeless resigned manner; "she shrugged her shoulders abjectly"

So there.
Doug's word verification test for me today was copse .

the amoeba said...

ABJECTLY, adv. When a guy hunches over to hide the sixpack that he, er, doesn't have.

Quilly said...

Amoeba -- because having a hunchback is more acceptable than having a potbelly?

Quilly said...

Having searched the Internet valiantly, cherishing the futile hope that I might find something intelligent to say, I know stand before you abjectly awaiting your judgment, oh great and wise Master of Words.

Quilly said...

Know should be now -- perhaps I should have been researching homophones. Alas.

tsduff said...

Sometimes you feel abject
Sometimes you don't.

cooper said...

My old dog used to posture himself and look into my eyes abjectly after be barfed on the floor.

Unknown said...

i want to be the abject of someone's affection

LOL @ Ariel's verifier ;)

proly: 'maybe', as in, "I's raining and I proly forgot my brolly at home"

Doug The Una said...

15 minutes of infamy, Pia?

That's pretty abject, Ariel. The prey, I mean.

Jeder Deutsch Wortbuch spinnt, Nicole. Traurig.

There, there, blogmama.

Karen, miserable wretches are just below par.

Jim, I plead with you, the actual definitions harm us all. Must I grovel, too?

Amoeba, I find it much more comfortable to simply blind my companions.

Quilly, homophony is the soul of whit.

Day to day, Terry? What could be more pathetic?

Actonbell, I like to think I'm the emperor of abject.

Cooper, that's Willie's pose for " vomit!"

Karma, how will you make water balloons?