Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Social Network

This world's become a narrow one,
A billion-thronged bar,
Where strangers meet for folly and fun,
Like clowns meet in a car.
There's little I can give or take,
Hear me now, old dudes,
You can't get from a bull or drake
But cowboy songs and attitudes.
I'm not too sure I like this world
(And wasn't so sure, then)
But now we can corral ourselves
Without need of a pen.

CORRESPONDENCE, n. An incursion by breeze, at times preferable to a siege.


TLP said...

It is indeed a small half-illiterate world these days. I write half-illiterate because we do seem able to read and write a little...things like "©¿©," "brb," and "bff."

BTW, I should note that an optimist would say that we are half-literate. But that's just not us, huh?(_E=mc²_) LOL.

cooper said...

Of course you like it, in some demented way.

It all started with the blog you see. And for that I blame you.

In my less coherent moments anyway.

Doug The Una said...

I don't know, TLP. If someone speaks gibberish we send them to special school but if they type it they are semi-literate?

Cooper, I'm glad to hear you have less coherent moments.

k. riggs gardner said...

Doug, that's not fair. You commented while I was typing this comment:

TLP, Now I feel both half-illiterate and half-literate. I had to look up (_E=mc²_) in an emoticon lexicon.

Olivia, I can't speak for anyone else but now I see what you mean. It's as if the word "incursion" swept into this comment section on a Waking Ambrose breeze! And I remember your comment -- incursion: The first time commenting on Doug's blog. I don't remember Ambrose's reply to your comment, though.

k. riggs gardner said...

The Iberian Peninsula?