Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Birth of Philosophy

Introducing The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic which will run for a while, a short story rather than a long sentence. Diogenes first appeared on this site in this story. Backflips and thanks to this week's reader.

To hear the story, follow the road to Damascus and beware the Fates.

To read the story, tickle Diogenes The Cynic.

I think Prattler will resume next Saturdayish.


Anonymous said...

I'm first to the first of the new format Saturday Stories! I'll be back! I'm so excited and Penguin this one's for you for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

What can I say, to hear a new reader is beyond exciting, to see the story of The Fates continuing, ditto to then have to guess who said reader is, well jackpot!

Now there are no rules posted as to shouting out our guesses and I would not have known for sure but the birds in the background gave it away. Tis our own lovely Minka with a voice as charming as the day is long.

What a great kickoff all around and a stroke of genius on your part Doug.

Simply Said loved it.

Minka said...

Hah, I am almost first to this great adventure.
I was a little shocked at first to hear soemone elses voice rather than yours, but it was great to be sure.

G, thank you. I am honoured that you would attribute me with such a wonderful voice.

Ok, I am going to be a bit smart about it...I think this is Ariel and you used the time while visiting her to tape her voice.

I am right, aren´t I?

Minka said...

"Mythology: the body of a primitive people´s beliefs, concerning its origin, early history, heroes, deities and so forth, as distinguished from the true accounts which it invents later."

-Ambrose Bierce-

QuillDancer said...

As far as origins go, this one was lovely. Like Diogenes, I think we are starting a whole new adventure. I'd like to guess the guest reader, but I am clueless.

Doug said...

G, it is exciting, isn't it? And I agree about the voice.

Minka, being first is your specialty, not being right. Stick to what you're good at. I've heard of that guy.

Quill, it's easy. The reader was clearly born and educated in Windsor Castle. How much royalty have we got around here?

O Ceallaigh said...

ORIGIN, n. The story of Genesis. All three versions. Counting only those from Mesopotamia, recounted in the original Elizabethan English.

Hmmm ... do I sense some misdirection with regard to the origin of the voice? I'm going to have to defer judgment until I get to a computer on which I can turn on the sound without disturbing the household.

G said...

Well my real name does mean queen...

I have to admit my first guess was Ariel and then the birds, but Ariel would have more of a Hungarian accent which I am pretty well acquanited with and Minka, I was a little shocked thinking of a German accent with Icelandic on top of it. But one can always fake an accent...

Whoever's voice it is, they have a lovely one, clear like a bell.

al said...

Diogenesis: As a metaphor for life's unrealized dream of freedom, cleverly starting a road story by burdening the protagonist with an arbitrarily imposed toll.

I predict that, a thousand years from now, the children of the wealthy will have a chip of this story installed in their heads at birth. And, notwithstanding, half of them will still flunk the final on it.

As for guessing who's the reader, hmmm... Me? No? Hmmph. Are you sure?

And, G: you're real name is Freddie Mercury? Get out! No way!

G said...

Al, What can I say - my parents were fans.

Sar said...

It's clear the gal who starred in this week's production has a voice whose beauty matches that of her appearance. If not the chirping birds, Doug's response to G's and Minka's comments above confirmed it - it's my pretty German sistah in Iceland! Fantastic reading and voice, Minka. Bravo!!! :)

I have to tell you, I called my oldest over and told her I was so excited to have finally heard the voice of my dear friend, the one who made the card that she (my oldest) thought was so 'preeeeety and sparkly', and asked if she wanted to hear it with me.

