Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Spring of Love

Episode 3 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to this week's reader. Anyone recognize the voice?

To hear the story, listen for Pan's pipes.

This week, in The Prattler, The Case Against Torture.

To read the story, step aside from Diogenes' sunlight, alongside Alexander The Great.


Minka said...

*huge grin*
we are talking from one ear to the other!

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Minka said...


I just lovedlovedloved the interpretation of Pan´s voice. Sweet, petite and almost childlike! ;)

A wonderful reading and the perfect start to the weekend. I just love this!

Minka said...

"Oh, I love everybody female until I find teh right girl and settle down. I really love nymphs, but I´m not choosy...."

Somebody should give you a Grammy or something *gets busy with lots of materials involving glue*

Wonderful, to both the reader and teh writer!

Anonymous said...

wonderful reading, dear whoever you are, I was laughing all along. I LOVE the way you speak Diogenes and Pan is quite the character, too, in your voice. I love it!


ps.: very sad you changed the goat picture, Doug, that was a nice work of art and a true portrayal of love loving Pan.

oceallaigh said...

Ooooh. Slick, quick, prOfessional. I vote Neva. Toccata and Fugue a la Disney, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Well we have wed form and function to perfection. What that means in this context, I'm not exactly sure but that is to say - a perfect performance of a perfect story! LOVED it! I'm with OC, quite professional, but I don't know if that's my NBFF in there. I'll have to give another listen which is no prob as I loved this rendering.

Big thumbs up to all!

Anonymous said...

Me, too! (or seven). I found this to be both a fabulous story and interpreted very well. The voices were excellent.

I must say, that when Diogenes thundered, "I'm a philosopher!" I expected a voice to come back, "Well, ladeeDA!"

Poor Pan. He needs a blind girlfriend, because love isn't, always.

Joel said...

Excellent new chapter in this wonderful story and a rather amazing read. Bravo! Is today's voice a ringer? A pro? Doug does your friend pool extend to the Hollywood annointed?

Bravo to you and to that wonderful voiceover talent whomever she may be.

quilldancer said...

What a beautiful, melodious voice. I have no idea who it belongs to, but for some reason I kept thinking of TLP.

As to air, Cosby will tell you: Every phys ed major knows that the purpose of air is to blow up basketballs.

Doug said...

Minka, we don't have to hint over here, but I sure appreciate the subtle way you did it. Well done and great weekend. Come back to find out if you were right.

Ariel, when I posted that picture I had missed a couple features. This is, after all, a PG-13 site. I agree about the reading.

O Ceallaigh, your vote is noted. Minka made the same guess I think. Tocatta and Fugue á la Disney is hilarious.

Thanks, G. You'll find out. If it was her, though, I think you should back off a little on the nachos and share.

Actonbell, the LaDEEdah is silent is so far. I agree. Poor Pan. Diogenes actually gave good advice.

Joel, you got it. When I emailed the story, I had no idea Kris Kristofferson would actually do it.

That's a good guess, Quill. We'll see. Great citation, too.

puppybrose said...

man-oh-man! (or should that be laDEEdah -- 'cuz i agree with Actonbell, that would have been a nice touch!) this is what i get for sleeping in this morning (based largely on the fact that our wayward son didn't get home from California until after 1:30 AM this morning, not that i need an excuse for sleeping in...)

i agree, this is a FANTASTIC new chapter to the ever-growing saga of "Diogenes looks High and Low for Truthiness"... as to that voice? hmmmmm. you know, i have to say it sounds a lot like *my* dear NBFF...

as for prOfessional, O'C? what kind of prOfessional are you referring to -- you who just got back from Vegas, complete with "strip"?

Old Mule said...

Great reading voice! "I'm Pan" haha

Sar said...

*waves hand and jumps in seat*
Oh-Oh-Oh! Mistah Kottah! I know, I know!

I'd know this voice anywhere. This beautifully whimsical voice belongs to a lovely lady who is herself also beautiful and whimsical. That said, BRAVO! to my dear friend on her wonderfully enjoyable read and to you too, Doug, for providing another excellent script.

I agree with Minka, this is a great way to start the weekend. Cheers!

oceallaigh said...

I'm sticking with my first call, even though the New Yawkers are all playing the River in Egypt game. But I have to say, in all animation, that there's substance in Quilly's guess. If so, though, there's an Anne McCaffrey in it.

oceallaigh said...

That would be studio professional, Neva. Unlike this putrid washed-up ol' amoeba. Who has a surpassing lack of interest in painted, feathered, sequined, and siliconed (that would be "salined" these days, I guess) plastic figurines masquerading as human fantasies - that's "all" humans, or haven't you heard of Thunder Down Under? (sorry, you can look that one up for yourselves.)

Anonymous said...

