Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Sixth Canto

To hear Terry read the sixth Canto, click on the stampede. Thank you, Terry!

To read in quiet, click on Maria en azul, madre de Dios y reina des todos los angeles.


mireille said...

I was totally caught up in this episode. Again, I envy your way with words. xoxo

Anonymous said...

read as i(we) listened,yes enjoying the saga,,,Peace

tsduff said...

Those Texas Longhorns look just as I pictured them, thundering down the dusty valley. Doug, do you have any relation to Louie L'Amour? Or Marty Robbins ("The Red Blanket" fame)? Can you tell how much I enjoyed this chapter?

Jamie Dawn said...

Tsduff Terry - Good job!! You presented Doug's story well.

Crow is a lifesaver.

I felt the suspense in this tale, Doug.
Good one!
Thank God for grateful crows.

TLP said...

Good job Terry!

Nothing in this world leaves more crumbs behind
Than the generous heart of a girl...
I love that line.

Anonymous said...

Lovely reading as the yarn unravels -- and great story crafting as usual.

Anonymous said...

was invited once to lovelock,chose a money order and fedex instead,along with a thousand mea culpa....Peace

Ariel the Thief said...

Terry, I saw you in a long coat, your eyes were lighting as you were laughing, wow!

Thank you.

Doug said...

Thanks, Mireille.

Peace, Brer Bear.

Not that I know of, Terry, but I've read fourty or fifty of L'Amour's books and I think I can do Utah Carrol by memory.

Thanks, J.D.

Thanks, TLP. I had a feeling about that line.

Thank you, QUilly.

Haha, Bear.

Ariel, don't you think she dressed up? I think she dressed up.

actonbell said...

Wonderful reading, Terry, and fabulous verse, Doug! I'm SO impressed by a good story that's also told in such excellent cadence.

And yes, thank goodness for Crow:)

tsduff said...

Thanks Jamie Dawn - Doug outdid himself with this chapter, and I felt like I was right there in the story!

TLP - You pegged the most poignant line in the story. That truth actually personified me (except for the brown eyes) when I first began my love affair with corvids. Only now it's peanuts rather than crumbs.

Quilly - He's good. Really good.

Anonymous - Glad you found your way free.

Ariel - I was dressed in my long deerskin coat (purchased long ago in the desert of Laughlin) - beaded fringes twined with feathers blowing in the dusty wind. My eyes were lit up as I read that adventure.

Doug - In case you have forgotten the words to the story which makes my throat get tight... go here. I really loved reading your writing.

Actonbell - I can see his tail wagging, can you?

Fred said...

I'm the 12th Friend And Editor. Glad you're still out there, Doug. I'm back.

And, thanks for a great post Terry.

G said...

What can I say? I am loving these cantos and Terry your reading was superb! She totalled dressed up and read.

Nice job folks.


Cooper said...

Excellent does of Sunday literature, and entertainment.

Who needs Masterpeice Theater, or Showtime when they have Doug and cast.

Doug said...

Thanks, Actonbell. Terry did a great job with the reading.

Hey, Fred. Welcome back.

G, you seeing Willie Nelson pony tails on Terry? I'm seeing Willie Nelson pony tails.

Cooper, I'm practicing up on my Alistair Cook accent.

G said...

Definitely - I should have added that in because I did!

A little bit of dust on her face from riding the plains.