Tuesday, January 02, 2007


BACK-SLIDE, v.t. To join another communion.

2007 Update: To take up in January resolutions written down in December.


Anonymous said...

Ah, this exercise I do well!

It's one of thos group dances portrayed as group fun in ads for that cruise ship, right?

Doh - that's electric slide! Ooops!

No, really. It's the complacent point in any goal. Where things are going well, almost too smoothly - so it's ok to "skip it just this once" or "cheat a little" (Have you ever stopped at a little??? Be real.)

It's the "catch your breath" stage, where one's will power thinks it's stronger than it is.

Happy New Year to all! D :)

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Back-slide. What I do very well, down the driveway after I fall on the ice. At least I used to, back before PA became so warm in the winter.

O Ceallaigh said...

BACK-SLIDE, v. t.. Damned rock.

Sar said...

Perfect choice in word for the second day of the new year matched equally by your definition, Doug.

Back-Slide: I think I can, I think I can...I thought I could, I thought I could...eh screw it.

Brian said...

Back-Slide: The spring snow melt in the Sierras. Well, there used to be snow melt.

QuillDancer said...

Darn! OC took my first thought! Now I'll have to think. That [mumble, grumble, grouse] man!

Anonymous said...

one moment away from a back-slap ... ooooo that hurt!

tobjua: backwards, a jab on your bottom

Joel said...

Back-slide: The act of losing one's religion.

Anonymous said...

Back-Slide~ what the bushies have done from day one... they all need a good Ass-Whoop!

QuillDancer said...

Back sliding away, back sliding away
You know the nearer your destination, the more you're back sliding away

al said...

Back-slide: What you get for pushing too hard in front.

Tom & Icy said...

dunno, but sure feels good.

Anonymous said...

Back-slide: Hopefully the treadmill will help with mine this year.

puppybrose said...

golly -- for me the word Backslide conjurs up visions of Jerry Falwell, or it does after i saw THIS a few weeks ago (thanks O'C, it was your post on mammon that allowed me to find this picture in the first place)

that said, i'm with G in hoping my *own* "back-slide" will be diminished with every step i take (on the treadmill and/or out on the road).

Doug said...

Diane, I start out cheating and work toward the scurrilous side from there.

TLP, see the bright side to global warming? Now you can keep all you resolutions.

OC, it's funny you mention Sisyphus. I was just thinking about him yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that.

Sar, that's a decision that can only lead to happiness.

Brian, there still is. Now it runs year around.

Quill, you mean amoeba. We're all kind of hoping something makes a man out of him soon.

Karma, I had you pegged right.

Joel, one man's backslide is another's evolution.

Karen, I know just the gal can do it, too.

From Sisyphus to Simon, huh, Quilldancer. Before the cock crows you shall deny me thrice.

Al, you may be thinking of slipped disc.

Haha, Icy. Willie's a big fan, too.

G, I'm sure I dont know what you're talking about.

Puppy, that was some site. I can't comment on the sight.

Old Mule said...

Back-slide: To give up on hopeless and boring goals.

QuillDancer said...

Doug, if I am Peter, than wouldn't that make you Jesus?

pia said...

Back Slide: woke up in a panic because it's the second day of the year and I haven't accomplished anything yet

Also mean it in the G and Puppy sense

Doug said...

Mule, anything hopeful and exciting is an objective.

Quill, if you're Simon, I'm Presley.

Pia, 48 hours and no accomplishment? May as well give up. 2008 will be along soon.

QuillDancer said...

Dang, Dawg, that was kind of obvious, wasn't it? Duh -- I'll be quiet now.

Anonymous said...

Backslide? Sadly the only thing that came to mind was "Let your backbone slide." by Maestro Fresh Wes...and sadly because according to Wikipedia, this remains the best-selling Canadian hip hop single of ALL time.

And yes, also sadly, I OWNED this album. Yes, I contributed to this song being the best-selling Canadian hip hop song of all time. I'm so ashamed.

O Ceallaigh said...

But are you happy in your toil, Doug?

And it's fun being an amoeba. Backslidin' all the way to the bottom of the evolutionary tree. Amazing the sights you see lookin' at y'all from down here.