OC, I like that - the River in Egypt game. I think there is some marketability to it. Now back to that voice...

Anonymous said...

Ah, you're right, Doug. A sobbing little faun will get much more pity. But this has come up before, I think.

haha, I like Quilldancer's-air for basketballs.

puppybrose said...

and how clever of our brilliant host/writer-of-tales to craft such a fine story for the very weekend the film PAN'S LABRYNTH comes out. did you plan that, Doug? or was it just a happy-yet-odd-yet-whoa! coincidence?

O'C: considering the warm and lovely company you were keeping in Vegas, i would have been shocked and appalled if you HAD taken more than a passing interest in the "enhanced entertainers" afforded other less-well-companioned men on the strip!

Air: that which fills balloons and/or buffoons (just thinking about the next round of elections... not that i don't lovelovelove a few of the candidates who've recently tossed their pill-box hats into the "exploratory" ring)

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Another great reading! I'm quite amazed at the talent you are getting here. And of course, these tales deserve great talent.

Not me. *sob*

Doug said...

Neva, if you think it's your NBFF why not pay her a compliment? It's a delightful reading in a pretty voice.

Thanks, Mule. I agree about the reading.

Sar, you know Kris Kristofferson?

O Ceallaigh, I thought they were playing the River in Uganda game. I prefer to think of you as a washed up middle-aged amoeba.

Actonbell, did you know me in High School? Did you wear glasses then or something? Teacups?

Puppy, pure coincidence, but when I heard of the movie I knew I needed A-list talent to read this one.

TLP, I agree about how great everyone's done and there's more to come. Well not next week. Next week's the old garbage.

The Amoeba said...

Neva - you got that right, for sure. I can only feel sorry for those other suckers.

quilldancer said...

I'd give you my personal definition of miracle but you should be able to extract it from OC's last comment.

Jamie Dawn said...

My heart is breaking for ugly Pan. Perhaps an ugly female will come along.

Sar said...

Since you asked, Doug, Kris Kristofferson is actually a direct relative of one of the babysitters I had when I was a little Cali Gal.

Now tell me, how does this work? When will this week's reader be officially acknowledged so she can officially accept her well-deserved kudos? Hmmm??? *taps stiletto*

Sar said...

Hey, JD, love the new avatar!

Doug said...

Maybe, Amoeba, but some of them won at blackjack.

Quill, is OC enhanced?

Leaves you out, JD. Nice new photo. Can it be tinted?

Sar, I leave it up to the reader. Minka was happy to toy with people all weeekend. As I recall you gave it up for free on Saturday. If the reader doesn't 'fess up by Monday morning, I'll let you all know.

quilldancer said...

Doug -- OC needs no enhancements.

puppybrose said...

Quilly: Quilly. that said... whoa. ; )

Doug: i merely said this voice sounded *like* my NBFF, and if and when you ever have the pleasure of meeting her, i believe you'll see what i mean!

and, for the record (heh), it's safe to say Tocatta and Fugue á la Disney was precisely what this reader was going for, call it an "animated interpretation", if you will... comes from WAY too many hours sitting in front of the TV as a kid -- and, i'm embarrassed to admit, continues to this very day.

that's right, it was me. i thought i'd try to hold out until tomorrow, but yeesh, Sar -- i can hear you tap-tap-tappin' those stilettoes all the way up here in Connecticut. that said, thank you *all* very kindly for the lovely and much too generous remarks *blushes deeply and courtseys*

ps...JD lovelovelove the new avatar. and Minka -- LOVELOVELOVE your subtle-but-not-really-but-that's-why-i-loveloveloved-it hint earlier today!

quilldancer said...

Puppy -- It took me several minutes to decide whether or not I was typing that. I simply meant OC is 100% real. Any place else you take that comment is all your own doing.

Great job reading. I loved hearing your voice.

oceallaigh said...

Puppy, see? I got it. Even a blind pig gets an acorn every once in awhile. And maybe even a feather. And it was a very nice piece of work for scale subtracted by scale.

I'm no Sinatra but I get by. 'Nuff said.

Doug said...

Quilly, by which you mean he has a genuine personality, right? Sunday school starts in 10 hours.

You did a grand job, Neva. Truly. Thanks.

Quilly, you did the right thing.

O Ceallaigh, we'll see. What's impressive is that even a humble pig gets an acorn now and again.

SquareGirl said...

ahhh, goshdarnit, I got here too late to guess. Well, anyways, that was wonderful Neva, loved the voices! Before I read the comments, I knew it must be either:

1) an actress
2) a mommy
3) a teacher
4) a puppy-owner

which narrowed it down to say, well almost everybody. Lovely job and I'm loving the story so far Doug.

