Friday, May 02, 2008


LINEN, n. "A kind of cloth the making of which, when made of hemp, entails a great waste of hemp." — Calcraft the Hangman.

2008 Update: Drapery used to protect smallish sins from the sunlight.


TLP said...

I think Linen wrote some good songs with McCartney.

Tom & Icy said...

Wiping my eyes with linen just made me cry all the more.

Miz BoheMia said...

Linen... FINALLY a simple enough word that allows for the most skittish of trying-to-make-it-back-into-the-blogosphere-and-attempting-to-comment-here-for-over-a-week-now-but-the-big-words-were-just-MUCH-to-MUCH-for-my-out-of-shape-brain-I-tell-ya bohemians to pop in to say...


Hola. Te eché de menos hermanito!

Anonymous said...

a day late a thought short...Longanimity--first thought after both definitions,clinton....yes sad.....then redeemed with Linen,the fineness of its knitted beauty,a progression from its day of a knot of thirteen--well mission accomplished here....Peace

Anonymous said...

OC carries little squares of it in his pocket so he can be a gentleman and hand them to me when I forget my tissues. (Other then that I think he just carries them to generate more whites on washing day and give me something else to fold.)

javajazz said...

oh great...
now there are two people
i cannot understand...
Dog, and Bear....

Linen and McCartney...!
funny TLP...!

tsduff said...


Amazing fabric
Humble threads
To make a cover
For the bed

Garments light
Though rough can breathe
Sheets so fine
The skin to tease

Lots of wrinkles
Won't come out
'Til the iron
Steams them out.

Linen's good
A gift to treasure
Kept in Hope Chests
Wedding pleasure.

Doug said...

TLP, yeah and showed them czars a thing or two, too.

Icy, try wool.

Hola, hermana! Don't be afraid. We're all friends here.

Peace, Brer Bear. That was pretty mild for a Friday rant.

Quilly, and does he hold the door for you to let the bugs in?

JJ, we're mysteries to us, too.

What kind of pleasure, Terry?

Ariel the Thief said...

I once had a sheet made of silk. That was quite a surprise. Nothing like in movies.

Jamie Dawn said...

Linen: a type of closet made for storing bedding and towels, but used for storing mess & junk

G said...

I always wondered if the Irish had such fine linen to wipe up the whiskey. All of my kitchen towels are linen from Ireland courtesy of that friend of mine, Jennifer.

Okay, that's my little story.


G said...

By the way, heh heh - that's a good one, TLP. And Terry - fine prose indeed.

Adi said...

Linen -- best when made with wildflower fibers.

Burlap -- best when made with hemp fibers.

Smallish sins -- they like the dark.

weirsdo said...

LInen: Crisp and expensive. Wrinkles a lot.

Doug said...

Ariel. could you see through it in sunlight?

JD, when were you in my house?

G, nothing like a whiskey soaked rag to cool a fever.

Adi, you are quite an expert in fabrics, aren't you? Bow wow.

Weirsdo, I remember that from my one pair of linen pants. People like me need denim and permanent press.

Cooper said...

A summer cloth I love to hate.

Doug said...

I hate to love it, Cooper.