Before the cock crows? I think, in this context, it's Before the principal shows. :P

That's some picture, puppy-b. Really puts the fun in fundamentalism, doesn't it? And that this slave of Jesus could sacrifice the $1,000 suit without a backslidin' glance. Maybe he donated it to a scholarship student. On condition that he become a Baptist. I can only quote our Holy Father:

The residence of a high dignitary of the Christian Church is called a palace; that of the Founder of his religion was known as a field, or wayside. There is progress.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Well, if we're going to quote the Holy Father (or the Bible anyway) back-sliding is like a dog returned to its vomit.

Also see, TLP returned to the dessert table.

Anonymous said...

Doug, no matter from which angle, your response was perfect.

Doug said...

Quilly, no need to leave the building but maybe some African background singers will help. Thank you very much.

Jenna, I thought being Canadian meant never having to say you're ashamed.

OC, Franz Kafka once said "Sisyphus was a bachelor." I've been quoting that a lot lately.

TLP, salty and sweet go together well.

G, I was raised right.

QuillDancer said...

OC describing the curmudgeon's bible as holy is somewhat suspect, since each curmudgeon prefers his own slant ... uh- never mind :)

TLP -- gross, those of us who are visual thinkers do not thank you.

Doug -- I've been pondering the best way to meet your request for three denials. I'm open to reasonable suggestions from the gang. (please note: my definition of reasonable and yours may differ)

puppybrose said...

Backslide: embracing your inner ignobility -- and living to complain about it another day.

Anonymous said...

backslide: what I am determined not to do.

Anonymous said...

backslide? I don't think I can (I think I can't, I think I can't...)

Omnipotent Poobah said...

back-slide - What you do when an ill wind blows against you.

Doug said...

OK, Quill. How about "Those are rhinestones not diamonds," "The King is dead!" and "I grew not up in this man whom you call curmudgeon's house."

Puppybrose, that's a great definition.

Terry, carrion birds never do.

Haha, Actonbell. The Little Engine That Should.

Even when you're omnipotent, Poobah?

Minka said...

back slide: "Rutsch mir den Buckel runter!"

Sorry about the foreign language, but that is the first thing that came to mind.
translated it means: Why don´t you slide down my back? and it is a German idiom for: What´s it to me? Get going and leave me alone!

this idiom sure is not adressed to anybody in this comment section, rest assured!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Back-slide: Moonwalk.

Happy now Quilly? (But I hafta say that Michael Jackson makes me wanna vomit...)

Anonymous said...

Did I wish Happy New Year yet? We are all sick here - some kind of virus or food poisoning hit our family celebration after we wished each other health in the New Year.

Fighting with insomnia now. Wish I could slide back into bed.

SquareGirl said...

Heck, I wait until at least until the THIRD of January until I bring up the word "back-slide". elevate your standards for yourself boy!

Mistress Anna said...

LOL, A body ravaged by holiday booze and food.

cindra said...

the slide that is not the front slide.

Happy New Year, Doug.

cooper said...

Something to do with ice storms I imagine, unless it has something to do with virtue, which is quite possible now that I think of it.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Brilliant definitions all...not going to even take a stab at any of my own really, as all the good witty ones I thought I'd think up were also thought up by fellow bloggers.

Happy belated holidays, Doug!

Anonymous said...

backslide-r: somewhere between Lot's wife and Judas.


ps. asnsmls blog deactivated, blogger may backslide soon.

all the best in year 2007 doug!

Anonymous said...

Backslide: To, during one's maturity, gain a sudden dose of youthful enthusiasm and stupidity.

AKA, Midlife Crisis

Doug said...

Minka, I'll have to learn that one. It probably would have meant more to the two skinheads passing out Döner kebab napkins in the Karlsruhe bahnhof that "Viel spaß?"

TLP, I can still moonwalk. My earthwalking is getting rusty, though.

Sorry to hear, Indy. Feel better soon and happy new year starting then.

Squaregirl, discipline, I've learned, is largely a matter of realistic expectations.

Mistress, those are the best kind. Especially when the mind is addled by the same.

Happy New Year to you, Cindra.

Cooper, you're still pretty young to be thinking of virtue.

Thanks, Zenfo. You too.

Sarah, without Asian Smiles and the Serenity Prayer I have no doubt that Blogger is in a downward spiral.

Cheesemeister, I wasn't that enthusiastic a youth. Maybe I'll duck that bullet, too. Either way, we should know soon.