She said yes and afterwards her comment was, "her voice is preeeeeety." Then she asked me, "was she playing maraccas in the background?"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful voice! I immediately thought of Neva, but if G didn't think so, I must be wrong.
I enjoyed this. Good job:)

puppybrose said...

well, i think that despite her claims to the contrary -- this FIRST FABULOUS reading is by the one and only Monika. it only makes sense. HOWEVER, if i'm wrong (which i don't think i am) my NEXT guess would be Terry, for i imagine her voice/accent to be every bit as lovely, and let's face it, clearly she likes birds (i mean, we know of her passions/we've all admired her avatar, right?). but i'm not wrong (am i wrong?) i'm not wrong. MINKA, my dear friend, you do not disappoint. lovely.

and Doug, your story does not disappoint, either. great start to a new year (said the girl who's name appears as one of the "Fates") Well Done!!

Actonbell -- you flatter me, and for that i thank you from the bottom of my accent-free heart!

Joel said...

Ah the wonderful saga continues and in fine voice no less. Sorry to put an end to the mystery but I must reveal that after much consideration I have determined that the sweet accented voice with birds chirping happily in the background is none other than...



I shall collect my prize forthwith.

f-AL-setto said...

Thanks, Joel! See? I told y'all it was me!

Anonymous said...

More like false-etto.

Minka said...

Doug, "stick to what you are good at?" A bit anti-pogressive this fine Saturday aren´t we?

G, *grins*

Al, you might wanna try a more masculine note for your next reading! ;)

Sar, you seem pretty sure. A girl´s gotta have her convictions I guess :)

neva, see Terry didnæt cross my mind...but it sure is a very conceivable option. Well done! That might explain why she hasn´t commented yet ;)

Joel said...

Did I mention Al is an "opera" buff...I've been told his singing voice is divine!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Well, Minka did mention birds in the background when she volunteered originally. But you're a clever guy and so is Miz BoheMia. So, maybe it's her. Whoever it is, it was wonderful. That will be difficult to follow for whomever comes next.

The story is excellent, but then, we knew it would be.

The first cut is the deepest.

SquareGirl said...

Okay, before I heard it I KNEW it was gonna be Minka reading it as it is the only just way to start of the new year and after hearing it I KNEW it was Minka until I read Minka's comments. But then it would be like her to throw us off the course. So my guess continues to be Minka.

And I agree with everyone who says the voice is beautiful!

puppy-thinks-she-knows said...

okay, Doug (and/or Minka?)... so how long do you intend to keep us in the dark? either `fess up, or we'll be forced to conclude our suspicions as to the origins (i.e. owner) of this divine voice are correct.

unless, of course, that *was* Al, in wich, Al? next time you do this i think you should try using your "big boy/outside" voice. ; )

Brian said...

I would have to say that it is Minka also. Beautiful voice who ever it is and great story.

al said...

Thanks for the advice, Snuppy. That's the voice I use on the plumber, which explains why everything around here leaks.

Doug said...

OC, hearing the voice might help.

G, Ariel has a very pretty voice and accent but Hungarians don't show up in photos or on tape, as it turns out.

Al, it could be G. She sure seems to be trying to focus the attention on everyone but herself.

Sar, she never said anything about my voice?

Thanks, Actonbell. This whole guest reader thing is a giant mechanism to let me bug you about something now that you've been a guest writer.

Puppybrose, Terry would be a good guess. She's from rural California after all. They all sound like that.

Joel, your prize just left and I suspect you'll claim her forthright. Wait around. She always comes back.

OK, truth time. It was Al.

Good one, G. So you're guessing Sar?

Minka, I didn't say it was baking. Are you cohosting or something?

Joel, did you guys use to be roommates or something?

Thanks, TLP. I bet we're all looking forward to your week. I know I am.

Squaregirl, analytically reasoned. I'd expect no less.

Puppy, I will leave that to the reader. I suspect the more playful ones may be awhile.

Thanks, Brian. I'll be glad to confirm the second sentence is correct.

Al, I thought you looked familiar.

Anonymous said...

Logo. Right?

Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun. What a voice! What a story. I love that line about the price of a bridge crossing and Minka's delivery was excellent! Just the right mixture of harshness and mockery. That was Minka wasn't it? I'm with Square on the reasoning. :-)

Anonymous said...

