Monday, May 05, 2008


BASE, adj. The quality of a competitor's motive.

2008 Update: Uncouth. Lacking the avarice for finer things.


G said...

Oh so you heard about my garage sale scouring, eh?

As she slides into *first*!

Tom & Icy said...

When you lack avarice, you're dead.

tsduff said...

Base: The hub from which all things are possible.

Jim said...

Base: I have a very base friend who plays the base fiddle (Mrs. Jim, our fiddler, spells base fiddle as bass--pronounced base--fiddle) at the baseball game after we practice in his basement, does this make me a base character for hanging out with a base group in base environments?

TLP said...

Base: The bottom of things.

Getting to first base is getting to things at the top, going all the way is a base way of talking about it.

(What? someone had to say it.)

Jamie Dawn said...

Base: foundation
Foundation: face spackle
I prefer to use face powder rather than foundation as a base prior to applying makeup.

a4g said...

Base, adj.

1. Contemptible, lacking human decency, devoid of ethics.

2. Dedicated supporters of a political party.

Minka said...

base,n. the rope of a suffix and the anchor of an affix

Minka said...


base: the source of nylon stockings after WW2 in Iceland ;)

Jim said...

Hey Doug, thanks for the check on me.

Today was the 1000th post on my Jim's Little Blog, I forgot to mention that here or on the blog until just now.

Hobbes said...

Safe haven in games, except seduction.

quilly said...

Thought I'd pop in just to touch base. Don't really have anything enlightening to add.

Doug said...

I did, g. What I know best about garage sales is every customer gets a free narrative.

Icy, as opposed to hungry for death like normal people.

Terry, that's SMF.

Jim, that entirely depends on whether you are on parole.

TLP, I think we were all waiting for you to.

JD, I wondered what your trick was.

a4g, well done, just right and no coincidence. Lizard dictionaries carry the same homonym. Also, one side of a litmus test.

Hey, Minka! Our linguist is back. How much of Icelandic is prefixacious and sufficient? Along those lines, the acorn from which sprouts a word in German.

Congratulations, brother Jim. We are an elite ward.

Oh, I don't know Hobbes.

Quilly, that's kind of you, basically.

sauerkraut said...

Base: as in Ace of, a scandanavian techno-rock band with great track lines but very average lyrics.

word verification: riqita

tsduff said...

I prefer SFO.

Cooper said...

I prefer your definition today it sound less base than mine would have.