Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Zwoundsiebzig
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Or, you can read this week's episode by clicking on the mighty fortress.

The story so far is here.


TLP said...

I like Trudi. One of your best inventions.

" cow-tipping but with
homicidal seniors.
" Love it.

That's a great pix of you at the top. Didn't know that you'd grown a beard.

Anonymous said...

I think it's going to take me some time to get what truly is going on but I liked this :) I'm glad I started listening to this and having it in text also is great. :) Have a great Saturday :)

actonbell said...

I look forward to Trudi's meeting with Dietrich.

Doug said...

TLP, every story needs a good-natured woman who runs slow.

Thom, let me try to catch you up because "the story so far" has gotten to be pretty far. This is the third of three stories that share characters and the little town of Wolfshausen in Central Germany. For this part (so far) Jermeiah is about 15 years old. He was a wild child (In Winnemuccese, a leppy) who raised himself in a barn eating vermin he could catch. He was discovered by Vater Karl, a priest, who took him in until he was adopted by Gretchen, another orphan who Vater Karl had had adopted by dying pig farmer about 20 years before.

When Jeremiah was adopted by Gretchen, Dietmärchen was a piglet and the descendent of Dietmar, the prize boar to whom Gretchen's adopted father left half his property. "Dietmärchen" is a pun and means "Little Dietmar" but also sounds like the German for "The fairy tales." Dietmärchen and Jeremiah are best friends who have shed blood to protect each other several times.

In this story, Jeremiah and Dietmärchen got in a fight with three boys in a forest, but a wolf took advantage of the chaos to attack one of the other boys and the community which was never comfortable with Gretchen or Jeremiah was angry, so Vater Karl sent the pair to Marburg, the capitol city about 10 km away to send a doctor for the injured boy and to find Dietrich until it's safe for Jeremiah to come back.

Dietrich is handsome carpenter who, in the first story got caught in a completely unconsummated love triangle plus one (love rhombus?) and wound up moving to Marburg to become a priest.

We all just met Trudi, so you know all any of us do about her.

Fellow readers, how is that for a synopsis? Can you think of anything else Thom needs to know if he decides to pick up the story from here?

Actonbell, I hadn't thought of that. Yeah, I can see how that could be funny.

TLP said...

Good synopsis Doug. But, Tom should go back and read/listen to a bunch of the episodes.

You didn't even mention Frau Braun. That Frau. She's near and dear to my heart.(True, she's not important at this point. *sigh*)

Anonymous said...

A big Mahalo for this Doug and TLP. Much appreciated. If I have time I intended to go back and read this to catch up but it's finding the time. So for right now I'm going to just keep up from this point on. This should really help. Thanks so much. I love Winnemuccese :) Too cool. Mahalo

Ariel the Thief said...
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Ariel the Thief said...

Thom, you also need to know that Gretchen has the warmest, big porcine smile, and she loves making things of wood, although Jeremiah turned out to be a lot more talented than herself, and living under the scorn of Wolfshausen all of her life, she was one of the few people not scared by Ludwig the giant who came to make sure little Wolfshausen would not be left out of the revolution. Also, Dietrich and I had a crush on Herr Braun, but we are sorta over it now. He is not going to leave his wife, you know.

Anonymous said...

not one pint
in those current
will fix that


tsduff said...

Ariel's comment (porcine) just made me think of delicious cherry pork from Frank Fats - tore my mind completely away from the story.

Now how did you get such a fabulous picture? Anyone we know?

Doug said...

TLP, Frau Braun is my favorite character and she'll have a role in the end, for sure. But you're right so far she isn't in the third section.

Thanks, Ariel, that was a good synopsis. Heinrich is pretty charismatic for a farmer failthful to a harpy, isn't he?

Bear, scrounge around. That was kind of unfair, though. I mean I had them headed up to a bar and everything.

Terry, next time I'm in Sacto we should try to get to FF's.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ariel. Much appreciated as well :)

Cooper said...

I loveFrau Braun as well..just an aside..I commented late last night -it is gone..when are you going to blog on a decent platform....grrrr

quilly said...

Where did you get this photo of Amoeba?

of course now that the play is over and he's curt and trimmed his hair, eyebrows, beard and mustache he isn't quite so scary.

Hobbes said...

This is starting to evoke THE WIZARD OF OZ. . .
Lions and tigresses and boars, oh my.