Saturday, January 13, 2007

Day of The Cynic

Episode 2 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to this week's reader. Anyone recognize the voice?

To hear nothing but lies, ask the serpent.

To read the story, shake hands with Apollo.

This week in The Prattler's new location, "A New Way Forward."


Anonymous said...

Good Morning! Can't wait to hear the story. Erm, I mean, I didn't wait to hear the story.


Brian said...

Well written and spoken. My guess for the mystery guest reader is Snuppybrose.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

I'm going to guess Sar.

Philosopher: One blinded by the sun. Or fooled by the shadows in the cave.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Forgot to say: Another wonderful reading! This is getting most imtimidating! I loved the snake interpretation.

Minka said...

Poor chap, setting himself up for quite a quest.
Traveling at night? And we know that all honest people are on the street around that time, engaging in lawful acts :)

I am still at work and can´t hear the thing, but i can´t wait to get home!

Anonymous said...

Hats are such a good idea, for a variety of reasons. Great story, as usual.

I immediately thought it was Sar, too. She did a fantastic job:)

al said...

Cool story, and, maybe, the makings of a costume-and-road picture some day? I have no idea who's reading, but its a great voice doing a grand job, and getting the weekend off to a nice start, too. Thanks, philosophers.

Sar said...

Moi? Well, I sssssuppose it's posssssible, but you never know.

There's not much I'd negotiate with a ssssssssssnake for, but if involves a quest for purple, then it's all good in my book!

puppybrosssssssse said...

ooooh preciousssss.... we thinksssss we knowssss who this fabulous reader issss, tooo (and no, it'ssss not me. (why i'm currently channeling Golum is anyone's guess)

and yesssssss i *do* believe this lovely lilting voice belongs to Sssar -- who did a fabuloussss job, i might add, with this next chapter in the ever-growing/EVER-entertaining tale of the Diogenesss the Philossssopher. BRAVO!! *claps loudly*

Doug said...

Good morning, Morgan. Way to keep your eyes on the prize.

Thanks, Brian. You're chronologically close.

TLP, remember you said that about the cave.

Minka, I don't think Diogenes does things easy way, you're right.

Thanks, Actonbell. For the hat tip and the hat tip.

Thanks, Al. It's all just screaming Hollywood, isn't it?

Sar, that was very coy. Reminds me of someone.

Smeagol like?

Anonymous said...

I love stories being read to me
:-) Great job Ms. Stilletto.

Doug - the snake picture is perfect.

Minka said...

I love these new installments very much and eahc time it tickles just a little bit before the voice appears.

My guess would also be Sar. The reading just screams curly red locks :)

*claps in utter happiness and returns to the reading for the third time!*

It sounded like somebody that is used to read stories to someone else :)

AP3 said...

This is great! Wonderful story, and a great voice. Sar... that makes sense. Whoever she is, well done!

(I can do one of these someday, Doug, if you're still looking for folks.)

SquareGirl said...

I'm going with Sar as well.

SquareGirl said...

And Prattler appears to be broken lease I couldn't read it.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Ditto what squaregirl said. Comes up strange, can't see the pix, etc....

Minka said...

me neither...can´t see any pcitures and when one presses read more, someone says, we canæt find teh page you requested :(

well, let´s listen to Sar again :)

the_amoeba_and_the_pen said...

Let's see if we can actually comment this time.

Great story. Has to be Sar telling the story, we reckon. It was the purple. But the curmudgeon-in-training couldn't figure out whether "fie" was pronounced "fee" in Virginia. Not the best training for public relations; the CIT always thought you got the customer to sign up before you mentioned the price tag.

We can't help wondering: is it 47 kilometres to Tyre? :)

Doug said...

Thanks, Terry. I have a good eye for serpents.

Thanks, Minka. I'm glad you're enjoying this. I am too.

Aral, I was hoping you'd say that. You're on the list now, sister.

Thanks, Square. Prattler was working fine when I left but I came back and found the same as you, TLP and Minka. It's working again for me. Let me know.

Ditto what I said to Squaregirl, TLP.

Howdy, Amoeba and Quill. Gosh I bet if I got...oh! 47 kilometers to Tyre. That sounds right.

Anonymous said...

Something about those sssss's - SSays Sssssar. A beautiful reading it is though - lovely warm voice. And the story not shabby either. I like the idea of a continuation and I do love the whole guest reader thang.

By the way, staring up into the sun helps you when you need to sneeze.

SquareGirl said...

