Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Wanderer Arrives

Episode 7 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Plan B.

To hear the story, start counting.

This week, in The Prattler, "A Tribulation in Tripe."

To read the story, gather around Diogenes.


Minka said...


G said...

Umm, I could be wrong, but isn't that you reading?

Lovely addition to the unwinding tale just the same and nicely read or performed to you or whomever the Doug-sound-alike is.

Quilly said...

Shouldn't this have been the April 15h post? Just sayin' ....

It is so hard to be certain, but if I had to guess, I'd say the reader of his story is Doug, he is is also known as Dawg, and Tardy!

Doug said...

mornin'mornin'mornin', Minka

Uh, yeah that's me, G and Quilly. Next week, too. Vanity has the best of me, even if I am late.

Minka said...

girls, will you give the guy a break and a minute to explain to us why he is so friggin´ late today?!

I loved your voice of the accountant "I follow generally accepted...!" "I really miss my abacus!" The things that make people happy *shakes head*.

accountant: to do with oddly shaped letters

al said...

Then, that wasn't you, G?

Great wordplay for accountant, Doug, and the first time ever in my experience that I feel a little sympathy for an accountant.

Accountant: Enumerator of subsumed legumes.

AP3 said...

Another great story and definition, Doug. Nice to hear your voice again, too. :-*

G said...

Minka, I cracked up too at the working in of GAAP. Too funny.

Minka said...

uhohuh..........everybody look!
profile picture, what´s happened?

You ok, Doug?

actonbell said...

Masquerading as a dead seal--interesting. A wax seal would've smelled better, no doubt.

Great addition to the story, Doug!

Mo'a said...

I was glad this morning to hear your I am not donning my thinking cap....working on the thank you.
Your face looks particularly cute/handsome this morning :^>

Oh!!! and the story is great.

ariel said...

hi, Vegas! (the girls will be all over you)

the amoeba said...

"Vanity of vanities, all is vanity", said the Teacher. Fortunately, your vanity is easy on the ears. Does this have anything to do with the fact that this episode is subtitled "Plan B"?

ACCOUNTANT, n. One who's easier to take if he has a silly grin, like the puppet he is, and a Transylvanian accent. One!! Two!! Three!! Bwahaha!!!

puppybrose said...

1. FABULOUS edition to this ever-growing-ever-fascinating tale.

2. FANTASTIC job reading the aforementioned ever-growing-ever-fabulous tale.

3. FLUFFY new avatar? who's the ever-wagging-ever-furry-pooch in that avator, and does he/she have a tail?

just saying... well worth the wait, on every front (except for the view of that naked philosopher, because, well, you know. he's the only guy in town with a visual response to the question "how's it hangin'?")

"Accountant": A miser's response to the question "Whaddaya do with all that money?"

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Of course I knew your voice immediately. I absoluted loved the GAAP statement. As an accountant for the Commonwealth of PA, I worked with smoke and mirrors instead of an abacus.

Also enjoyed the "calculated the lantern-bearer’s truth." Clever dawg.

Jamie Dawn said...

The price of purple NEVER goes down!

I thought the accountant was going to be one of those Selkies of Scottish legend, a seal person.
Turns out he was just a cowardly geek.

I'm using my son's laptop (with working sound) and I was all set to try and guess this weekend's reader. Lo and behold is was YOU!

Doug said...

Minka, I overslept. How about, I was up until midnight preparing my posts for this morning? Does that make it sound more virtuous?

Haha, Al, and that's even better for a bean-counter.

Thanks, Aral.

G, is that a hint to where you work?

Minka, that was weird. I didn't change the picture. I might have been hacked. That dog looks like Vegas, but its not a picture of mine.

Thanks, Actonbell. I think the philosopher just got confused. I think that probably happens as much as you might think.

Thanks, Mo'a, that's Willie Hyde.

Ariel, good eye but I don't know where the picture comes from. I think it's not Vegas.

A-ha, Amoeba. Account Dracula.

Puppy, I don't know who the dog is but good point. "Accountant!" is probably what they yelled on October 24, 1929 whenever a new stockbroker hit the ground.

TLP, progress is something and you may be glad to hear the accountant will be a regular character.

Its true, Jamie Dawn. A cowardly greek geek.

mireille said...

those to whom Sarbanes-Oxley brought too much light and not enough heat I like your voice, too. xoxo

pia said...

And they say there are no good accountant jokes

Joel said...

Another excellent installment of my favorite saga and, as usual, you were in fine voice.

Pitchers and catchers have reported...the world is again a better place.

G said...

Doug, that's top secret info - you know the rest...

Doug said...

Thanks, Mireille, and congratulations on what I think may be the first Sarbanes-Oxley joke ever on this site.

Pia, I say all good jokes are accountant jokes.

Thanks, Joel and yee-ha

And rightly so, G.

goldennib said...

Lovely reading. Your voice is very hypnotic.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Well, if you're going to keep using the accountant character, remember that accountants are certified to do it in public.
And they can do it without losing their balance.
Just sayin'.

I am enjoying this story. Are there any previews of the coming installments?

cooper said...

I loved the story but for some reason
on the volume of the voice was too soft and I couldn't hear it as loudly as I would have liked.

I know so little of accountants I will surely take this to hear.

Doug said...

Thanks, Nessa. It's the morphine.

TLP, I'll try to keep that in mind, but not visually. Coming next week: Diogenes meets a cyclops!

Alice, I think its safe to generalize.