Saturday, January 27, 2007

Victory's Cave

Episode 4 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. The voice should sound familiar.

To hear the story, listen for Diogenes to philosophize.

This week, in The Prattler, "Polar Bears."

To read the story, dance with Victory.


ariel said...

holy ideal of a woman, huh? all legs, no head.

ariel said...

I recognize the reader, Tom Waits!

quilldancer said...

No, no -- it's Tom Bodett with yet another Motel 6 commercial. We'll leave the fire burning for you.

puppybrose said...

Al? Your Dad? TLP???

(kidding! i kid) always good to hear your fine voice (in excellent form, i might add) -- especially on your own fab story!

oooh, and speaking of goddesses: Ariel, i loveloveLOVE your newest avatar!

pia said...

He ate it, savoring the twin tastes of victory and roasted rodent.

That line had me in stitches, I can visualize it too perfectly

Doug has a much nicer speaking voice than Tom Waits she says chastened.

Sar said...

Pia's right, 'twin tastes of victory' is one of several turns of phrases I appreciated in your story this week, Doug.

And today's reader is certainly recognizable. Yet, who knew Ben Franklin sounded like Tom Waits?! ;)

Minka said...

You sure gave Diogenes an edgy angry voice. He gets more miserable every Saturday, and to think he set out to find honesty and avoid pride *shakes head*

´Some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them' and some are too crouched to actually look up!

Brilliant continuation of our favourite story and what a treat this morning to hear you read!

Lovely weekend to the rest of the comment section!

Minka said...

"victory: a goddess winged for quick retreat"

I donæt think we can beat that. I liked how she retreated in teh cave and left a lost cause behind!

Anonymous said...

I just tried to post a comment, but I don't think it took....

Basically, I said...

You keep topping yourself, Doug! And your voice is in fine form. Nice to hear it again.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it's great to hear you again, and that's a most wonderful definition. If you're not built for fight, better be armed for flight, eh?

Bravo! Great story:)

the amoeba said...

"... roasted rodent"?!? Sheesh. Diogenes needs to find an honest mammalian phylogeneticist. Yes that's a word. [grumble]

Respectfully submitted by The Hon. Sen. Belfry on behalf of the Chiropteran Anti-Bashing League (CABaL). Dedicated to winging Hallowe'en, unmasking Batman, and generally grounding other spreaders of bat guano.


Doug said...

Hey, Ariel! New cowl?

Quill, you're not the first to make that comparison.

Exactly, Puppy. It's TLP.

Thanks, Pia. I laughed writing it, too.

Haha, Sar. With a twist of Tom Bodett? Will leave the potbelly stove on for you while we pour another bottle of whiskey.

Minka, "Some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them' and some are too crouched to actually look up!" is a great line. I suspect many first find greatness as it falls.

Thanks, Aral! And thanks for trying twice.

Exactly, Actonbell and great advice.

O Ceallaigh, I don't think I had typed the period on the end of that sentence before I knew you'd say that.

Anonymous said...

as per Julian as your voice went deeper: "Um hmmm. I smiled and went to sleep too".

As per G: Good to hear you again. I smiled but didn't go to sleep. Nicely done.

Oh and Ariel - nice new look.

Jamie Dawn said...

Ahhhh, there's nothing like a bat roasted to perfection.

Happy Weekend!

Doug said...

G, I'm glad Julian got some rest. My work is done here.

Happy weekend to you, too, JD. My checklist for JD's visit now shows "Chocolate truffle, roast bat, cannon"

Anonymous said...

Will there be any singing in this story?

ariel said...

Neva, thank you! one useful piece of clothes. :)

SquareGirl said...

Okay, I admit it, it was me. After months of practice, I finally acheived the perfect cadence and tone of Doug's's been work, but well worth it :P

Seriously, though, nice job Doug.

quilldancer said...

[looks around, surprised] Gee, Doug, looks like everybody took yesterday's word as an invitation.

Doug said...

Squaregirl, come on. You sounded nothing like me in that recording. Good try, though.

Quilly, I know it's quiet around here. Echo echo echo. If you all prefer me not to read, just say so.

cooper said...

This was great, I'm with Pia and Sar on the line.

It was nice to hear your voice, I was beginning to think maybe "they" had got to you, and you were no more.

Anonymous said...

i thought the bat-cave was grand, the only thing missing was Robin. and/or a pair of tights. (i mean, how long do we have to be exposed to all that is... Diogenes?)

quilldancer said...

Doug, if it was your voice, we would have left long ago. I think they have all run away for the weekend -- or the men with those fancy tuxedos with the long white sleeves came to take them away. [thinking] No, that can't be. you're still here.

Doug? Yo, Doug?

puppybrose said...

blogger sucks. or maybe my comment did. whatever... that "anonymous" comment was mine.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Anonymous is right about the exposure part: Diogenes is naked after all.

I love these stories. You did just great Dougie. For a beginner and all.

Neva: Don't make me come over there. Or cut you out of the will. My voice is deeper than that!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Oh! I cross posted with puppy...I should have known that she would be the one to make such a great pun!

Anonymous said...

It's fun having a story read out loud. You're brave Doug.

Anonymous said...

Doug, I didn't know you're too planning to read but do encourage you to do so. it could always get worse.


Minka said...

Monday: 8.34!!!
Just saying!

Doug said...

Alice, I'm much more. Thanks.

Anonymous Neva, aren't you glad I'm not videoblogging?

Quill, sorry. Butterfly nets take time to chew through.

Thanks, blogmama! I think I speak for all of us when I say we're looking forward to your Robeson imitation.

Thanks, Terry. Courage is just poor hygiene in a mirror.

Thanks, Ariel. I'm staking out the baseline for the others.

Minka, was that a call to prayer?