This was very cool. A beautiful voice for the first installment. I liked the birdies in the background. And that Diogenes was a real looker.

Tan Lucy Pez said...


puppy-hopes-she-knows said...

TLP: whoa.... Karma? good guess. Karma???? hmmmmm....(i'm still thinkin' this FIRST one is Monika, but *that* guess is nicely inspired!)

Minka said...

This is so much fun, when will all be revealed? I mean it is past midnight were I live and theoretically it is Sunday already.
I like teh #two silver pieces to pass, three if you are ugly, that´ll be five in all... sentence very much, too!

Doug said...

Why, Al, that's a pretty good guess. I mean, Logo is British, right? Or is she??? Where's Seattle, again?

Kyahgirl, I'm not surprised you and Square reason alike. I'm glad you're enjoying.

Goldennib, I bet Diogenes was the handsomest man in Athens walking around nekkid and eating trash of his whole era.

TLP, that's a clever guess. Many educated Indians, like Karma, do sound British.

Puppy, it's good to see such intellectual flexibility in a woman under 60.

Why, Minka, I'm wondering that myself. How many pieces of silver will it take to get the reader to step forward? Thank you for mentioning the content. A challenge with such a reader is he or she can overshadow the words. Thank you for taking the time to actually read.

QuillDancer said...

I thought that perhaps Minka infering that she would accept payment for revealing her true role in this production.

QuillDancer said...


There -- now you have the word I inadvertantly omitted from the sentence above. Place it between Minka and infering.

Anonymous said...

Ok, OK. I may be late to the partay but this I can say... TLP, delightful comment you made sistah but alas, 'tis not me and you can double check that by watching any one of my vids... my voice is geeky with a freaky accent! Geeky and freaky! That's me!

But this voice is delightful and seeing that it has British inflections I would say Monika as my first guess and if it is Monika then WOW on no German speech patterns showing through! That is quite a feat to accomplish and were that to be you I would applaud you! APPLAUD I SAY!

My other guess would be Ariel...

And HAH cause no one mentioned Ariel thus far so WOOH for the bohemian das FO SHO!

And with that, BoheMia out!

PS--- Oh crap! Monika mentioned Ariel already! This bites but it is what I get for being late I am afraid! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Dawg, great story! Sorry every one is focussed on my incredible reading job. *blush* (Al helped.)

But seriously, the birth of philosophy was fascinating. I thought it was born of too much free time. *shrug*

And sorry to you also Monika, for I imagine that your english accent would surely show traces of a few different languages. Plus the english TV in Iceland is more American than British. I think we're listening to a person born-and-raised in England. Anyone know any bird loving birds?

Minka said...

Ok, it actually was me. It is Sunday and I am ready to admit that the so praised voice in the recording is actually mine and it is been a wonderful treat to see you all re-act to it so nicely. i was a bit worried to be sure. But you all have been grand about it, so thank you.

I am sorry about leading was just so much fun though!

luv ye guys!

QuillDancer said...

Minka -- your voice is as pretty as your picture.

Doug said...

Quilldancer, all shall be revealed.

Hermana, eres lista. Clara.

Thanks, Morgan. Well done disguising your voice. You put helium in the oxygen tank, didn't you?

Ah, there you go, everyone. Not only is the voice Minka's, but so was the idea to have guests read and the rest guess who's reading. I thought it was a brilliant idea when she suggested it and yesterday's fun confirms that it was, in fact, a brilliant suggestion. I have to admit, now that I know she needed a venue to show off her angel's voice, I feel a little bit used. But not unprofitably. All is forgiven.

Well put, Quilly.

al said...

Very nice reading, Monika. And a very cool idea, Doug. Lots of fun, both fo you, thanks.

But, are you really sure that wasn't my voice? For the life of me, I can't remember a single thing about last Tuesday, so, I was kinda hoping...

