Friday, May 16, 2008


EXPOSTULATION, n. One of the many methods by which fools prefer to lose their friends.

2008 Update:  The contest for culpability and regret.


Jim said...

Expostulation: For the first, the best--I sure would not want to expostulate about expostulation as long as I could expostulate about something I knew what it was.

sauerkraut said...

I dunno, but the first thing that came to mind upon seeing the word is something that makes people leave and leaves the expostulator with lots of regrets: pharting.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

expostulation - A feeling of elation one receives after using one of the new "lasts forever" stamps when the postal rates go up.

Also see "easily excited".

Anonymous said...

If I can't say it, I'm not even going to attempt defining it.

Tom & Icy said...

They say the bark is worse than the bite, but don't count on it.

mireille said...

expostulation Maybe a Buddhist rock star's approach (Moody Blues? Procol Harum?) : "Nothing's better left unsaid/only sometimes/still, no doubt/it's awful hard; it all works out" xoxo

quilly said...

EXPOSTULATION n. 1.) the gentle persuasions of a parent earnestly trying to raise children well. 2.) the loving correction of one spouse toward the other 3.) verbal guidance from one older and wiser to one young and follish 4.) nagging

tsduff said...

A sea foam flew up
Flecks of expostulation
Against the stiff wind

Ariel the Thief said...

Dictionary gives 3 very different meanings for expostulation, it is very confusing because in Hungarian they sound like this:

1) The bad man raped her despite of her expostulation.

2) I expostulated him that a bicycle has no chance against a train but he did not listen to me.

3) I give my mom expostulation every time she leaves her grandchildren outside and takes the dog to bed.

Anonymous said...

when in the employment of one ,who envelops staff with "yes wo/men"--it is not in your employment interests to expostulate,,as you may experience terminate.....rock'n in the free world :-)

a4g said...

Expostulation, n. Masturbation sans genitals.

Hobbes said...

Exasperated posturing?

quilly said...

Hey! No Doug?

Doug said...

Jim, I'd hate to talk you out of it.

Sauerkraut, that's a pretty persuasive dissuasion.

Poobah, lucky so-and-so.

Jenn, it's pronounced the way it's spelled.

Icy, the bath is worse than the bite.

Mireille, was there really a Procul Harum?

Quilly, excellent synonymry. Must you?

Anon, getting fired is almost as blessed as going to lunch and not coming back?

a4g, an ear-rub?

More or less, Hobbes.

Sorry Quill. Sometimes my comments don't take either.