By the way Neva, and anyone else who cares, for that matter, I went to see Pan's Labarinth today and wholeheartedly recommend it, with the caveat that there is a lot of cringe-worthy bloody scenes and it is pretty sad. Still, I give it a thumbs up...and I'm pretty picky when it comes to movies...

dblyo: make him stop already!

Anonymous said...

TLP, I wouldn't want to be impolite or anything but that's stupid. I can hardly wait to hear you.


Minka said...

I knew it and I was the first guesser. never having heard your voice I feel I won something. What is it? *taps flipper*

I am actually in the countryside and got access for 5 minutes to a computer and thought to come here and check who the reader was.
You were fab, NEVA! BUT... WHAT ELSE IS NEW?!

Anonymous said...

So I see the Puppy's out of the bag! Can I gush now how great the reading was? I was afraid I might give it away (although you seemed to be the crowd fave at 2-1). And being my NBFF aside, that was A-1 excellent. So now I see our next lunch will include voice lessons.

Are you available to record audio books for Julian?

Actually, that just gave me an idea!

Nicely done, once again, Doug and Pups.

Doug said...

Squaregirl, that was efficient detecting!

Ariel, I'm looking forward to that too. But I think we should let her pretend to be humble for a little while.

Minka, you win an "Original Cast Recording" of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic! Congratulations!

Thanks, G. Audiobooks sounds like a natural next step.

Anonymous said...

I did mean to comment (before I got distracted by the by-product of my falling into one of Squaregirl's categories) at her impressive means of deduction. Also, thanks for the film review.

Anonymous said...

I am late as usual....and I would have guessed Neva. Neva whatever your job is quit it and start reading for an audio book company....I love your voice and your interpretation of the characters in the play.
If you were reading the audio books I listen to in the studio I would not be preferring silence most of the time.....OK I am gushing :)
Doug your readers are a hard act to follow....good thing I am not in the running....I am tech challenged.

puppybrose said...

Quilldancer: ha! i'm sure we ALL knew what you meant! and thank you for your lovely words -- coming from you that's high praise, indeed!

O'C: O'C. and... um... whoa. ; )

Doug: i believe i had GRAND material with which to work. it was a LOT of fun, and i highly recommend it to anyone who may be sitting on the fence about volunteering! thank YOU for the opportunity to participate in something so wonderful.

Squaregirl: aw -- now you're making me blush again. and thanks for that review, i'm actually very curious to see Pan's Labyrinth -- everything i've read thus far is in sync with your own fine assessment!

Ariel: i AGREE! i can't wait to hear TLP (along with the rest of those fab Pez Pals) -- and i expect it will be as entertaining as the lady (and/or ladies) behind the dispenser(s)!

Minka: you are WAY too kind, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for those words. that said, i told Doug when i did this that, in truth, you and Sar set that bar so high, someone like me can only stand under it and look up in awe. i'm just glad to be on the field!

G: hahaha! i *still* believe Doug will be surprised when he hears your voice -- because you and i *do* sound alike! i swear i thought it was MY voice on my phone the first time you left a message for me!

Doug: i'm thinking you should turn this story into an Audiobook -- i know i'd buy it!

Mo'a: Gina and i will make the trek out to see you (and Paloma) AND help with your recording, when and if you decide to do one. and i know i'm not the only one who believes you absolutely HAVE to do one! before last week, i couldn't have made that offer, but now that i know how to make the stupid Quicktime thingy work (uh... thanks Doug) it'll be a piece of cake! (speaking of cake, i believe you owe me a piece, so i'll collect on that when i see you, as well!)

okay -- this was as obnoxious as anyone has the right to be on someone else's site, so i shall stop here, and return the floor to your talented host -- and mine. thank you all again for indulging my silliness and for your kind words of praise. *smiles broadly/blushes again*

SquareGirl said...

Well Neva, I admit to watching about a third of it through my fingers as I had to cover my eyes for A LOT of it, so just be prepared. Unless you enjoy bloody, graphic violence. Still, do go see it though :)

puppybrose said...

Squaregirl: you and i watch those kinds of movies in precisely the same way! after reading a few of the reviews, i had a feeling this was a film i'd see through my own fingers -- still, it sounds like it might be worth the effort... so we may have to give it a go. (or wait 'til it comes out on DVD, 'cuz then i can sit on the couch and hide behind my fingers *and* a pillow!)

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Puppy! Good girl! Great job.

cooper said...

That was lovely, like music.
That voice will have no competition.

Nor will the stories which are equally delightful.

Anonymous said...

I wuold love that nice lady to read me lots of bedtime storys - and i think i can lern alot about litrachure here.

Doug said...

Square, is there any romance? That's the part I usually cover up for.

Puppy, do you cover your ears when there's cussing?

Blogmama, can we keep her?

Alice, this is a very democratic site.

Boy, maybe you can persuade her to come to Cincinatti.