Friday, May 21, 2010


DARING, n. One of the most conspicuous qualities of a man in security.

2010 Update: A laudable trait in a stranger surrounded by my neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Daring is....

Quitting your job without another job.

Having your final day next Friday.

Very very daring. Feel the rush...

Am I first? Get outta town...

the amoeba said...

DARING, n. Wedding band.

pormo: not recommended while wearing a daring.

Jim said...

There is a fine hard to discover line between admirable daring and plain stupidity.
That line seems to move a little closer to the stupidity side with age. Young and old.
For example, Daddy took the T-Bird away involves a safety issue for each age and is also used as a punishment for the young.

TLP said...

Daring: a low cut dress. or an extra-short one.

Anonymous said...

DARING, n. - Running for President of the USofA

Karen said...

Author Robert A. Heinlein coined the term "grok" in his best-selling 1961 book "Stranger in a Strange Land".

To grok (pronounced /ˈɡrɒk/) is to share the same reality or line of thinking with another physical or conceptual entity.

Karen said...

DARING, n. I'm so stupid I'm daring Jim to follow me with one of his brilliant "Jim Dandy" comments.

quilly said...

Amoeba and I tend to think along the same paths yet sometimes we end up at different destinations.

The word "daring" evolved from "the ring" to "da ring" to "d'ring" to "daring". It means taking a chance even when all the odds are against you.

Sunpap -- artificial cheer

tsduff said...

The word "daring" is often followed by a smile... thus it is a positive thing. Somehow all I can picture is Errol Flynn away up high on the galleon's ladder...(in his daring tight spandex pants ha ha ha)

Jim said...

Jim D to the rescue again?

The girl that I loved she was handsome
And I tried all I knew her to please
But I just couldn't please her a quarter as well
As the man upon the trapeze

He'd fly through the air with the greatest of ease
The daring young man on the flying trapeze
His movements were graceful, all the girls he could please
And my love he's stolen away

There's more. This singer isn't really a fan of mine.

Karen said...

Ha ha ha Terry. Right about now, I'm thinking of "They Died With Their Boots On".

Errol Flynn plays Gen. George Custard. The movie inaccurately recounts his life and ends as he's slaughtered at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

cooper said...

daring: bravery, but with less respectable consequences.

Ariel the Thief said...

Terry, funny you say that, daring often shows in a smile given in the most difficult situation, and I tell you, it makes the world stop for a moment.

Karen said...

This thread reminds me of my entry on last Tuesday's Razor:

"Bravissimo! Encore! Encore! Did you know Vaudeville developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries from many sources? Saloons, minstrelsy, freak shows, dime museums and British pantomimes, to name a few. Then people just got bored with it and didn't care if Vaudeville was around any more." The end.

p.s. Good morning.

Doug said...

See all the good that comes to the unemployed, Jenn?

No lie, Amoeba. Where are the wrasslin' bears?

Jim, that's a good point. Lock up the children in a Chevelle if you want to protect them.

Anymore, TLP, nothing short of a "For rent" sign is daring.

Yep, Thom. Too brisk for my britches, that's sure.

Karen, I did not know that about Heinlein.

Quilly, da ring delenda est?

Terry, I still think that sliding down the sail on his knife scene was pretty daring.

Custer by any chance, Karen?

Cooper, I like it.

Ariel, I think you have a new theory of relativity to put with Einstein's.

Good morning, Karen.

The OE said...

Daring: What you put on a woman's finger that makes her happy up until after the honey moon, and then makes her bitter afterwards when she realizes it's not all fun and games and that she also has to take on responsibilities.