Monday, May 19, 2008


QUACK, n. A murderer without a license.

2008 Update: The campaign promise of an estimable duck.


mireille said...

A small child hurling a hip insult: "Uncle Chawie, you must be on quack!" all apologies to those I've offended (the child overcame the speech impediment and had never been exposed to illicit drugs. I made it all up.) xoxo

G said...

hahaha to Mireille!

hint: when you're sitting in a doctor's waiting room and think you hear quacking, head for the door. Of course if you're in the shrink's office, stay seated, the duckter will be with you shortly.

TLP said...

LOL Mireille. That was so good. You really quack me up.

Unfortunately, many quacks do have licenses.

You can smoke quack, right?

Anonymous said...

Quack,a sound that echoes thru many a hall of some believe it has its origins at 1600 pennsylvania ave......Peace,may the power of love overcome the power of money.................

quilly said...

Male ducks do not quack. Only the females do. According to a MALE friend of mine, there is a lesson to be learned there.

My apologies to our host -- if anyone here is wondering where OC disappeared to, you might want to stop by my place and wonder no more ...

sauerkraut said...

Quilly - male ducks of the mallard variety do indeed quack.

Old made-up chinese proverb: when in hospital and see quack coming down hall, hurry up and duck!

Ariel the Thief said...

I am proud to let everyone know that a fellow Hungarian of mine threw an egg at Steve Ballmer today. Sly fox Steve Ballmer ducked behind a desk, and the egg didn't hit him, but we all are very proud of our angry brother.

Mutha said...

Quilly -- really? I had no idea.

Here I am -- a woman -- and I love the word "quack."

It is satisfying to hear and to say.

Equally useful as a question and a statement:

Jamie Dawn said...

An unqualified practicer of medicine.

My daughter did daycare for a church a couple of years ago.
She asked one of the little boys, "What do ducks say?"
The little guy said, "Aflac!"

That quacks me up!!!!

Jim said...

Quack: Jamie D. hit it right, a lot more quack doctors have licenses than not!

Quack: Definitely no quacks here!

Tom & Icy said...

I just can't think of any wise quacks to say.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

OOOO, this one opens so many opportunities for cynical snark that I'll make iteasy on everyone and not even go there:-)

tsduff said...

Quilly - I was told by my next door neighbor who has 50 or so ducks in his back yard that the ducks (male included) make their terrific QUACK QUACK QUACKING noises after doing the wild thing in the pool.

Is that quackery?

Doug said...

Mireille, I'm offended as an uncle!

G, that's good advice, unless you brought your pigeon to the vet.

TLP, I bet a licensed quack can even prescribe it.

Brer Bear, you can hear it from many a polling booth, too.

Quilly, that was a great photoshop. I recommend that people do just that.

Sauerkraut, I am offended as a mallard.

Ariel, you are right to be proud. Will Ballmer be the next Franz Ferdinand?

Mutha, I think you just captured the entire blogosphere.

JD, that quacked me up, too.

Jim, good find. I bet they use those signs at IKEA.

Icy, honk if you're happy.

Poobah, that took unusual restraint.

No, Terry, it's promiscuity.

Cooper said...

Made me laugh.

Usually takes a quack to quack me up, so ya done good.

actonbell said...

Quack, honk, it's all most fowl, but I always learn so much here:)

Doug said...

Quacks R Us, Cooper.

Actonbell, this is sort of a language school for animals.

mireille said...

Tsduff, what's the wild thing? xoxo

Indeterminacy said...

Quack: soundbyte

incidentally, I came to Germany because of a Qu├Ąck - that was my German girlfriend's last name. But in the end it didn't work out.