Friday, February 02, 2007


KEEP, v.t.
He willed away his whole estate,
And then in death he fell asleep,
Murmuring: "Well, at any rate,
My name unblemished I shall keep."
But when upon the tomb 'twas wrought
Whose was it?-for the dead keep naught.
Durang Gophel Arn

2007 Update: To collect, as boxes, and maintain, as shelving. To bury above ground and worship subconsciously. To retrieve and rethieve.


Sar said...

Gonna keep on, keep on, keep on grooving!

Happy Friday all! Sorry about the Brady Bunch earworm, it's the first thing that came to mind.

the amoeba said...


1. v. t. To have chain ... er, things.

2. n. A container for the things contained. Expensive, rarely sufficient, and ultimately deadly.

quilldancer said...

Keep the inner, most guarded part of the castle; once you fight your way there, everything else in the place is yours to keep.

the amoeba said...

KEEP, v. t. The price of turning a dream into a reality.

"It costs a lot of money to keep Gandhi in poverty." - Aide

Mutha said...

Poetry dear Doug. You've out-done yourself today.

Keep: to assume that an object, human, idea is solely one's own. See "Whistling in the dark."

the amoeba said...

That would be "To know the price of turning a dream into a reality."

Quoth the Quoth the Scarecrow ...

puppybrose said...

"to retrieve and retheive"? nice. i'm gonna write that down for safe keeping, in hopes i can use it myself, some day.

Sar, the freaking Brady Bunch? aieee! and the hits just keep on comin'...

mireille said...

Also, medieval term for a castle. xoxo

~Mo'a~ said...

If you keep this up, I may have to keep coming, to keep an eye out for what keeps coming up, and what company you are keeping. So keep on, keeping we all know you are hard to keep down....which
makes you are a real keeper.

FelineFrisky said...

Keep is a heavy hitter in the dictionary! Lots of meanings - I think Moa used most of them! LOL How to follow that? I'll just keep quiet! D :P

Doug said...

Sar, may the divine show you pity.

O Ceallaigh, how'd I not remember that movie? It had to be good, didn't it?

Quilly, you make it sound simple.

OC, that's a great quote.

Mutha, that's a real mutha's perspective.

Quoth the scarecrow quoth the scarecrow?

Puppy, maybe put it on a placque for your banker?

Mireille, how are things going in the dark ages, anyway?

Mo'a, exhaustive.

Diane, almost.

the amoeba said...

That quothing quothing's 'cause I don't have a brain, Dawg. Especially today. And New Blogger doesn't have any more of a comment edit function than Old Blogger. Amazing the things the techno gods think they have to keep.

But, geez, that scarecrow of yours. I'll keep my memories of Ray Bolger, thanks.

The Old Mule said...

Keep: The internment possessions marked by a ruse of permanency.

puppybrose said...

hah! and d'oh! a placque (as opposed to a "plaque"?) for my banker's wall is an excellent idea. i love the idea of your words carved into a slice of damaged skin. i just have to keep in mind not to mis-spell "rethieve" again.

oh, and O'C: in keeping with your 'scarecrow' memories and/or passion -- can you guess what my ringtone is? keep thinking... with YOUR brain, i'm sure it'll come to you, eventually.

quilldancer said...

Puppy, I know, but the thought I'm thinkin' is that I'll keep your secret.

Doug said...

Amoeba, I have a recording of that song on an album so beautiful and depressing it should carry a warning. The album is "Abyssinians" by June Tabor but I think of it as "Songs of Death and Incest."

Mule, that sounds like scripture to me.

Actually, Puppy, I thought you were riffing again on Lily Van Stupp (receive.) My mis-spelling was entirely involuntary.

Quilly, please keep her secret. If it's Over The Rainbow, I'll be wondering all day if I'm blogging with Mrs. Madrigal.

quilldancer said...

Doug, it is NOT. Over the Rainbow (right, Puppy?). Keep guessing.

actonbell said...

I'm gonna keep on moving (westward this weekend)

Leveret! Thanks for expanding my vocabulary:)

the amoeba said...

Puppy, I would be very surprised if that ringtone didn't have something to do with straw being spilled all over a yellow brick road - and a Dorothy trying, mostly in vain, to keep it in there.

It was, for awhile, the theme song of the mixed kid-geezer swing band with which I volunteer.

Minka said...

woopsie, I am really late today.

Keep your marbles, a stiff upper lip and your nose clean
And you pretty much make it through another day.

Jamie Dawn said...

I think this word has something to do with being a KEPT woman. I think that means a lady who gets to live high on the hog because the hog pays well for services rendered.

May the Lord bless you and KEEP you.

Doug said...

Quilly, you keep the secret.

Well, hey, Actonbell! What'd Phil say. That word comes to you courtesy of the New York Times Crossword Puzzle.

Amoeba, you guys have long lost me.

Minka, keep a fella waiting, why don't you?

Jamie Dawn, that was funny. This hog is without pearls, sadly. The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.

G said...

Now I'm not leaving to go sign in, come back, etc., etc., especially since I left a comment today! Grrrrr. And Blogger chose not to keep it! Was it that lame? Perhaps.

Here's to a nice weekend.

AP3 said...

Sar, curse you!

You always earn your keep in the blogosphere, Doug.

cooper said...

You collect something to possess it, you keep it because you hold it dear to your heart.

tsduff said...

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep

Cheesemeister said...

The Keep:
A really laughably bad sci-fi/horror flick from the eighties containing characters whose real names I don't remember but who were dubbed Plastic Man and Checkers by those viewing this atrocity.