Thursday, May 29, 2008


OBSERVATORY, n. A place where astronomers conjecture away the guesses of their predecessors.

2008 Update: An isolated manse in which a motorized dome replaces gothic gables and parapets and scientists substitute for gargoyles, where the precession of the Earth replaces processions of priests under the watchful eyes of astronomers casting spells online.


Anonymous said...

A place where I observe I am first. Again? This is most strange.

Jim said...

Observatory: I observe that you said it all for 2008, just be sure these things are done in the dark.

Observatory: I am also observing that I don't have to drone on and on today!

Observatory: Finally, I observe that I had better retire to my own observatory where I continue to be the observatory blogger that I am.
Oops, perhaps mine is a conservatory?

Tom & Icy said...

Peering through the chain-link fence around our yard.

karma said...

now that i'm here, i think i'm seeing stars

nchbmto: naggin' itch in my bum, too

tsduff said...

Observatory: The place from which Poindexter ran operations on "Felix the Cat" (whilst avoiding The Master Cylinder).

quilly said...



javajazz said...

hmm, that's very
observatory of you.

ps, re: your multi-faceted update,
i wonder if there is a procedure
where one can offgas their brain.

Jamie Dawn said...

You provided quite an in depth definition today.
I believe it took some real brain power to come up with that one.

Observatory: Mecca for star gazers

G said...

Observatory: Page Six of the New York Post. What? It makes for light lunchtime reading.

Ariel the Thief said...

Nah, my window.

pia said...

your definition is quite possibly the most verbose thing you have ever wrote

observatory: rear bedroom window or view I gave up

TLP said...

Observatory: v., to carefully watch a major political party of the United Kingdom.

actonbell said...

haha, TLP, that's good:)

I like planetariums, personally.

Anonymous said...

naval Observatory---home to high priest of evil perch on a mail box on 42 street ny ny ,,show time all the time.......peace and smiles as this day rolls to an end.......

revi (fluttergirl) said...

The browser window, allowing one to view the gaseous and occasionally brilliant emanations of bloggers, each a self-styled star in their own right (or mind?)

[ hi doug :) ]

Doug said...

Jenn, you don't even need a telescope for that.

Jim, a conversatory blog, maybe?

Icy, every dog is a telescope.

Karma, those are angels.

Yes, Terry. I always thought the Master Cylinder was misunderstood.

Quilly, if you feel that way about school, how are your pupils supposed to care? A whole generation of meth heads. Thanks.

JJ, define Offgas?

JD, I just cut up a dictionary and grabbed some of the slices.

G, I don't question the lightness.

Ariel, and the neighbor's? Probably not your mirror, though, huh?

Pia, I must have been drunk.

TLP, now what will Poobah write?

Me, too, A-bell, although the laser shows are a lot less intriguing sober. Do they still do Dark Side of The Moon?

Bear, can you imagine the parties if Jim Webb lives there next?

Hi, there, Revi. Long time. Yep, if anyone ever invents a virtual match we'll be in trouble.

javajazz said...

oh shoot, do i have to?, it seems with the
newer man-made building materials
that people are having their
homes constructed from,
especially furniture, cabinets, etc.,
made out of compressed
lord knows what,
there is a period of time after
installation, where a bunch of
the chemicals and fumes and
"stuff", kind of invisibly
seep out into the air...
i believe that is called offgassing.

your brain, at times, strikes me
as a vast quantity and variety
of fascinating materials,
kind of compressed into your head,
and my sense is that, at times,
such as is evidenced by your updated,
multi-layered definition of "observatory",
there is extra information in there
that needs to come out, or be
aired out more, so you dont have
too much of a backup of all
that gorgeous stuff in there...
tho' you seem to manage it
very well, and you are still able
to express so much in so few words,
unlike myself....

Ariel the Thief said...

JJ, but you probably look a LOT better dressed in veil. :-)

Doug said...

JJ, so I'm spewing? :)

Ariel, I'm sure of it.

javajazz said...

no, Puppy! oh jeez,
now i'm getting myself into trouble.
(which is normal for
menopausal women).
everytime i get a new visual
to describe this,
it only gets worse.
you're not spewing, Dog...
but you should be!
(for all that's contained
in that always thinking brain.)
i think i'm getting
embarrassed now.
i want to learn
one word sentences.
its never too late
is it?

Doug said...


(For the record, I was smiling writing my response. There's no trouble to get in here.)

javajazz said...

Ariel, i know i'll probably
sound a lot better
in a veil...!

javajazz said...

you were smiling because
you're good at delivering people
from evil.

which makes this my lucky day.

k, i'm out of here, before i have
another menopause attack...
they come without warning.
or instructions.

tsduff said...

JJ - I know they do.