Monday, February 26, 2007


IMMACULATE, adj. Not as yet spotted by the police.

2007 Update: Well-polished.

And happy birthday to Karma!


the amoeba said...

IMMACULATE, adj. Spotless, as a mountain lion or black leopard. Not applicable to the human condition. Though we tend to insist on it. Especially during campaigns for President. Then we're surprised when they pounce from the shadows of the spotlights.

Joel said...

Happy birthday Karma!

Immaculate: A descriptive used to explain one of the most unlikely receptions ever witnessed on a football field. (See also Raiders vs. Steelers, 12/23/72...Franco Harris...Frenchy Fuqua...and, that's the way the ball bounces)

Quilly said...

The Immaculate Collection?

Madonna -- Like a Virgin.

irloo: [as in] You've got to be kidding!

G said...

Happy Birthday Karma!

Immaculate - surely this word has something to do with Karma...

Immaculate: Those awaiting a good polish to reveal the tarnish beneath.

Karen said...

The Oscar Al Gore won last night for "Inconvenient Truth" was 'Immaculate' and that's the "Truth"!!


Minka said...

"IN order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep , one must above all be a sheep oneself."

-Albert Einstein-

Minka said...

and Happy Birthday to Karma, of course!

pia said...

Happy birthday Karma

Immaculate: Bierce as redefined by Doug

karma said...

awww dawg, you didn't forget to remember!

thanks so much amoeba, joel, g, minks and pia!

immaculate: "Out, damned spot!"

exeymy: my eye is x-rated

Doug said...

Amoeba, I guess it's how the world looks through polka-dot glasses.

Joel, I remember the immaculate reception like it was yesterday along with Stanford's The Play back when Elway was older than me.

Quilly, is that an empty plate in the pews or a full one?

Right g, over-waxed.

Karen, I'm happy you're happy.

Minka, that's a great quote.

Pia, you make a good point. 100% pure is indistinguishable from 100% polluted.

Karma, they don't make enough x's for your eye. I hope it's a grand one.

puppybrose said...

Immaculate: the slate, pre-scribble; the canvas, pre-paint; the life, pre-lived.

Happy Birthday, Dear Karma! may your own fine slate/canvas/life be filled with much wisdom, beautiful colors, and as many rich and rewarding experiences as you desire and/or can stand!

Sar said...

Happy Birthday to my SIS, Karma! May you celebrate and enjoy champagne, strawberries, and a hunk of chocolate (or is it a hunk in chocolate? hmmmmm).

(*high fives Karen* Al Gore was awesome at the Oscars last night!)

Which reminds me, am I the only one who noticed with today's word, Doug's gone green?

Immaculate: Going, Going, Green!

The Old Mule said...

Karma: You will get through the renovation, you will get through the renovation! Felicidades.

immaculate: as yet un-lived.

Diesel said...

As clean and irritating as a whistle.

Happy Inappropriate Card Day!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Happy Birthday to Karma!

The Immaculate is sort of red/brown on the post as far as I can tell, but the link goes NO WHERE. Guess that's a definition of immaculate right there.

Whenever you clean something to make it immaculate, you make the thing you cleaned it with, dirty. But, of course, you can dirty something without making anything immaculate, so take your pick.

Doug said...

Puppybrose, that was a beautiful definition.

Ah, the scarce stiletto! I don't know what happened with the title, honestly.

Sharp as a tack, Diesel.

TLP, I'm not sure what happened there. Somehow, a link got into the title. I hate when that happens.

Mo'a said...

Hello Doug, your answers are always Immaculate.....except that one time.

goldennib said...

Immaculate: The way God has sex. Ow, that lightening bolt stung.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

LOL Goldennib! If only all guys were that clean. Ouch! Dangitall! Those bolts do sting!

Mutha said...

Immaculate: without smudge (oh wait...except right hold still, I've got a tissue in my purse...okay, a little lick will do the trick. There)

Omnipotent Poobah said...

immaculate - A house clean enough for visitors, but cleaner than it usually is for the regular inhabitants.

Doug said...

Ah, Mo'a. I'm so shameless I'm wondering which time.

Haha, Nessa. Don't touch metal.

See, TLP?

Mutha, that name sure fits you.

Poobah, where do you put the socks?

Mo'a said...

See what I mean....immaculate :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Immaculate: dust free

I hope Karma's day has been terrific!!!

Jenna Howard said...

Immaculate this blog before I came along - or so Doug claims. I have my doubts.

Happy birthday Karma.

karma said...

thanks my darlings puppy, SIS sar (hunk in chocolate is just fine!!!), old mule, TLP, jamie d, jenna.

it was a wonderful day - and made all the more wondrous because of you. oh, and thanks dawg :P

kjcxnmeb: me, i kick off end of February

Tan Lucy Pez said...

I just sat down to do the crossword puzzle and the cryptoquote and see where I got my first comment today: Saturday's quote. It's so wonderful being old. You start each day with an immaculate mind.

cooper said...

"the life, pre-lived"

ain't that the truth

Happy Birthday to the Karma.

actonbell said...

Happy belated birthday, Karma!

Immaculate: TLP's house

Doug said...

Right, right, Mo'a! That which I give ye to eat, call ye not unclean!

Jamie Dawn, that deserves truffling.

Jenna, we were all pure as the driven snow. Except TLP. That TLP!

Pleasure, Karma. I hope it was a grand one!

TLP, I see I'm a prodigy. I wish our paper had a cryptoquote instead of that stupid sodoku madness.

Cooper, that was a good one, wasn't it? Pre-lived or post-soaped, I guess.

Actonbell, so I've heard. It's probably good I didn't grow up there. TLP would be an atheist by now.

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

My momma told me not to imacullate you can go blind from that!

Doug said...

Boy, she told you true.