Monday, May 17, 2010


DAD, n. A father whom his vulgar children do not respect.

2010 Update: A candidate for promotion, every Father's Day, to father.


TLP said...

Oops! I guess I should have let a father go first.

I got nothin' for the word. Is this about the Pope?

actonbell said...

Daddy! Hop on pop, wait 'til your father gets home, so many memories.

Jim said...

Father knows best but I opted to remain just a Dad.

Dads do know too you know.
Or do you?

pia said...

Dad: he wasn't the stuff of 50's and 60's sit coms (except Danny Thomas) but we kept him anyway

sauerkraut said...

Dad - what my misbehaving middle child is regretting having this morning. Tied for world's toughest job.

word veri: angstsms.

Ariel the Thief said...

Dad is a trustful word, isn't it?

Mike said...

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Thom said...

DAD, n. - A good dad should be promoted to every day...mine...I hope he's rotting someplace. LOL

Karen said...

DAD, n. Devil's Dictionary as opposed to Miriam-Webster.

2010 Update: A medical procedure known as "Leeching" 1). to bleed by the use of leeches 2). to drain the substance of; exhaust

Dude. Try Tylenol. I understand it makes predecomposition less painful.

Ariel the Thief said...

"We would like to do an interview with you about your blog for Blog
Interviewer." LOL! How it was with the brothel, again? :-P

Karen said...

Brothel? Oh my. The things you find when try to learn about the word LOL! Go, girl!

Carole qui deshabille un mannequin??


Steve said...

I always liked "dad." Father takes too long to say - takes time from my recitation of a favorite story [again]

Pops is good also

cooper said...

Who's your daddy?
Isn't that what they say in a brothel?

Karen said...

Good Lord. How awkward.

Steve, how about a guest blog post? Write down this favorite story of yours and upload an audio to Doug Drones On.

I mean who knows, you might become famous with your own star on Hollywood Blvd.

M. Escitement said...

I hope they can spell that name correctly on the star. They should always use a spell checker.

Je ne pense pas qu'il y aurait toute excitation à se déshabiller un mannequin.

Doug said...

TLP, that would have been a while to wait.

Hop on pop, Actonbell! I'd forgotten all about that one.

Hard to say, Jim. Kids don't listen nohow.

And that, Pia, is how fathers teach graciousness.

Tied with being kid, Sauerkraut?

It is, Ariel, which might be why Cooper says it's popular in brothels.

Thanks, Mike. Welcome.

Why not, Thom. Most of us are.

Thanks, Karen. I'm not sure I've tried tylenol but I might one day.

Ariel, you mean "Ceci n'est pas un bordello?" Good memory.

Karen, education is a lifelong process.

Pop, what does your opinion have to do with this?

Cooper, how am I supposed to know? I suspect a trap. (That's the other thing they say.)

Karen, he's famous among his children and grandchildren, largely for telling stories.

Anonymous said...

Dad is a Honor
dick,tom,or larry
can be a


weirsdo said...

Inspired by this post (I think you outdid Bierce here, RBUD), I went to a volume published in 1910 entitled DEAR OLD FATHER. The editor apparently had a writing contest in which the famous poet Edgar Guest, who would then have been in his late teens, came in third for a poem whose last verse I give below:

To-day I know that every act and deed
And every kiss he pressed upon my cheek,
Were fraught with meaning only God can read,--
His heart held words his lips could never speak;
And ever he was looking far ahead,
With tears his eyes were often, often dim,
To-day I know--Oh, would he were not dead!
What I am now I owe alone to him!

Already we can perceive the qualities that would lead Dorothy Parker to proclaim, "I'd rather fail my Wasserman Test / Than read the poetry of Edgar Guest."

Doug said...

Bear, I missed your poetry.

Weirsdo, thanks for that. It takes a heap o' scribblin' to make a grouse a poem.