Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Eighth Canto

Canto VIII was impressively recorded by the multi-talented JavaJazz. Click on the Quena at right and enjoy. Thanks, JJ!

To read the written verse, click on John Henry (at left) but don't miss the recording.


TLP said...

Oh, wonderful! Both the reading and the writing.

You have done well blogson.

And JavaJazz, the flute was a most marvelous touch.

tsduff said...

What a treat - a story and some cowboy jazz for breakfast. JJ - you have a very nice story telling voice, gentle, persuasive, and clear. Your flute was superb and still echos in my mind as I sit here reflecting.

Doug - Again, I wonder if John Henry has shades of a dog reincarnate? Your writing is really great. I'm not learned as a scholar of famous authors, but I dare say you figure among the greats.

Jim said...

Hey Doug, I'm glad I checked in on you this fine Saturday. I really like your poem, even though I know that doesn't matter, whether I like it or not. I just like horses, I rode one to high school for two years.

It's a crazy mixed up, fast world we live in. Horses too? Today is the Belmont, I'll be watching that one.

Were you inspired by my two colts and the mustang from the other day?

quilly said...

Readin' Writin' and musicin'? I loved it.

actonbell said...

That was beautiful--both of you! That's a great poem, Doug, and JavaJazz, you sounded superb, and I love the touch you added with the music.

I must confess to thinking about another set of words while I read the second part:
I was born one mornin', it was drizzlin' rain
Fightin' and trouble are my middle name
I was raised in the canebrake by an ol' mama lion
Cain't no-a high-toned woman make me walk the line

I'm losing it, I know:)

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, JavaJazz, I enjoyed that immensely!!! What a nice touch to add a tune from your flute. Wonderful!!

John David is welcome at Blog Church any time. Lammy may get jealous though.

G said...

I'm enjoying these cantos immensely. A perfect way to end the evening and Java Jazz your music is the perfect nightcap. Beautifully read and written ~


Ariel the Thief said...

JJ, it was so beautiful! Thank you!

Actonbell, nothing escapes your attention. I found that stanza somehow familiar but didn't try to figure it out. :-)

*walks away singing*

Ariel the Thief said...

JJ, I was so stunned by the first tones of your recording, I forgot to say how much I enjoyed your adding the western and mythology of your flute to your own soft story telling voice.

Doug said...

Wasn't the flute grand, TLP?

Terry, John Henry is actually a horse reincarnate. I agree about the voice and the flute. That was soft on the ears.

Jim, the pony car helped.

Thanks, Quilly.

Actonbell, that sounds familiar. Leadbelly? I don't think you're losing it, although I can't say where I left mine. I had in mind Tennessee Ernie Ford, though.

JD, I suppose a church ought to have a hitching post, huh?

g, thanks, I also thought it was soothing. And Red River Valley is a favorite of mine.

Ariel, I know what you mean. I suspect JJ chose the flute because it sounds like her speaking.

javajazz said...

wow...these are such wonderful comments...!
thank you for such warm supportive feedback...
i was already so thrilled and honoured to get
to read one of Doug's brilliant little "mind babies"
so i really had great fun recording this...

Thank you Tan Lucy (glad you enjoyed the flutie),
Terry (cowboy jazz...yee haha!)
Quilly (the 3 R's),
Actonbell (i love that blues's an important part of losin' it),
Jamie D (happy you liked the tunes),
g, (jazz nightcap flutecap - i almost added drums and shaker too, but you never would have fallen asleep), and
Ariel, thank you for detecting those flavours contained within...i only knew one cowboyish tune, Red River Valley, (or is that a breakfast cereal?) and so i asked Doug if he had any favourites,
so Streets Of Laredo
kind of morphed into
a few different thangs!
oh, and Red River Valley
was our code name
for Streets of Laredo...!
(yes, i just made that up.)

Douglas, thank you so much
for allowing me
to dip my toes
in the creative waters here...
without your words,
there would be none of this...
i am in awe
of what pours forth
from your brain,
delivered with that
gentle humility
and brilliant diplomacy...
looks as if the only word
you ever misdefined
in your dictionary,
was curmudgeon...

Anonymous said...

very fine union.....ay

Doug said...

JJ, that was a memorable performance in the history of this site.

Aye aye, Brer Bear.

javajazz said...

...coolest fun i've had
in a long time...
this was a memorable memory
i shall not soon forget...

also, i love hearing
all the individual flavours
of each person's voice here...
kinda cool how you connect everyone....

thank you again, Doug.

and eh, eh?

Cooper said...

Cowboy jazz, YES.
I couldn't quite figure out how to describe the music.

That was fun and the reading lovely.