Tuesday, May 11, 2010


RAZOR, n. An instrument used by the Caucasian to enhance his beauty, by the Mongolian to make a guy of himself, and by the African-American to affirm his worth.

2010 Update: The second enemy a man faces every morning.


Jim said...

Bearded men still use half a razor for their necks.

Karen said...

Bravissimo! Encore! Encore!

Did you know Vaudeville developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries from many sources? Saloons, minstrelsy, freak shows, dime museums and British pantomimes, to name a few.

Then people just got bored with it and didn't care if Vaudeville was around any more.

sauerkraut said...

razor: a cheap scooter that helps the wee one obtain new shoes on a weekly basis.

quilly said...

Hurrumph. I have nothing creative going on in my brain. I'll return when I have a cutting-edge answer.

Ariel the Thief said...

Silly me, I thought razor is our friend.

actonbell said...

Aw, Doug, it's not that bad!


Anonymous said...

RAZOR, n. - the first enemy being Gillette Foamy?

Karen said...

Hey sauerkraut! Catch. I need some back-up on the Reformation of W. Wanna play offense for awhile?

the amoeba said...

Um, Thom? I reckon Enemy No. 1 is the sun, that murderer of sleep which trod the boards of Earth long before there were thanes in Scotland, or bards in London to make their names ring in every household - especially on the night before the English Lit. test. That master criminal of first light, which ...

Man. Is there a 12-step program to help recovering amoebic thespians?

RAZOR, n. A blade with an excuse.

Karen said...

At this juncture I must confess I've been drained of all bodily fluids.

Karen said...

Although, Amoeba, I do take comfort in your implication that Municipal- Employee Unions are completely useless.

Logophile said...

hirsute gentleman can get straight to fighting with their fellow man.

C.J.Duffy said...

And of course we Brits still use a cut throat. (Real men do dontcha know!)


Karen said...


Encore! Encore!

Doug said...

Jim, this one didn't which is why my ex forbade me the beard.

Karen, I did not know that.

Sauerkraut, his or her parents must be a lot quicker to replace shoes than they are on the uptake.

Nice misdirection, Quilly.

Ariel, I can see how vampires might have a different perspective on this.

So you say, Actonbell.

Thom, exactly.

Karen, I'll trust Sauerkraut knows what you're talking about.

Crikey, Amoeba!

Karen, you sure are crafty between the lines.

Logo, it does save a step that way.

Do you really, C.J.? I'd have been dead at 14, I'm pretty sure.

Thank you, Karen. Thank you very much.

Hobbes said...

Occam's tool.