Thursday, January 25, 2007


RESPLENDENT, adj. Like a simple American citizen beduking himself in his lodge, or affirming his consequence in the Scheme of Things as an elemental unit of a parade.
The Knights of Dominion were so resplendent in their velvet-and-gold that their masters would hardly have known them.
—"Chronicles of the Classes"
2007 Update: Painted, draped and drawn for maximum substance.


Minka said...


I don´t know that word...seems to have splendid at the core though and while we are on the topic of splendid, isn´t it simply marvelous that I crown the first position today?

quilldancer said...

resplendent adj. 1.) splendid again 2.) twice as splendid as everyone else 3.)dressed in all your finery and standing on your ego

Brian said...

Resplendent: The trappings of state or the no clothes syndrome.

the amoeba said...

RESPLENDENT, adj. Having a new and shinier set of dentures.

puppybrose said...

i'd have to say i'm hard-pressed to (attempt to) improve on your update... and/or the offerings above. i suppose if i thought on it for a second or two, i might say something about the word Resplendent as it relates to Peacocks and Politicians. or not.

i'll come back after i've combed my hair, put on some makeup, and thrown on my sequined tee-shirt and/or feather boa.

puppybrose said...

Resplendent: camouflaged. [see also: "When in Hollywood..."]

quilldancer said...

resplendent see The Emperor's New Clothes
[thank you for the brain jog, Brian]

Old Mule said...

resplenent: like old gold or the tail of Pharomachrus mocinno.

Anonymous said...

resplendent - the outdoing of all others, ie: Halloween, Mardis Gras, Class Reunions, Weddings, Friday night bar hopping.....

D :)

Anonymous said...

Resplendent: I love this word, so theatrical. Julian went off to school resplendent in an argyle vest and new glasses. He came home bedraggled with said glasses having been dropped on the floor, mangled and lens popped out (at the foot of Timothy or so the story goes).

Anonymous said...

Respendent: The emperor's new clothes, after they've been cleaned and pressed.

Anonymous said...

Dang nabbit! Quilly stole mine!!! As soon as I saw Resplendent I thought "Ha I shall be brilliant "Emperor's New Clothes" but oooh-no. And if she hadn't beaten me to it...Indie would've.


Now what? I shall have to think on a new definition and it shall be resplendent in all it's me glory.

a4g said...

Resplendent, adj. Dew on a dog turd.

Doug said...

Minka, and your tiara makes the look.

Quilly, number three sounds like someone I know.

Brian, the emperor could use a little congress.

Amoeba, a grand example. And spinach-free?

Puppy, don't forget the fancy sandals.

Quilly, but what if he should become naked? Five points if somone recognizs that line. Ten if it's someone who isn't a Beatle's fan.

Ah, Mule, the Quetzal- Mayan deity, guatemalan currency and, no doubt, a fine soup stock.

Diane, you left out card-making.

G, I pretty much always came home from school less resplendent than I'd arrived. I can honestly say I never broke my glasss, though.

Indie, owie!

Jenna, we can only look forward to that and stay seated.

a4g- "A woman's love is like the morning dew. Just as likely to settle on a horse turd as a rose." -Larry McMurtry from Leavin' Cheyenne.

Logophile said...

My first thought was the emperor's new clothes, but reading comments I see Brian, Quilly, and Indie all got there before I did, and beat Jenna to the punch as well. Great minds all with a single thought, how redundant.
We are intellectually less resplendent than we might like.

quilldancer said...

Jenna's lips define resplendant without uttering a word.

Anonymous said...

Emperor's New Clothes....OK! However if you ever see me in my resplendent attire.....a page from Neva.....Mo'a will be in her Boa, painted,draped and glitered....I love being a girly girl once in a while.
I am stealing/copying a lot from Neva lately....but her voice and reading I shall never be able to copy/steal ;o

Logo, it is scary how like minded the group here is.....nice scary ;)

Mutha said...

"elemental unit of a parade" is so hard to top.
Respendent: when the "it" in the "It Factor" is achieved.

Mutha said...

And G...I love your story.

Jamie Dawn said...

Your definition is superb today, I must say.
It is resplendent.
I was personally dazzled by its glory.
You deserve two truffles!

Minka said...

Doug, do you think my shiny royal orb is too much of the sparkle?
*hands out sunglasses to everybody*

Mistress Anna said...

Awesome word. I like saying it.

dddragon said...

resplendent: the sight of a box of Schwartz' under Xmas wrapping.


Doug said...

Logo, the togas look great on all of you.

Quilly, how can you tell?

Mo'a, steal what you can and leave what you must, I say.

Or the X in the x-factor, Mutha?

Load up the cannon, JD!

No, Minka, I keep my eyes to the ground from pure humility.

It has a resplendent ring, Mistress.

Dddragon, you deserve one just for showing up.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Splendiferous definitions today. I got nutin'.

SquareGirl said...

Making sure your ponytail is extra pretty for photos...

Interesting word choice for photo day Doug!

cooper said...

resplendent: I wish I had something but it seems all the good ones are taken. It occurs to me that this word could only be used descriptively by an actor or a president when talking about themselves.

Anonymous said...

I like Quilly!! She's resplendent!!! Good taste too.

Anonymous said...

I'm very late, but I'm feeling resplenent after a long, unexpected nap and a Bowling for Soup CD I didn't know about until yesterday.
So are all these definitions! a4g made me laugh, too:)

Anonymous said...

I'm very late, but I'm feeling resplenent after a long, unexpected nap and a Bowling for Soup CD I didn't know about until yesterday.
So are all these definitions! a4g made me laugh, too:)

Anonymous said...

I'm very late, but I'm feeling resplenent after a long, unexpected nap and a Bowling for Soup CD I didn't know about until yesterday.
So are all these definitions! a4g made me laugh, too:)

Anonymous said...

something less resplendent is going on with blogger, however.


Anonymous said...

I'm an absolutely essential element, aye!

Doug said...

TLP, you got splendiferous you.

Square, or shaving your head to a lustrous pelt.

Cooper, I disagree. I think it can be used in self-reference by a blogger with a had cold.

Jenna, she knows what's good. I want to know how she caught you not saying a thing, though.

Actonbell, that happened to me at Minka's place yesterday. At least you faced it rested.

Aye aye, Malnurtured.

puppybrose said...

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Resplendent, who?

Sometimes we have money, but then resplendent.

aieeeeee! i know, i know. it's a stretch, at best. what can i say? the temperatures have dropped into the low teens -- clearly my brain is affected by the cold. i'm sorry.... won't happen again (until it does)

Anonymous said...

Mother Nature- gloriously resplendent in her seasonal array of colors... red, brown, green and orange...Oh, 'scuse me I thought I was somewhere else.

puppybrose said...

i won't be first for your new post, so i'll settle for last on your... er... last one.

for yes, i'm awake WAY too early, and feeling anything BUT resplendent today, which is why i'll be going back to bed now, thank you very much. (would it have killed you to put Friday's post up early so i could get a jump on things???) *sniffs indignantly, then yawns*

Doug said...

Puppybrose, you have added to the knock knock joke cannon. We should build you a statue.

Terry, try here. They love that kind of thing.

Ah, insomnia, my old friend. Sorry Puppy, I was visited by three ghosts.

Anonymous said...

Okay Yogi - that's a cool trick :-)

Anonymous said...

Unfathomably beautiful, like the deities in their Heavens.
Or rhinestone glitzy, like the Hollywood celebrities who believe themselves to be superior to said deities.