Thursday, February 01, 2007


KORAN, n. A book which the Mohammedans foolishly believe to have been written by divine inspiration, but which Christians know to be a wicked imposture, contradictory to the Holy Scriptures.

2007 Update: A scripture the adherents to which call a message of peace from the divine but may confess advocates violence under extreme duress.

Greetings from the other side. This site is now on New Blogger, which seems to be weirder than old but at least I can say Rabbit! Rabbit! in color.


Lammy said...

Been there. Done that.

AP3 said...

'heck dya mean, dead?

rabbit, rabbit!

Minka said...

you still typing, that´s all that matters :)

Miz BoheMia said...

An ally and supplier of ridiculous quotes to ever-so-goddamn-annoying mothers-in-law who know not when to shut it and hence the source of much misery to bohemians everywhere...



Um... no pun intended?

Miz BoheMia said...

And MY GOD am I dense or WHAT?

New Blogger?

You met Al?


What is happening to the world??? I have OCD! You CANNOT go changing life as we know it just like that just because! Ok... now I am hyperventilating...


*bohemian faints and floats to the floor... yep, bohemians don't thud! Geez!*

Minka said...

Koran, a collection of short listed material for other fictionary collaborations

*lifts Bohemian of the floor and puts her on the couch, gently stirrs a green tea infront of her nose adn waits......*

Rabbit, rabbit to all and everyone!

puppybrose said...

Rabbit Rabbit, and ay-yi-yi.

i suspected you had gone over to the "dark side of Blogger" last night, when most of your commenters were suddenly designated as "anonymous". so the mountain wouldn't come to you after all, eh, Muhammad?

quilldancer said...

The Dawg has defected! Convert or die, huh, Dawg? How long before your propaganda video appears on the net?

quilldancer said...

Rabbit, rabbit, indeed!

Old Mule said...

Koran: A road map to Mecca.

And I am in South Carolina with SNOW drifting down from Muhammad's great throne! Now this is fun. Is my hair cut canceled?

logo™ said...

Blogger is EEEEEEEEvil,
is this a sign of the apocalypse?
It should be.
At least I could get to this blog.
Does that mean you've sided with the evil ones?

Im going to go sulk now.

pia said...

Yours is one of the few blogger blogs that don't say "report this error number..." So Doug maybe that was a good thing

And you get to use color in your fonts. I would hate you if I didn't like you....

Mo'a said...

Ok!!! well done :) You have come over to the other side!!!!!
Loafers and designer jeans, must be Al ??? Yes Al, I am sure.
My head is spinning I just came back from spending mucho time in the land of Bohemia......So hello all.
I am desperately trying to catch up.....and you come up with.....I cannot even go there....too hot for this chicken.

Not Al, No Way said...

Koran: The computer-chosen name for DuPont's newest synthetic fabric.

DuPont immediately fired the computer and renamed the material "Plastique."

G said...

I had to do a double-take, but it does say "not al, no way".

Rabbit Rabbit!

If you should look
Within your Book
However Holy it shall shout
By any name, it's all the same
"hit your brother and you go in timeout."

The best I could come up with on such short notice.

G said...

Oh my dear, I stepped right over the wilting Bohemian! Let's get her some smelling salts - make them Organic!

tinbum: haha - the tinman's tush!

Doug said...

Thanks, Lammy, AP3 and Minka.

For clarity for those below, when I woke up this morning on new blogger and couldn't open my site I tested by posting "Dead?" where Koran now is. The first three comments replied to that. They aren't crazier than you thought.

Miz B, think of it as the stationary bachelor equivalent of moving your family from Spain to San Francisco. I think this bodes well.

Minka, it's nice to see an infidel be kind to the fallen.

Puppy, and the return trip was rigged.

Quilly, it was pretty much a forced conversion, although I have to admit it was the third time I tried. I wasn't prepared for it to happen this time either.

Mule, I remember the great Atlanta blizzard of 1993. I think four inches of snow fell and the city was in apocalypse.

Speaking of apocalypse, Logo, this morning's been weird online for sure.

Pia, mine was showing that when I got up this morning and for about two hours after.

Mo'a? Are you an angel?

Hey, Al, welcome back! Do they make plastique denim?

g, *applause*

G. Nat Salpigga said...

Sacred text of one of the major houses into which each of us placed by the sorting hat that is birth.

the amoeba said...

KORAN, n. prop. A heavy volume in a strange language (unlike the Bible, which God wrote in His Own English, of course), which goes on at great length and profound detail about how simple and easy it is to walk in the ways of Allah. Variously transliterated.

There is no truth to the rumor that there exists a sacred text for all denizens of the blogosphere (or else) called "The Google". Yet.

~Mo'a~ said...

And why would you think that? Your deduction is always spot on, so I must be? I will get back to you on that.

Anonymous said...

I can't work with this word?!? Are you crazy.

But thank goodness for switching over! Now I don't have to copy my comments then click on "to comment in google account" sign in, paste then hit publish. That's a lot of work!

Is the Bohemian still out? We can just toss water in her face if the green tea and smelling salts to work.

Jamie Dawn said...

I just switched over too. I haven't checked out any of the newfangled features. I'll get around to it one of these days.

You say Koran; I say Qu'ran.

Bierce's definition could get him killed in some parts of the world.

AP3 said...

I just switched too.

The Koran states: "Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but commit no aggression; for God loves not transgressors." (2:190)

That's much better than Bush's version of the Bible, I'd say.

The Old Mule said...

you mean you havemet Al three times? Isn't that some kind of gypsy curse?

Sar said...

Rabbit Rabbit!

Koran: No you Gitmo dumbasses! That doesn't represent the porcelin god!!

cooper said...

New Blogger seems to prevent reading at certain times of the day or night.

I hope it works out. I still say get your own host and go wordpress or go naked.

I have no more of a definition for The Koran than I do for The Bible.

Doug said...

Very accurate, g. nat and welcome back.

Amoeba, though the comments may be sticky and the loading uneven, the electrons shall surely find ye. Go 3:16.

Mo'a I heard a bell ring and there you were, wings and all.

Jenna, the jury seems hung. Glad you're on it.

True, Jamie Dawn. And mine could get me detained. Good thing I decided against the cartoon, huh?

ap3, Though the mountains may crumble and the hills wear away I just know there's some nukes around here somewhere. Isaiah Thomas 46:10.

Mule, just once. If we meet three times, someone cursed him.

Alice, that's probably the best definition of all.

Sar, they let you have Newsweek in school?

~Mo'a~ said...

Oh!!!Yeah, that was me. ;) I try to be like a cat stocking a mole and not have my bell ring.....but there you have it...I was heard today :) LOL

tsduff said...

I did want to stop by and say Rabbit Rabbit. I can't comment on the other.

goldennib said...

Koran: The name Karen written by someone who can't spell.

Indeterminacy said...

The Bible may be the all time bestseller, but the Koran actually made a prophet.

ariel said...

yeah, the Bible has been having good promotion all time.

Doug said...

Mo'a it was a still night.

Understood, Terry. It's a matter of national security. Rabbit, rabbit!

Nessa, you don't have to spell a name correctly to properly worship.

Funny, Indie.

True, Ariel. That whole crusade thing was marketing gold.

Cheesemeister said...

A Holy Tome prone to being misread as often as any other holy tome may be.