Tuesday, February 27, 2007


IDOLATER, n. One who professes a religion which we do not believe, with a symbolism different from our own. A person who thinks more of an image on a pedastol than of an image on a coin.

2007 Update: A heretic who genuflects with the wrong side toward our feet.


Minka said...

*takes winning statue and graps it in both hands...looks lovingly apon it*

Thank you so much, winning a Jack for early arrival means the world to me. I would also like to thank God...because he gave me fast feet and Timezones......

*music starts playing*
*trips over her own dress as she tries to get back to the microphone...*

Minka said...

idolatry, sure way to get more commandments from a self-improtant deity

goldennib said...

I - do - later = procrastination.

Indeterminacy said...

Idolator: a viewer of American idol.

(goldennib: I was going to say that too!)

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Well all the good comments have been done. Not that I had thought of them, but they've been done. Except for those that will be done later. I idolate folks who can think of good stuff.

Heck, I thought an idolater was a thingie in the care.

Mutha said...

All I can think of is the They Might Be Giants song:

"The statue got me high..."

puppybrose said...

Idolater: one who mistakes charm/charisma/celebrity for character and/or "connection". [see also: stalker -- "Well, yes, the house was locked, but I was just certain (insert famous person's name here) meant to leave a key, and, yes, in retrospect I suppose it was wrong to keep (him/her) tied to that bedpost for 4 months, but I only did it because I'm (his/her) biggest fan."]

al said...

Idolater: (n. archaic) Investment banker.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Heck, I thought an idolater was a thingie in the CAR. CAR! *sigh* I also idolize those who can TYPE.

So I may be an idolatress myself. I'm definitely a heathen and an infidel, but not a pagan. So, there's hope, right?

ihfvzyw: I hate fuzzy word verifiers that don't let me comment, and I never know what it was I did wrong. Okay. I feel better now.

The Old Mule said...

Idolater: one who knows the goodness of things.

the amoeba said...

IDOLATOR, n. A participant in the most meaningful elections in American history. Judging from the number of votes cast, anyway. And all to put a graying white guy on a pedastal.

The pedantic amoeba speaks ...

Quilly said...


one who aggrandizes self --

see also: SUV owner; blog writer; American citizen

Mo'a said...

Pedantic......*wait the word is Idolator...shakes head and laughs at goldennib's definition* and *boy oh boy, Minka is so much better at these****

Idolatior...I don't know I am with
TLP...something to do with CARS!!!! or worshiping a bald girl...and investment bankers.

Mo'a said...

See TLP...I even changed the word we are defining ;)
IDOLATER....I have no idea what Idolatior means.....perhaps Pedantic.

Doug said...

Minka, that was a gracious speech and a brilliant definition. Have another "Willie."

Goldennib, you should have been first with that definition.

Indie, a worshipper of mammon and womammon, then?

TLP, you mean the thing you plug the DVD player into on long drives?

Mutha, you're over my head.

Puppybrose, you mean the misunderstood googler?

Al, that'll cost you three Ave Benjamins.

I'm not sure TLP. Any grapevines around your brow?

So, Mule, someone who finds love in scandal?

Amoeba, "the pedantic amoeba speaks" is an understatement worthy of a statue.

Quilly, someone compensating for something?

Mo'a, let's say someone who minds spelling.

a4g said...

Idolater, n. I have spent hours in front of my TV observing these primitive brutes. I am often so disgusted, I turn the channel.

IDiveAtNight said...

IDOLATER, n. A person who thinks more of an image on a coin than of other people.

I liked yours Quilly.

Lula said...

When they genuflect away from you, then you do it doggy fashion.

Doug said...

a4g, no one is as above it all as the man with the remote.

Morgan, isn't that most of us?

Lula, long time no see. Genuflect away sounds like you poisoned them.

actonbell said...

Ah, Minka took the topical idol! I see lots of idolators at the supermarket, every Friday, buying up all those fan magazines. Without idolators, there would be no Oscars.

There's a rock band called Kill Your Idols, btw. I don't think they mean that.

Brian said...

The heretic who later became an idol.

Perhaps Elvis?

I keep seeing gold covered chocolate here, now that is something worth genuflecting for.

puppybrose said...

busy now, idolater.

a4g said...

Remote, n. A god of the late American Empire, equated with the Roman Bacchus. Patron of leisure, napping, and the intoxicating effect of beer.

Son of the minor goddess Gadget, and the king of the gods, Television.

Jamie Dawn said...

Just so you know, immaculate truffles are divine, and even dusty truffles are still slightly angelic.

And the Dougster sayeth, "Thou shalt have no other dogs before me!"

Mutha said...

Holy Crap! I went over Doug's head!! I never thought it possible. I may get a nose bleed

tsduff said...

One who prefers the image over the reality.

(I have an image of me home in bed, not in this chair at work...)

Omnipotent Poobah said...

See ya later idolater.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

cooper said...


Me,until the nirror broke.

coooper said...

mirror to.

Doug said...

And, Actonbell, if there were no Oscars, my drive home from my brother's on Sunday would have taken another 10 minutes.

Well done on that definition, Brian.

Puppybrose, you were already late with that joke.

Funny, a4g. I can tell you write for a living.

Woof, JD!

Mutha, it's actually easy if you stop groveling in the dirt.

Terry, bow towards Mecca.

Poobah, someone had to do it.

Cooper, you have a keen eye for the divine and the treacherous.

puppybrose said...

dude, "busy now, idle later".

guess i should have written it that way in the first place, eh?

IDiveAtNight said...


Yes, most.


Doug said...

Neva, it was implied.

Morgan, I thought so.

IDiveAtNight said...

Doug, is that too curmudgeonish?