Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The leopard and the lamb

A leopard and a lamb
Met upon a hillside
The lamb was looking for his flock.
The leopard for his pride.

The lamb rued his misfortune
And the absent-minded shepherd
And the meander he'd taken
That brought him to this leopard.

"Oh, mourn the lamb without a flock!
For he's but meat beneath the wool!"
"If I had my pride," leopard replied
"My stomach would be full."

Moral:  Solitude is a traveling table.

THANKFULNESS, n.  Gravy poured over the unlucky by the hungry.


Omnipotent Poobah said...

thankfulness - Being full of "thankiness".

G said...

The notion that you haven't been caught...
Paying for something you haven't bought
Learning much more than you've ever been taught


I have no idea what that means but your prose often inspire flights of fancy. Nicely done on your part.

Lammy (Patty) said...

Are you suggesting that I am a nappy meathead?

Tom & Icy said...

Thankyoufulness: waking up

Ariel the Thief said...

I love Doug's definition of thankfullness. Really that's the most honest we can do.

Funny poem!

javajazz said...

thank god for
a little less pride...

Jim said...

Thankfulness: Being thankful that I had gravy to put on my mashed potatoes for lunch today.

Thankfulness: Being thankful that Larry Dierker was our speaker at the luncheon today.

Thankfulness: Being thankful that I can hope you don't come up with another word like this.

tsduff said...

Thankfulness: Waves of good feeling that wash over one who has eyes with which to gaze at the beauty of the earth, or ears to hear the crashing of the seawaves, or a nose that smells the mouthwatering aroma of the roast in the oven.

tsduff said...

Oh, and that is a smart rhyme today.

Mutha said...

This reminds me of the time I handed a child (around 4 years old) a cupcake at a party. His mother prompted, "What do you say?" 'He looked confused for a moment and then shifted to a remorseful expression.
"I'm sorry," he obediantly chimed.

Thankfulness: a matter of manners and sometimes the heart. See also "gratitude" and the last Thursday in November.

actonbell said...

I love it! That's a great rhyme today, very clever:)

Thankfulness be not proud.

TLP said...

I hope the leopard wouldn't eat lamb without green mint jelly.

Thankfulness: mint jelly with your leg of lamb.

apprdut: a prudent person dines out

quilly said...

THANKFULNESS n. a feeling of gratitude for not being hungry. There are those in the world who would be happy with just half of what I have. For them, I should not take even a morsel for granted.

TLP said...

First! For Thursday.

sauerkraut said...

The pride goeth before the leopard falls from his tree.

Do leopards gather in prides?

Doug said...

Thank'y, Poobah

Delightful, g.

Lammy, do I look like Don Imus?

Only in old age or sickness, Tom. Blessed are the frail for they know it.

Thanks, Ariel. Gravy?

JJ, that's every honest prayer.

Not to fear, Jim. My vocabulary shrinks every day.

Terry, your definition made me hungry. And salty.

Mutha, that's a great story.

Actonbell, and humility reverse not its syntax.

TLP, the other members of the pride are supposed to bring the jelly.

Quilly, you have spinach on your tooth.

Absolutely, blogmama.

I don't know, Sauerkraut. It was a lion and a lamb but I couldn't resist rhyming leopard and shepherd.

weirsdo said...

I thought leopards were basically solitary animals, unlike lions.
But I'm thankful for your verses anyway.

cooper said...

thankfulness: For those of you who partake in the gravy train I guess thankfulness is when your cholesterol comes back within normal limits.

Sorry, I couldn't do better than you already did on this one, so I made no attempt.

Doug said...

Weirsdo, a little voice inside my head said I'd better research leopards before you showed up. There's just something about two words that rhyme without sharing vowels, though. One of my soft spots.

Cooper that was funny. I prefer not to check.