Thursday, February 08, 2007


ABDOMEN, n. The shrine enclosing the object of man's sincerest devotion.

2007 Update: The middle kingdom of man, north of Satisfactoras and south of Oratoria. With the subtopical clime and post-industrial economy, it would be abandoned but for the wall.


Minka said...

Now this is the first thing that popped in my head. I have always wondered where the expression "a six-pack" comes from, when we clearly know that a beer belly looks nothing like a well toned mid section...

feel free to elaborate!

Morning everybody!

Minka said...

Oh I think this is a good one:

"The abdomen is the reason why man does not easily take himself for a god"

Friedrich Nietzsche

karma said...

this is more than i can stomach

Cheesemeister said...

Abdomen: What many try to flatten and few succeed at doing so.

~Mo'a~ said...

And in Icelandic one of my favorite words....Bumba.

Minka said...

Móa: pot-i-bumba! *giggles*

Old Mule said...

Abdomen: "Why beguile with your heart, dear Queen, when a salted pork is such good weapon."

from some dusty old play...

good day!

puppybrose said...

Abdomen: command central (according to Homer, the Greek poet and/or Simpson)

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Your update is brilliant!

Abdomen: for some of us equals obesity.

one hot amoeba said...

ABDOMEN, n. Hey, it's supposed to be dome-shaped! Says so right there!!

"Subtopical clime", Dawg? Profound, if intentional.

Speaking of Freudian slips, Mr. Satisfactoras, your PG-13 is slipping.

Note to the geniuses at Google. If you insist that your New Booger clients fill up the word verifier after signing in, put the bloody verifier after the sign-in boxes! NOT BEFORE!!! Je-HEE-sus!

quilldancer said...

abdomen what an army marches on (if this is true, why do they need boots?)

al said...

Abdomen: Except for certain celebrities (e.g., Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline), this is the largest cavity in the human body.

Doug said...

First Minka, I have a similar concern. Why do they call it a beer belly when it's made out of barbecue? That is a great quote.

Karma, try it with papadum.

Cheesemeister, I find railroad cars help a lot.

Sounds Spanish, Mo'a. Thanks for adding to the icelandic vocabulary around here.

Minka, ah, I'll try not to learn that one until I know what it means.

Mule, what do yew peepol knoo aboot Shakespeare?

Puppybrose, two great curmudgeons.

TLP, and for some it equals 2π(obesity.)

I've noticed that lately, OC, but then, so is PG-13. That one was intentional.

Quilly, to vomit into.

That or the mouth, Al. Didja post? Didja?

~Mo'a~ said...

Always happy to has to drag out whatever one has, in company such as this.

Minka: *giggles*

amoeba: *giggles*

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Freudian slips, Mr. Satisfactoras, your PG-13 is slipping. it started to slip when I came around, OC. Just ask Doug!

Abdomen? I'm not familiar with this word at all. Pass the Pringles.

logo™ said...

Heh, giggle giggle, that was some good stuff today, Doug.
I recall back in the day a friend of the family with a rather largish and very round tummy. We used to rub it and make a wish.
He just loved that!

the amoeba said...

Um, Doug, did Bierce do more than one definition of this word? Or have you paraphrased for our benefit?

The version I know would have half of us (the lesser half, judging from the general slant of these comments) objecting to becoming graminivorous, and the other half just objecting. :)

Doug said...

Jenna, that's when I'd date it from. I always have pringles.

Logo, after I started the new story, I started reading online about Diogenes just out of curiousity. Your story reminds me of one I read about him, but I can't tell it or the PG-13 rating would go beyond endangered.

I should have known you'd catch that, OC. There are two definitions he did. I thought this one was sharper and funnier. For fairness' sake to our friends, here is the other:

ABDOMEN, n. The temple of the god Stomach, in whose worship, with sacrificial rights, all true men engage. From women this ancient faith commands but a stammering assent. They sometimes minister at the altar in a half-hearted and ineffective way, but true reverence for the one deity that men really adore they know not. If woman had a free hand in the world's marketing the race would become graminivorous.

pia said...

Both definitions feed right into the Homer Simpson analogy

~Mo'a~ said...

logo: Was his name Ho Tai?

If they were graminivorous, they would be gaseous.....but what would change? Yes, this is a question :)

*shakes head, and thinks.....I don't understand half of this*

My first verifier ended in PMS

G said...

I think of those crunches I should be doing and then I look at my poor children resting on my adbdomen - how could I do that to them?

abdomen: a fine pillow if treated properly.

Anonymous said...

Mm...Pringles. And I -knew- you'd say that. Corrupting a blog. It's a living. it!

Anonymous said...

abdomen is what is under my wasp waist. oh wait...

Doug, please make it a rule that Karma cannot post without composing her verifier.


Jamie Dawn said...

Yew n yer faincee werds!

Hics jist call it the gut.

Doug said...

Pia, true but that would have been a hard target to miss.

Goodpoint, Mo'a. I think the city to my South is already half graminivorous.

G, isn't that just the rightest definition?

And I knew that you knew, Jenna. I have another can when that one's done.

Ariel, I believe that.

Jamie Dawn, whatever it takes to get a meal. Excuse me, git a meal.

tsduff said...

It has a great span
My abdomo-man
There's naught I can do
to hide it:
I try when I can
Not to finish the pan
But inevitably so I bite it.

a4g said...

Abdomen, n. Where pecs are laid to rest.

actonbell said...

Good one, Terry:)

Wow, you really outdid yourself with the definition today, Doug!

Abdomen is not a fun word. I like belly so much better. You can't go abdomening up to the bar, for example, and abdomen-dancing doesn't sound like any fun at all. No one abdomen-flops at the pool, either. That word takes all the fun out of living.

Doug said...

Terry, that was spectacular. I'm bowing and kneeling and laughing.

Burial mound, eh, a4g?

That's a really good point, Actonbell. "Abdomen" belies the belly.

cooper said...

is that true?

Indeterminacy said...

What about abdowomen?

ME Strauss said...

I'm confused . . . according to your definition, I live in an abdomen. So it must be a shelter made of adobe or some such.

The Abdo Men are the creatures who do the worshipping at the shrine of the Abdo where they learn the ways of numen and lumen and finally become worthy of conversation with the Abdowomen. :)

Doug said...

Would I lie to you, Alice?

Indie, abominable abdowomen?

Mine is adobe, Liz, yes. Great to see you. Numen and Lumen are gentle taskmasters.