(Sigh) I guess I'll have to think of something else to tell the cops when they come back for me.

puppy-knew-she-knew said...

i would like to go on record as being FIRST (heh) to congratulate teh beautiful Penguin (on her own site, that is) for her beautiful job reading this... uh... beautifully wonderful story. so there. neener neener neener.

Anonymous said...

Wellll now, I hate to say I guessed first but I guessed first. But then I second guessed and triple guessed - the intrigue grew until I thought perhaps even I had read the story under hypnosis (and with my nasally NJ accent gone for good).

But never mind all of that - the main thing is to give proper kudos to Minkala for the wonderful idea on both the reading and letting us guess - a real stroke of programming genius I say. Nicely done to both of you. Such a lovely voice.

Anonymous said...

Oooh lovely voice Minka! I found it highly ironic to read about Diogenes eating the bird while the birds chirped in the background. Made me chuckle now I'm off to lunch with the family.

Lovely start to this whole reading by readers.

Anonymous said...

Monika. Wow! (Similar comments on your blog).

Doug, when does the next installment come? Do we have to wait long?

Minka said...

Not being a co-host or anything...

Al, If I kick you really hard, you might be able to reach teh pitch of this voice for your alibi :)

Puppy, G guessed first and right...although I threw her slightly off track, you get first place in mentioning it over on my blog. I know you two will share just fine!

G, thank you again adn you have been a good player :9

Jenna, that makes two of us...I canæt wait for next Saturday either!

Morgan: the installments will be every Saturday. One of teh fabulous people in Doug´s comment section will read, we all will guess, Doug will write and general merriment will be had!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful voice, lovely Ice Queen......for just a moment I detected an Icelandic accent, at least the rhythm of Icelandic.
Minka has just the right tinge of an English accent.....very sophisticated :)
I cheated because I already knew....I started my reading today with According to Monika....
I will come to party earlier next weekend....I realy need pay more attention to my blog friends...and less time for cleaning, laundry, cooking and all the mundane things one does in the real world.

Doug said...

Al, tell them they have the wrong Al. Queda and Gore cause all the world's crime. On Minka's behalf, thanks for the kudos on the idea.

Yes, puppy, you get credit too.

Thanks, G. I'll take credit for how smart I am letting others think for me.

Jenna, that made me laugh, too when I heard it. This'll be big fun and I have room for volunteers.

Morgan, the installments come weekly on Saturday and thanks for asking. Different readers as we go along but if you're not too loyal, I think you'll enjoy next week's as well.

Minka, you're a fine co-host and this is your weekend, after all. I was teasing above before you hadn't fessed up yet.

Mo'a, she sounds pretty fancy, doesn't she? I can't believe you were preparing food when you could have been here leaving a comment. Am I no more than a plate of beans?

Other than Neva, you guys alphabetized yourselves pretty fine since I was last here. Morgan, you were only off by a couple. We'll practice.

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope my fate does not include MInka and her shears.
Minka can read to me, but please keep those shears away!

Diogenes is not a pretty boy. I think ten coins would have been justified.

Philosphers are annoying. They need to just drink hemlock and quit asking so many unanswerable questions.

O Ceallaigh said...

My sister had birds just like Minka's. And she had four cats. The names of the birds? Breakfast and Lunch. Must have been descendants of Diogenes's roast.

(Oh. PS. They died of old age. The birds, that is. The cats met their demise variously.)

I thought that was you applying those red herrings to the trail, Your Chilly Crystalline Highness. It took all this time for me to get to a computer that could play the sound file without attracting unwanted attention, at a time when would be pleased to actually send me the file.

Nice work (he said, keeping his head and ducking purple paint).


SquareGirl said...

Beautifully done Minka! Tht's gonna be a tough act to follow...

Doug said...

Jamie Dawn, is suicide really the answer and to what?

OC, I'm glad to hear your sister's birds survived their names,

Square, you gonna follow it?

QuillDancer said...

YOU follow it, Doug. It's Monday already! Wake up!

Doug said...

Quilly, a lexicographer is always on-time. The definition of punctual might change.