Oh and nicely read! I'm enjoying the story Doug!
Where are my manners? I'm always misplacing them.

Sar said...

Goodnessssss, thank you all for the kind commentssssss! Well, except for the amoeba pen pals -- fee on you! and fee on your snark! -- oh wait, melikes snark so you're forgiven with bonus points for the 47 and purple nod. :)

Oh btw, Minka, Lady Logo sports the red curls whereas my curls are spa-kissed brunette with blonde highlights (read deftly covered grey).

puppybrose said...

okay -- two quick observations (make that 2 more):

1. yay for G for confirming what i have always claimed and my husband has always mocked -- i.e. looking at the sun induces sneezing (as a pretty darn bright bulb herself, i'm guessing she gets her own fair share of stares/sneezes, but i digress)

2. AMOEBA/QUILLY?? hmmmm? i am loving your "joint" comment and look forward to seeing what else the TWO of you have to say! (or am i reading more into that little comment than i was supposed to?) but, are you inferring that Sar's pronunciation of "fie" was incorrect? remember, she *does* live in Virgina (the rules are different there)

Sar: you did a FANTASTIC job reading this week's edition -- as for your hair? nothing short of SPECTACULAR! (that said, LOGO's own fine locks are glorious, indeed!) between you and teh Penguin, what chance have the rest of us when it comes to furthering the tales of Diogenes? oy.

al said...

Great job, Sar!

Now, do your homework. :-)

Tan Lucy Pez said...

G and Puppy: Sneezing brought on by sudden exposure to intensely bright light is known as the photic sneeze reflex. About one in 10 people are photic sneezers and it might be genetic. My entire family did it, and I just figured it was a fact for everyone. But it ain't.

We now return this blog to the regular host, Dawg.

puppybrose said...

TLP: i did not know that -- and consider myself enlightened (heh) and/or lucky (i mean, lets' face it, that trick comes in handy). thanks! : )

Anonymous said...

Finally, we're part of the Pez Family! Related by sneezes. That's an interesting little fact that I did not know. I just was always glad that it worked. Thanks TLP.

pia said...

Sar has a wonderful voice and never ever sounds like a Joisey gurl

Doug the story was good also

Anonymous said...

great story Doug and what a lovely voice that Sar has!
for a shoe without a tongue, she speaks really clearly :-)

cooper said...

Nice and the voice is quite fetching.

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I use siteground and have a coupon, or you can scrouge the internet and find coupons to dreamhost. Just a thought. I really want to tell that guy at wordpress who starteded that blo bitter bierce to give it up to to you.

As good as your site is it deserves it's own domain anyway, and if you purchase from godaddy you can probably get a deal and scarf of the dot net too. ;)

Minka said...

Sar, now Logo´s locks are a viking red and very attractive...I always thought of your locks (and I have a clear picture fom your blog) as red. But tehn again...neither of us ever see one colour teh exact same´s to do with rods in teh eyes and stuff :)

anyhoo...if you say it is brunette, who am I to argue :)

SquareGirl said...

And TLP, G, and Neva, I'm a sunsneezer as well...I think Dr. Suess wrote a story about us. Or was that Sneetches?? Either way, there is no shame at sneezing at the fact I think we should be proud and form a sunsbeezing club!

puppybrose said...

Squaregirl: lovelovelove that! : )

Doug said...

G, I'm not surprised if philosophy was invented by sunbathers with allergies.

Square, don't be too hard on yourself. Where would a behaviorist store manners?

Sar, I'm sure Minka meant that you sound thin.

Puppybrose, wait'll you hear the third episode. I;m bringing in a ringer.

Haha, Al. If I'd thought it through I would have had the snake do math.

TLP, thank you for putting the science back in Sunday.

G, I kind of sneezed my way in, too.

Pia, that's because she started life as a California gal, I'd wager.

That was funny, Kyah. You'd get a kick out of her in sandals, too.

Thanks, Alice. I did just that this morning. Great suggestion.

Minka, her hair looked almost auburn on my screen, too. I have the priviledge of confirming that, unpixillated, she's brunette. I wonder if you'll still be blonde.

Squaregirl, it's called Central Snark.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't know they had a day just for me!
Keep writing, as if I had to tell you to.

Doug said...

Cheesie, if you insist.

Minka said...

so, are we like ever gonna find out of our guesses, or our single guess, was right?
what sort of hosting is this?

Doug said...

Minka, Sar took the credit above. Not everyone toys with the readers until late on Sunday.