Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Tenth Canto

This week's performance is by Barbara and Enrique Bava, which is to say, my mother and papi brujo.  Click on the fire dog to listen.

Or select the picture of the wildfire to read and hum Michael Martin Murphy.

...And a glorious 23rd birthday to Alice née Olivia Cooper aka Trish or something.  

And rabbit rabbit.


javajazz said...

oh, i loved it! what a treat
to hear your mama's voice and
papi brujo (i need translation here!)
and what a great story...
i guess it pays to be a Crow,
to fly high enough
to be able to see
the whole picture...(right Terry?)

TLP said...

Wow! Each canto is even better than the last! Wonderful voices. I loved it.

(BTW. If the first of the month falls on Sunday, you say, "Oh, my God, I'd better say Rabbit Rabbit quick! Alternatively some say, Jesus, Mary, Joseph,and the Rabbits, it's JUNE! Well, I've heard it as Jesus, Mary, and Joe Cocker too, but that's halfway rude.)

Cooper said...

It seems every week is better than the last , but I'm sure it's because my memory fails me.

actonbell said...

Great story, wonderful reading! But, aw, now I feel sorry for Coyote. I can't help it.

Doesn't the rabbit herald spring? It's not summer yet, so I think it's fine for anyone to rabbit rabbit on a Sunday in June.

Jim said...

This Tenth Canto reminds me of the Burning Man. If we lived as close to Black Rock City, Nevada, as you do, I surely would have attended by now.

tsduff said...

Dang, that Polly Purebred
(oops, I mean Twyla)
An amazingly pure soul,
Young yet sweet & tender,
She personifies her role.

Will Coyote with his mischief
Bring the ranch to ruin
While banking on the innocence
Of one heart's foolish rule?

(Jim - that's Burning MAN, not burning Coyote... LOL)

Doug - you whipped the critics soundly (well, so what if there aren't any critics...) Adored the special guest appearance of your Ma & Sweetie Papi - most excellently done. That velvet Hispanic accent was truly magnificent. Say, does he give lessons in Spanish to the less learned like me?

Jamie Dawn said...

I don't have the power to, but I hereby dedicate this week's reading to Lucy & Desi!

Bravo!! Well done!!!!

Now on to the burning coyote...
I just HATE it when Taylor rolls himself in dirt and sets himself on fire. I fall for it every time.

Good one, Doug.
Happy Weekend to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sad. Even with the volume cranked I couldn't hear them read. And it's not because I'm distracted by the scent of bbq wafting through my window.

So I had to read it. Very well done. of course.

G said...

I'm confused because I am all set to first off say - Rabbit, rabbit...and so I shall!

But secondly, which is really firstly - what a treat to hear Mama and Papi! Your story weaving is superb as always. So keep up the good work!

AP3 said...

Nicely done!

Rabbit, rabbit!

javajazz said...

Rabbit, rabbit, Dog,
even tho' i'm a sheep...

actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Doug said...

JJ, when I first met Enrique, he was carrying a book called Brujeria (Witchcraft.) Papi Brujo translates as Daddy Warlock.

Mad dogs and Englishmen, TLP, Rabbit rabbit!

Cooper, that happens as you age.

Actonbell, the rabbit heralds more rabbits.

Jim, I think I live as far from Burning Man as you do from Iowa City, so you're probably right.

Nice half-Canto, Terry. Thanks!

JD, Taylor definitely has some coyote in him.

Mmmm, Jenn, barbecue. You sure do understand erotica.

You got it, g.

Rabbit rabbit, AP3, JJ and A-bell!

Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit rabbit, storyteller!

LOL Jamie Dawn!)

Ariel the Thief said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Cooper! Hope your day was shinig.

Ariel the Thief said...

It was fun. Your mother's voice makes music and Papi Brujo sounds Hungarian a little. Of course.

quilly said...

HEy! I left a comment here yesterday morning! Help! Thief!

Speaking of thieves, somebody stole the volume. I had to hold my laptop up to my ear to get even a whisper of the reading. Waaaaaaaaaa!

I loved the written part, but I wanted to hear the parents!

cooper said...

I just popped in to see if I could be first..




Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit, photographer. I can believe that Argentines are the Magyars of Mercosur, except I don't think they drink blood or persecute gypsies.

Quilly, you was robbed. Sorry about that.

Cooper, Happy birthday anyhow.

javajazz said...

i plugged in my super deluxe
ear surrounding
sound enhancing
to get their flavourful voices
inside my head....
dont worry,
i could make the distinction
between those,
and the voices that are
always in there...

mireille said...

that crow is just asking for it. xoxo